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Panamax offers robust market-leading solutions in Business Support System, Network Switching Subsystem, Mobile Financial Solutions and managed services domains.

Telecom IT Solutions by Panamax. Fingerprint Recognition. Panamax offers Smart Biometrics solution to help enterprises, governments and API partners to record and manage customer or visitor data.

Fingerprint Recognition

With increasing digital presence and transactions, we understand that it is essential to have a secured authentication and authorization mechanism for any organization or individual. Smart Biometric solution alleviates any identification issues where the resources can be taken, stolen, borrowed or even forgotten. A biometric can be conducted in several individual formats or in combinations through a PoS device, or even a mobile device. Key Features. Micro Lending Solution. E-Lend Microcredit solution is an intelligent automated platform empowering companies to make credit available to ordinary people and small businesses through online lending, blockchain, social network scoring, mobile data analytics and more.

Micro Lending Solution

The enterprise solution for lenders is capable of driving financial inclusion and give credit to various customer segments including underbanked and unbanked. Key Benefits. Wholesale Routing and Billing Solution. BillCall Interconnect is an end-to-end wholesale routing and billing solution that helps operators to automate and manage their business operations.

Wholesale Routing and Billing Solution

It is a complete suite of CDR Billing, Mediation, Roaming, Reconciliation and Settlement. The billing solution is a scalable and highly versatile system with modular architecture providing various interfaces to external systems. BillCall assists to manage the interconnect services, improve productivity, generate new revenue streams, and reduce the operating & capital costs. It integrates all service charges into a single customer invoice to give a unified view to customers.

Microfinance Software Solutions, Microfinance Management Software. The Micro Finance solution by Panamax automates the process of offering financial services like loans and savings at micro or small scale levels to individuals or groups with little or no income.

Microfinance Software Solutions, Microfinance Management Software

The microfinance management software is capable of supporting the integration of third party content. It is also equipped with APIs and development tools for deploying multiple value added services and for offering competitive benefits to customers. Our microfinance software solution fine-tunes existing processes and workflows as required. It is built to adapt to the changing business needs and can easily incorporate new products and business models. Key Features. The Future of Mobile Payments - Top 5 Trends. Over the years, people and businesses have become more reliant on mobile devices and have been using mobile apps for banking and financial needs.

The Future of Mobile Payments - Top 5 Trends

The past decade has seen a significant shift from physical payments to digital or online payments. With mobile payments gaining popularity, financial services enterprises and banks have already started utilizing technologies like cloud, blockchain, AI, NFC, and more, to offer the best customer experience. However, despite the popularity of mobile payments, there is still a need for implementing innovative technologies. So, how does the future of mobile payment look like in 2020? Transforming the Fintech Industry with Bulk Payment Solutions. Have you ever had to pay back hundreds of people at the same time, without an error?

Transforming the Fintech Industry with Bulk Payment Solutions

It is a daunting job, yet in order to conduct efficiently, companies/governments must make such payments time and again. Whether it is payroll, contractors, or commissions, when it comes to people’s money, such payments cannot be delayed or have errors. Despite the advancements in the fintech industry, paper checks are still a preference for not only the payment of personal debts but also for businesses in their payments to employees, vendors, and customers. Making payments through paper checks or even cash is an expensive and a slow process, especially when there are better ways of payments available in the market today.

With increased demand for bulk payment system, the stakeholders of businesses relentlessly seek out real-time payments. Rise of the New Banking Model. With time, people’s perception and approach towards payments have undergone a drastic change.

Rise of the New Banking Model

We are witnessing new trends and foreseeing synergies that are building between telecom players and banks. Who would have thought that one day telecom operators, independent wallet service providers, post services and other such services will function like banks! Lately, regulatory bodies in a few countries have shown generousness and allowed non-banking entities to enjoy the perks of being a bank. They have been awarded an all new category of bank called the Payments Bank. Agent Banking: Transforming the Banking Industry. Agent banking has gained a lot of traction in areas where it is not feasible for banks to open full-fledged physical branches due to cost, manpower, network unavailability, or other constraints.

Agent Banking: Transforming the Banking Industry

The underdeveloped and developing countries have benefitted immensely from the emergence and outreach of agent banks as they help underbanked and unbanked come under the financial spectrum. People from underserved or remote areas often do not have access to bank branches or traditional setups to avail the benefits provided by banks and manage their finances. They not only are being devoid of basic banking facilities that are easily available to a considerable part of the population around the globe, but also do not get access to other facilities such as microfinance, e-lending, tax support and more.

