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Panel Review is a Hardware Review Site specializing in the latest technology. We focus on both strengths and weaknesses and offer our honest opinion to potential buyers.

HVL-LEIR1 – The Sony LED IR/LED Battery Powered Light Review. Sony External Light For Camcorders -The HVL-LEIR1 Review. Sony HVL-LEIR1 Panel Review – Transcript from Video Today I’ll be reviewing Sony’s HVL-LEIR1 LED / IR battery powered light.

Sony External Light For Camcorders -The HVL-LEIR1 Review

The Sony LEIR1 is a great accessory for your FDR-AX100 or any other Sony compatible camera device. For those of you doing night time infra-red shooting or need that additional light source for low light situations this is a product you simply cannot do without. For me, most of my review videos are done in a room that lacks that brightness, so instead of purchasing studio lights I have purchased this in the hopes it will help light things up. Let’s quickly see what’s in the box, and then take it out for a test drive. Features The HVL-LEIR1 LED / IR battery powered light requires 3V of DC power, which is supplied via 2x AA batteries and will last you a good 90 minutes of continuous usage. Connection Fixing the LEIR1 to both my camera and camcorder was extremely easy to do.

Sony FDR-AX100 / AX33 Accessories Review – Essential Videographer Tools When Starting Out. 10 Essential Sony AX100 / AX33 Camcorder Accessories. Welcome to the second part of the Sony FDR-AX100 review series – The below article serves as the above review in written form and is a continuation from my review on the Sony AX100 Those like me, either new to this field or upgrading much older hardware will be faced with a challenge when first purchasing Sony’s AX100.

10 Essential Sony AX100 / AX33 Camcorder Accessories

What’s in the box will not get you fully up and running and you’ll need to obtain a couple of additional accessories. I highly recommend you do not purchase this camera with an accessory kit. These kits may provide you with what you need, but at the absolute basic level. I made this mistake and was given 16GB SD card compatible with AVCDH format only, and a cheap bag that after one look I threw away. So let’s take a closer look at my recommended accessories in more detail. UV Filter First off, while not 100% needed, I like to do this with all my camera equipment and that is to add a filter on the lens. LCD Screen Protector SDXC High Capacity, High Speed Card Video Camera Bag. Sony AX100 - Not Your Average Camcorder. The first consumer 4k video camera at an affordable price packed with prosumer technology.

Sony AX100 - Not Your Average Camcorder

Replacing the VG series and released after the Sony FDR-AX1, the Sony 4k camcorder FDR-AX100 has arrived. While this is not a best budget camcorder 2014 review, this is probably the best spent money I’ve made in a long time. I’ve personally read and watched many HD camcorder reviews and they all led to this as the most popular video camcorder. It’s 77% smaller, 66% lighter and 50% cheaper than its more expensive counterpart, but comes fully packed with Sony’s latest and greatest technology including incredible features such as: Capture 4K resolution at 30p (NTSC) / 25p (PAL) & 24p (Both models)Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* Lens (the lens alone is worth 100s) with a lens speed of F2.8 to F4.5 with a 12x optical zoom or 18x clear image zoom if adaptive steadyshot is activated.

Corsair Vengeance K95 RGB Backlit Mechanical Keyboard - Review and Unboxing. Panel Review. The 4 Best 27" Gaming Monitors Reviewed 2014/15. Like most of you, when it comes to purchasing a brand new PC, we tend to overlook the details of either the monitor that is included or if custom building, the monitor altogether.

The 4 Best 27" Gaming Monitors Reviewed 2014/15

Naturally, we look at the specifications of the machine, the power, graphics quality, and all specifics about the parts that make up the engine, if it can be overclocked and how well it is going to hold up after long gaming sessions etc. Somehow, the overall quality of the monitor never gets placed into the equation. You may browse upon some of the monitor details, but typically if you already have one that serves the purpose, it seems pointless at the time to focus on getting a new one.

Or think that I can always upgrade later. Dell U2713HM Review - The Best Pro Gaming Monitor 2014. The exclusive series of Dell’s ultra-sharp monitors have been gaining an increased interest and attention from massive shoppers and monitor aficionado.

Dell U2713HM Review - The Best Pro Gaming Monitor 2014

Asus VG278HE True 3D Monitor Review - Gaming Got Better! At times, getting a powerful high quality gaming monitor at a lower budget is really a nightmare.

Asus VG278HE True 3D Monitor Review - Gaming Got Better!

Many manufactures have ignored budget as a factor to consider when customers are buying their products. Asus realised that loophole and decided to break the odds. The Asus VG278HE 27” TRUE 144Hz 3D Widescreen monitor is simply the best of its kind in its price range. The 27” monitor is not only an HD 1080 p monitor, but also a true bright screen that delivers twice the brightness levels of conventional 3D screens. The Asus VG278HE boasts among other great features, a whooping 144Hz refresh rate that delivers sharper, smoother and accurate images with less flickering.

Asus never disappoint when it comes to integration of the latest technology in their devices and we at panel review have had first hand experience with this. ASUS ROG SWIFT PG278Q 27" G-Sync Monitor Review. Acer 4k2k XB280HK G-Sync Monitor review. You probably think that your 1920 x 1080 High Definition monitor is the best for gaming.

Acer 4k2k XB280HK G-Sync Monitor review

Wait until you meet this ground-breaking, state of the art monitor. Officially known as the Acer 4k2k XB280HK 28” G-Sync Gaming Widescreen LED Monitor, this beast delivers a whooping 4K by 2K native resolution. I doubt whether you know what that means. Well, in simple language, the monitor combines 4 1080p screens into 1! Corsairs RGB Mechanical keyboard - The K95 Review. Every now and then, companies decide to modify and revamp their products to make them better than before and Corsair is the latest brand to join the crowd.

Corsairs RGB Mechanical keyboard - The K95 Review

Finally, the long wait is over as Corsair Vengeance RGB K95 Keyboard has been official launched in the market in order to bring more delight to more users and cater to their needs, bringing their keyboard experience to higher levels. Specifically designed for remarkable RTS gaming, the Vengeance RGB K95 is now made available in both retail and e-tail. Having been in retail stores for more than a month now, this brand new addition to the lineup of outstanding keyboards from Corsair can offer a lot to the true RTS gamers. Vengeance RGB K95 gaming keyboardDetachable soft wrist restA warranty card for the keyboard’s 2-year warranty.Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7/8PC with a USB port The Cherry MX mechanical key switches of Vengeance K95 provide low noise operation and fast and linear response.