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Sign In | StackSocial. Sleep Hacking Primer: Key Sleep Fundamentals — Life-LongLearner Growth Guides. How To Write A Resume With The Help Of 8 Ivy School Guides. It’s no wonder that entire classes and workshops are dedicated to the creation and revision of your resume. How is a person supposed to collect, organize and present their wealth of knowledge, skills and past employment experiences while simultaneously making their resume easy to read? What skills did you learn from that internship last summer? Is a size 10 font too small? Serif or sans serif for Christ’s sake?! If you don’t know where to start (or have started and are still feeling lost) check out these free resume tips from some of the best schools in the U.S. – those that make up the Ivy League.

For your convenience, I’ve provided a helpfulness score for each website based on a 1-5 scale with 1 being not helpful and 5 being very helpful. Let’s get started: 1. Dartmouth’s career preparation tips answer some common resume questions, including how to start a resume and how to organize your resume. Helpfulness: 2 2. Helpfulness: 3 3. Helpfulness: 4 4. 5. Helpfulness: 5 6. 7. 8. 5 Project Ideas To Help You Learn Programming Faster. Programming has one of the steepest learning curves of any creative endeavor.

Until the concepts click in your head, it’s going to be rough sailing. There are a few ways to ease that learning curve, however, and one of the most effective ways is to get your hands dirty with a few side projects of your own. Nothing will help you absorb and retain programming concepts more than straight practical experience. After you’ve stocked up on these free programming books, you should fire up a new project and start playing around. And if you really want to quicken your progress, make sure you cultivate the right mindset for learning how to program without the stress. Create A Web Or Mobile App Coding for the web is one of the most popular forms of programming today. If you aren’t interested in web development, then how about mobile development?

What sort of apps should you make? But if you’re really stumped for ideas, here are a few in no particular order: Create A Browser Extension Create A Video Game. Kibbit. The Best Laravel and PHP Screencasts. The Book of Life | Developing Emotional Intelligence. About us - Fliplingo. Email Marketing Best Practices, Insights & Trends. Top Documentary Films - Watch Free Documentaries Online. Film School Crash Course: The 10 Most Effective Editing Moments of All Time. There are very few things that you can learn in film school that can't be learned online in some form or another.

The only problem is that tracking down all of that information can be a bit of, well, a pain in the ass. Oftentimes you have to dig through page after page on obscure forums, or watch YouTube video after YouTube video, just to find something that is relatively helpful in your pursuit of filmmaking knowledge. Other times however, sites like IndieWire, Cinefix, (and ours, of course) bring the film school to you, without any need for absurd tuition and a lifetime of debt, and for people wondering what kind of material is taught in college editing courses, right now is one of those times.

I would like to preface this by saying that the following video is literally a 7-minute crash course in what I learned from the first two weeks of an advanced editing class a few years ago. So here are the 10 most effective editing moments of all time. Link: CineFix -- YouTube. Daily Bits Of. Daily Bits Of. 100 cursos online y gratuitos para comenzar en diciembre. Ya terminando el año, seguimos recordando las propuestas que han preparado algunas plataformas e instituciones educativas. Esta nueva recopilación combina los MOOC universitarios gratuitos, que compartimos todos los meses, con sugerencias de cursos que podemos tomar en cualquier momento.

Podemos ver todos los detalles de cada curso en la plataforma de origen, y tener en nuestros marcadores a para seguir de cerca los nuevos MOOC que pueden surgir durante el mes. En Español El cerebro en una vuelta al mundo sin parar. Cronobiología y gestión del sueño – Fundación Navegación Oceánica Barcelona / Universidad de Barcelona Analiza los cambios que suelen sufrir los navegantes, sus consecuencias en el rendimiento y estrategias que pueden tener en cuenta.

Fundamentos de electromagnetismo – Universidad Politécnica de Valencia Este curso analiza las causas y leyes físicas presentes en la interacción electromagnética. Cursos para tomar en cualquier momento: En Inglés Educación Matemáticas. Planet Money. Ignore Everybody by Hugh MacLeod. Hugh MacLeod is an genuinely awesome guy. He worked in advertising and marketing for years, but wasn’t satisfied with the lack of opportunities to really express himself. That’s when he started creating his unique form of art, which involves drawings on the back of business cards along with some insightful or funny quote. MacLeod’s personal blog featuring these cards got traction and gradually expanded over the years. His book, Ignore Everybody , helps give you an idea of what it takes to break free from the traditional career route and find your own personal niche to lead to your success. . , is also a funny and inspiring book that can help entrepreneurs to think creatively about what options they may not be exploring. 1) Ignore everybody “The more original your idea is, the less good advice other people will be able to give you. 2) The idea doesn’t have to be big, it just has to be yours “The more the idea is yours alone, the more freedom you have to do something really amazing.