Agent banking aka agency banking or branchless banking works towards bridging this gap. How does Agent Banking Work? Agent Banking: Transforming the Banking Industry. The Future of Mobile Payments - Top 5 Trends. Conquer Financial Frauds with Thriving Technologies. The digital transformation in the economy has brought in technology advancement, but at the same time it has introduced new risks and financial frauds.

Conquer Financial Frauds with Thriving Technologies

Some of the instances of financial frauds such as fake transaction reversal, phishing, identity theft, money laundering, cybercrime and data fraud are increasing every day. According to the recent KPMG’s Global Banking Fraud Survey report conducted across 43 retail banks, over half of respondents recover less than 25% of fraud losses; demonstrating that fraud prevention is key. The complexity of fraud risks is increasing and needs to be effectively controlled through effective operational risk management processes as well as the use of fraud control security tools and processes. Who’s Affected and How? A financial service revolves around these main players in the ecosystem: Consumers, Agents/Partners, Enterprises, Regulators, and Service Providers. Any player in the ecosystem can be a victim of financial fraud by any other player. Open Banking: Bridging the gap between Banks and Cutting-edge Technology. Security is a primary concern for banks since customer data is an important part of bank’s operation as well as reputation.

Open Banking: Bridging the gap between Banks and Cutting-edge Technology

A customer’s bank account details, transactional and non-transactional data are considered as one of the important aspects to maintain the customers’ trust and to run a successful business. With the emergence of digital financial solutions, keeping up with the security aspects have become easier for the banks. Fintech solutions are creating a significant impression in the finance services and banking industries, and open banking is expected to be the main component pushing it to become the latest cutting-edge technology.

In September, UK’s Open Banking Implementation Entity reported that the usage of open banking had doubled in the previous six months, reaching over 2 million users. It also highlighted that one in five of 2000 adults surveyed started using online banking apps during lockdown for the first time, with more than half now using them regularly. 1. Top 6 Banking Trends for 2021 and Beyond. Industries across the world dealt with the challenges hurled at them in 2020 and emerged stronger. Banks, financial institutions, and credit unions weren’t immune to the effects either but implemented innovative technologies to ensure business continuity in the wake of the pandemic.

These institutions adopted new measures to operate while maintaining social distance and working remotely. While the last year was all about struggling to find their feet in the new normal, the year 2021 will be about building upon those plans and adopting new methods to keep the momentum going. It calls for improving technologies that are in use and simplifying processes for the convenience of their customers. Fintech in 2021- 6 Key Predictions and Trends to Watch.

As an impact of the pandemic in 2020, most industries across the globe witnessed a steep decline in the market. However, fintech is one of the few industries that not only survived but grew tremendously despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Digital financial solutions and apps have received overwhelming support and adaptation by people globally especially because they facilitate contactless payments.

As per the Global COVID-19 Fintech Market Rapid Assessment Study by The World Economic Forum the fintech firms, on an average, witnessed a growth of 13% in 2020 during the pandemic. MobiFin Elite - Most Secure Digital Financial Services Platform. Class 5 Enterprise Retail Switch. Customer Onboarding in Banks: Current Challenges & Future Trends. With numerous tools and sources available for communication, the importance of every interaction, an organization has with its clients, is mounting tremendously.

Bearing in mind the intense competition in the markets, organizations must assure that they leave an everlasting impression in minds of their clients after every interaction. In the financial services industry, customers now expect premium digital experiences in critical services. It is especially vital during client onboarding- the entire process through which an individual starts his journey as a customer or a client of a bank/financial institution. Telecom Fraud Management Solutions. Fraud Management Solution is a comprehensive fraud detection and mitigation solution, including advanced analytics.

The solution incorporates both Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence to safeguard the networks.It combines usage records, information from the signaling networks, subscriber and dealer profiles, and looks across interconnect, roaming, prepaid and postpaid scenarios to detect abnormal usage, trends, behaviors, anomalies and patterns. Mobile Wallet Solutions, Mobile Money System, eWallet Solution. MobiFin Mobile Wallet solution is a complete platform that allows MNOs, MVNOs, Banks and Financial institutions to launch an electronic wallet tightly linked to their core systems. This mobile money solution can be rolled out via Agent/CSR led model or online/API registration.

