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How to Develop an App: The Legal Issues. By Sharla|source: Legal123May 28th, 2016 This infographic will walk you through the legal bases you need cover for each step of app development.

How to Develop an App: The Legal Issues

We’ve all had our ideas for apps. Nation’s Largest Health Care Organization Wants to Make Plant-Based Diets the New Normal. EdGEL. The Edinburgh Global Experience Language (EdGEL) is a set of best practice guidelines, explicit style guides and tools that describe design principles to support the University brand.


What is EdGEL? EdGEL is a collaborative development between the University Website Programme, Communications & Marketing and IS Applications division, supporting best practice in the promotion of the University brand. University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust. Library and Information Service Latest News & Current Awareness We can provide you with personally tailored Current Awareness Bulletins.

University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust

What's in the Library? Copenhagen University Library Frederiksberg – University of Copenhagen. Leeds Libraries for NHS Staff: Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. Agile — Government Service Design Manual. Agile methodologies will help you and your team to build world-class, user-centred services quickly and affordably.

Agile — Government Service Design Manual

This way of working can be very different for those used to long specifications and procurement processes, but it’s essential for producing high-quality services to a standard that many users expect. Accessible Media Player by Nomensa The timeline slider below uses WAI ARIA. Library Services. The Pennine Acute Library Service is one service provided across all four sites.

Library Services

It exists to meet the information needs of ALL Pennine Acute staff and students in training. The service welcomes queries submitted in person, by telephone, or via email. Current resources on offer include 2500+ e-journals, 750+ e-books, databases etc. 32,000 books, reports, CDs, DVDs etc. Blog for the Musgrove Park Hospital & Somerset Partnership Library Services.

Information is Beautiful. Updated September 2015 with a revitalising boost of fresh data.

Information is Beautiful

Information is Beautiful. Top 10 2013-Top 10. 5 Mind-Blowing Maps That Let You Watch The Web Happen. It’s hard to wrap your mind around the Internet, and you probably shouldn’t try.

5 Mind-Blowing Maps That Let You Watch The Web Happen

It’s not a network, it’s not a collection of computers, and it’s not a hive mind – it’s all of that. And more. Today Cool Websites and Apps is looking at five realtime maps that help you grasp just how quickly information flows across the net. 3 common UX mistakes killing good design. As a digital designer, it’s not always possible to be everything to everyone and wear all of the hats at the same time.

3 common UX mistakes killing good design

Clients and stakeholders sometimes misunderstand the design process. What I Learned Today... - : What I Learned Today… Welcome to the CfWI website — CfWI Homepage. Git & Github: A Beginner's Guide - Image search engines. Products. Researcher / analyst needed. Researcher / analyst needed February 2, 2015 by Tony Russell-Rose I am currently recruiting for the following position.

Researcher / analyst needed



Home working on the rise as mobile devices aid flexibility. Home workers are now seen as being as productive, if not more productive, than their office-bound colleagues, with those eschewing a daily commute to work also enjoying improvements in their work-life balance such as more sleep and less stress.

Home working on the rise as mobile devices aid flexibility

These are among the key findings of a major study by Intel and Dell, entitled The Global Evolving Workforce (PDF), that surveyed almost 5,000 employees from organisations in 12 countries, including the US, UK, France, Germany, Japan, Brazil, China, India, Russia and Turkey. Productive peopleThe survey found that 52 percent of respondents believe working from home makes people as productive, or even more productive, than those based in the office. Those who work from home also see themselves as highly efficient. Fifty percent believe they are more efficient than office workers, and 36 percent believe they are as efficient. Only 14 percent believe they are not as efficient. Exeter EX2 4ST, UK to Exeter EX2 5DW, UK - Google Maps. Building Mobile APPs - Learn How to Build Mobile APPs - Udemy. Global DNS Propagation Checker - What's My DNS?

What Do You Do With Source Code? Knowing what source code is and what to do with it are two very different things. If you're not sure how to get your static files up and running, read on to learn about some of the most common files you'll find in open source projects. CSS (.css), HTML (.htm/.html) and JavaScript (.js) What is it? Originally relegated to websites only, these three technologies -- enhanced by HTML5 -- now form the basis for mobile apps, too. In grammatical terms, HTML provides the things (nouns) that CSS describes (adjectives) and JavaScript puts into action (verbs).

How do you run it? First, try opening one of the HTML files directly in your web browser. How to Link to Pictures, Web Pages and Other Files on Your Website using Dreamweaver CS6. Chapter 5: How to Create Clickable Links or Hyperlinks by Christopher Heng, One of the basic things that you can do with a website is to put links pointing to other web pages, pictures, downloadable files, and even other websites. Improving the Library Homepage through User Research. This paper was refereed by Weave's peer reviewers. Conducting user research doesn't have to be difficult, time consuming, or expensive.

Cessible practice tool. "Hugh MacLeod" Cartoons drawn on the back of business cards. W3 Total Cache « W3 EDGE. Brain exercise games. Creating your First Pipe. Personality types. How to Design a Business Card Using Adobe InDesign. 5 ways to find images for your website. It’s often difficult to know when it’s ok to reuse an image that has been published online and when it’s not. The internet may be a global network but each country has different copyright laws and there are no simple best practice rules applicable to everyone. In this blog I’ll look at a best practice example of online image attribution, some of the problems that face anyone trying to work out if they can reuse an image online and five ways to find great images licensed for reuse, including: The Creative Commons search tool Museums, libraries and archives Getty Images Gratisography Taking your own photo!

Online image attribution: an example of best practice Copyright is usually owned by individuals or organisations. You can republish the above image on your website or blog so long as you provide appropriate credit because I’ve released it under a Creative Commons license. What does “appropriate credit” mean?

Critical Appraisal

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