Justin Guitar | Free Guitar Lessons. University of Reddit. 100 preguntas que todo empresario y emprendedor debe hacerse. Las preguntas, imprescindibles herramientas de innovación, encienden la imaginación, evitan catástrofes y revelan caminos inesperados hacía lugares más luminosos. Jim Collins, Marshall Goldsmith y otros pensadores han compilado sus propias listas de preguntas, las cuales creen que todo empresario debiese preguntarse a sí mismo y a sus empleados. Las buenas preguntas no permiten que la gente se quede pasiva, requieren reflexión seguida de acción. Warren Berger, autor de Una Pregunta más Bella, celebra la habilidad que tienen las preguntas de provocar ideas divergentes en las cuales la mente busca múltiples senderos que no siempre son tan obvios. Inquirir detalles claves y hacerlo a menudo “abre a la gente a nuevas ideas y posibilidades,” comenta Berger. Why “I Love You” Are The Three Scariest Words In The World — Human Parts.

12 Of The Best Time Travel Movies. 10 Raunchy Moments Fiendishly Hidden In Disney Cartoons - Page 2 of 10. In some ways The Hunchback of Notre Dame handed the conspirators some fuel for their fires on a plate, by featuring a religious devout character embroiled in a gripping personal conflict over his sexual desire for a young gypsy girl. It might not be the major focus of the story, but it is the film’s major conflict and the framing for its villain Frollo, whose burning desire for Esmerelda Ignoring for a minute the enormous, and unnecessarily highlighted breasts, the image actually also suggests that Frollo’s vision of Esmeralda is in fact naked for part of her appearance.

For the most part, she appears very obviously in clothing, but for one particular moment, those clothes seem to vanish, and as in the image above, you can clearly see a little too much detail around her inner thigh area that wouldn’t be visible were she clothed. The Explanation. 10 Movie Endings With Disturbing Implications You Totally Missed - Page 3 of 11. 50 First Dates stars Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore as a rom-com couple, Henry and Lucy, who stumble upon an interesting problem that hinders them from having a normal relationship: Lucy suffers from severe memory problems after being involved in a horrific accident, which makes falling in love a particularly difficult task.

These memory problems are so bad, in fact, that she completely forgets the awesome date that Henry takes her on at the start of the movie. When he sees him the next day, she can’t remember who he is, so he spends the runtime going on awesome dates over and over again. Lucy thinks it’s Sunday, October 31st of the previous year every day, you see. At the end of the movie, there’s no way to fix this problem, so Henry hatches a plan: she can wake up everyday and watch a video which explains that she’s married to him, and that they have kids. She gets over this, and resumes her day. But wait… This is going to happen for another forty years?

Make more tapes, you say? 10 Film Scenes Of Astounding Ultra Violence - Page 2 of 10. Four Atlanta businessmen decide to take a trip down a Georgia river before a dam is built that will flood the area. Along the way, they manage to piss off some locals because they act like arrogant, know it all s**ts. Along the way on their first day, the men get separated in their canoes. Bobby and Ed pull up to terra firma to get their bearings, only to be accosted by some hillbillies looking for trouble. Rape is a an act of ultra violence whether it is carried out on a man or a woman. Bobby is violently raped by the yokels who force him into squealing like a pig. Ed is tied to a tree whilst this heinous act is going on. 10 Greatest Wise Asses in TV History. What makes a great ‘Wise Ass’? Or more to the point, why on Earth would any society revere a character… What makes a great ‘Wise Ass’? Or more to the point, why on Earth would any society revere a character so hell bent on sardonicism?

Charm and charisma are undoubtedly answers to these questions but, then again, Hitler was said to be charismatic and the emotionally stunted cast of TOWIE continue to propagate relationships based on their ‘charms’ so these two answers lack satisfaction really. The innate ability to at once, conjure a hilariously worded put down, stupefy the easily confused and crumble a victim’s point/argument to dust with which to make their bread; these are reasons why the ‘Wise Asses’ are most revered. Over the decades, T.V. has been laden with ‘Wise Asses’ for these reasons and over the next ten clicks we’re going to explore the Top 10 Greatest of the lot! 13 Nude Scenes You Might Have Missed From 2013 - Page 3 of 14. Marina Abramovic Institute After years of flirting with nudity, including the memorable video for “Telephone,” which definitely, definitely wasn’t anything to do with proving that she was in fact all girl, Lady Gaga finally stripped away all pretence and took off her clothes for a naked yoga video, which you’d be forgiven for missing entirely unless you like that sort of thing.

