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Libsigc++ -- The Typesafe Callback Framework for C++ Scott Meyers, Andrei Alexandrescu and Herb Sutter: C++ and Beyond. I was able to attend C++ and Beyond 2011 and it was a tremendous experience.

Scott Meyers, Andrei Alexandrescu and Herb Sutter: C++ and Beyond

The technical depth and C++ goodness was profound and lasted for 3 whole days (and two evenings). Thanks Andrei Alexandrescu, Scott Meyers and Herb Sutter for allowing me to crash your affair with my camera - which was perhaps too big and too advanced for the likes of me - still, I was abe to capture some great content, the first of which is this one: a C9 conversation with Scott, Andrei and Herb about C++ and beyond... The most useful GCC options and extensions — AntoArts. This post contains information about some of the most useful GCC options.

The most useful GCC options and extensions — AntoArts

It is meant for people new to GCC, but you should already know how to compile, link and the other basic things using GCC; this is no introduction. If you want an introductory tutorial to GCC, just google for that . The things this article attempts to cover include (as well as a few other things): Optimization. STL. Historia[edytuj | edytuj kod] Osobą w dużej mierze odpowiedzialną za architekturę tej biblioteki jest Alexander Stepanov.


STL początkowo powstawała jako niezależna biblioteka rozwijana przez firmę Hewlett Packard, później większość przyjętych tam rozwiązań przeszła do biblioteki standardowej C++. Opis[edytuj | edytuj kod] STL jest to tzw. biblioteka generyczna, co oznacza, że jej składniki współpracują równie dobrze z typami wbudowanymi w język, z typami wbudowanymi w bibliotekę, co z typami zdefiniowanymi przez użytkownika, pod warunkiem, że spełniają pewne określone warunki. A modest STL tutorial. I am using a software tool called hyperlatex to create this document.

A modest STL tutorial

The tutorial is also available in gzip-compressed postscript form or zip-compressed postscript form. For those wanting to install a copy of these pages on their system, they may be freely copied providing they are not modified in any significant way (other than, say, locale changes). The file tut.tar.Z contains a tarred distribution of the pages. Table of Contents: the Standard Template Library.

Programming Tutorials: C++ Made Easy and C Made Easy. Welcome!

Programming Tutorials: C++ Made Easy and C Made Easy

If you're new to C++, I recommend you purchase my ebook, Jumping into C++, a complete step-by-step guide for beginners. If you're looking for free tutorials, learn C++ with our C++ tutorial, starting at C++ Made Easy, Lesson 1 (all lessons) Thinking in C++ 2nd edition Volume 2. Le lundi 2 février 2009 Tu bloques sur un exercice de MATHS, PHYSIQUE ET CHIMIE, et tu souhaites obtenir sa correction effectuée par un professeur qualifié, dans les plus brefs délais.

Thinking in C++ 2nd edition Volume 2

Télécharge un énoncé tiré d’une interro « type ». Fais le contrôle chez toi et renvoie le après l’avoir scanné. Un professeur qualifié le corrigera et le notera avec ses appréciations. Digital Mars C, C++ and D Compilers.


C++ 11 Concurrency Tutorial - Part One. C++ 11 Concurrency Tutorial Part 2.