Agency Banking. Agency Banking services by Panamax broaden the horizon for banks to help them serve their customers efficiently. Business Support System Solutions. Mobile Wallet Solutions, Mobile Money System, eWallet Solution. Everything You Need to Know About Mobile Wallet Security. Telecom Fraud Management: A Top Priority for Carriers and Operators. Fraud is one of the biggest challenges that the telecommunications industry faces. As our dependence on telecommunications technologies rises, so is the occurrence and frequency of fraud. Core Banking – The Next Gen Digital Banking Suite.

Banks what we see now vs. what we saw five decades back were very different. People visiting the bank branch and waiting in long queues for simple transactions. Those were the days when doing bulky paperwork was a mandate. Customer Value Management in Telecom & Retail Banking. Step by Step Guide to Establishing an Agency Banking Network. Financial institutions and banks in several countries are coming up with ways other than traditional banking for financial inclusion of the unbanked people staying in remote/rural areas. Telecom Fraud Management: A Top Priority for Carriers and Operators. Everything You Need to Know About Mobile Wallet Security.

Understanding Mobile Banking Frauds. Our phones have become a window to the world. Digital Banking: A Pre-requisite in the ‘New Normal’ The global banking industry was moving towards digitization even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Using AI/ML for Fraud Detection. There was a time when the telecom operators depended on CDR analysis in order to identify any frauds.

We are now witnessing advanced fraud management systems in place that can identify different fraud patterns based on improved self-learning technologies. In this blog we will discuss the AI/ML technologies that can be used to identify frauds. Fintech Implications and Resolutions in the Face of Adversity. Panamax Inc. Revamps Its Corporate Brand Identity. Transforming the Fintech Industry with Bulk Payment Solutions. Customer Value Management in Telecom & Retail Banking. COVID-19: Entailing Low-touch Practices in Agency Banking. Session Border Controllers in the Cloud. Transforming Banking with Omni-channel Approach. How to Overcome the Challenges of International Remittances amidst Covid-19? Wholesale Routing and Billing Solution. Mobile Wallets: Gaining Popularity During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Monitoring Solution for Telcos. Protecting Telco margins through IP Termination. System Integration Services.

Bulk Payment Solution, Salary Disbursement Solution, Wholesale Payment. Panamax to Attend AfricaCom and AfricaTech at the Africa Tech Festival. Meet Panamax at Virtual Africa Tech Festival 2020. Enhance Security of Your Payments with Biometrics. G2P Payment System, Subsidy Distribution, G2P Payment Solution. Agent Merchant Management solution, Merchant Management System. 6 Reasons Why Governments are Opting for Digital Subsidy Distribution Solutions.

4 Primary Ways COVID-19 has Impacted FinTech Industry. Crisis Management through Microcredit. Prepaid Credit Management, Wholesale Prepaid Billing Solution. Revenue Verification System. Agency Banking. The Ultimate Checklist to Follow for an Effective e-KYC solution. WhatsApp Banking. TDM Gateway, TDM to SIP Gateway, SIP to TDM Gateway, Erlang Report. Enterprise Session Border Controller. Billing, Rating, Routing & Roaming Solutions - BillCall. Bankai Group & Panamax to Attend Capacity Europe 2020 as Gold Sponsors. Reimagining Payments through National Payment Switch. Agency Banking, Agency Banking Solution, Agent Banking. Panamax to Attend Virtual Nigeria Com and West Africa Com. Ditch the Password with Biometrics Solutions. Panamax Helps a Fintech Firm Offer Advanced Payment Services. Telecom Switching, Interconnect Billing & Mobile Financial Solutions.

Transforming the Fintech Industry with Bulk Payment Solutions. Convenient and Secured Digital Banking Solution. Omni-channel Banking. Mobile and Internet Banking. Wholesale Routing and Billing Solution. WhatsApp Banking - Making Banking Accessible. 5 Key Trends Automating the Mobile Banking Experience. Panamax to Sponsor at The Virtual WFC Money Summit 2020. WhatsApp Banking. Monitoring Solution for Telcos. Retail & Wholesale VoIP Blog. Neo Banks: The Perfect Confluence of Technology & Banking. Panamax Wins the Best Innovative Software Provider Award at CC Global Awards 2020. Mobile Wallet: Changing the Dynamics of Digital Banking. Core Banking – The Next Gen Digital Banking Suite. Orchestrating Contactless Fuel Payments. Dynamics of Digital Banking: 2020 and Beyond.

Payment Banks: Challenging the Norms.