Naked yoga is nothing new of course, given that it’s been around since ancient times, and represented a wholesome rejection of the materialistic side of life, which must have appealed to shy and retiring multi-millionaire Gaga, who changes her wardrobe at a similar frequency to an Oscars host. In all honesty, what Gaga and artist Marina Abramovic worked on was less authentic yoga – though Gaga has previous with bikram yoga – and more artistic statement, designed to provoke thought and explore the relationship between performer and audience, the limits of the body, and the possibilities of the mind.

Or something. 10 Most Controversial Sex Scenes Ever - Page 3 of 10. Released in 1995 to a tidal wave of controversy, Larry Clark’s portrait of sexually active New York teenagers floating through life from one party to another, via sexual encounters and substance abuse. The narrative intrigue is driven by the revelation that the “hero” of the piece – Telly – is HIV positive, and isn’t aware, carrying on his committed agenda of deflowering young virgins and ignorantly spreading his infection.

The film attracted general controversy when it became clear that the film’s party scenes were unscripted, and that the young actors would simply turn up, get drunk and high and enjoy themselves – as well as more specific controversy thanks to its sexual content. Why So Controversial? The major complaint seems to have been the lack of artistic merit in the film’s unflinching exploration of its difficult subject matter, and its frank assessment of teenage sex cultures.

10 Most Controversial Sex Scenes Ever. Sex sells, and the further a director pushes the boat out, the more money he or she is likely to… Sex sells, and the further a director pushes the boat out, the more money he or she is likely to make through infamy or on the back of the inclusion of a famous star with their kit off.

Sometimes, however, directors go too far and incite a response to their work that is all together more different – the results are often the same, in terms of financial return, but it changes the game and generally means that those more extreme or disturbing sex scenes last longer in audience memory than the fleeting glimpse of an A-list bust or penis. This article will celebrate those scenes – looking at those scenes, which courted controversy and inspired voracious reaction from critics and fans – and examining why the films have gone on to be classed as notorious.

So, which films made the cut? Why So Controversial? Two words: Masochistic Symphorophilia. 10 Mainstream Movies Featuring Real Sex - Page 5 of 11. 10 Mainstream Movies Featuring Real Sex - Page 2 of 11. Girls: 10 Awkward Sex Scenes - Page 4 of 10. 4 TV Shows That Are Just Basically Porn - Page 3 of 4. 20 Greatest Nude Scenes Of 2012 - Page 11 of 11. 19. Garfield? – Ted It’s always nice to get some comedy with our nudity, and who better to oblige than creator of the often crass Family Guy?

Seth McFarlane took his first major steps in live action film-making by bringing a lewd, profane teddy bear to life, and exploring well beyond the limits of a fairly typical fairy tale in which a child wishes their favourite toy to life. That leads to sex, provocative behaviour and frequent drug-use, culminating in a hugely entertaining and occasionally surreal party scene featuring real-life Flash Gordon Sam J Jones and one of the funniest breast-related moments of the year.

Who would have thought that a healthy set of breasts and a marker pen could have such profound revellatory impact? 20. Thank the Lord, there is something to value Kristen Stewart for other than her “acting” in the Twilight series. So, did we miss any of your favourite nude moments of 2012? 10 Fascinating Films About The Porn Industry - Page 2 of 11.

Rogue Pictures In 1997, Trey Parker and Matt Stone revealed their innovative Comedy Central animated series, South Park, and the rest was history. One year former, the pair made this stupid but sharply funny farce about the pornography business. Joe (played by Trey Parker) is a Mormon missionary who makes a porno to pay for his wedding. He reluctantly takes on the persona of an adult film superhero, named Captain Orgazmo. For authenticity sake, actual porn stars such as Chasey Lain and Ron Jeremy co-star, and Stone shows up for a to the point, yet damn funny, cameo as a mullet-sporting weirdo who loves unicorns more than he probably should. 10 Raunchy Movies That Were Basically Just Porn - Page 2 of 10. 10 Raunchy Movies That Were Basically Just Porn. BlockShelf - Summaries for Startups BlockShelf.

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