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Ke palleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! ElenaRegina wool © lab creativo P.I 01209780327.

Ke palleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Nog meer beren - Stip & HAAK. Nog meer beren - Stip & HAAK. Hot Air Balloons: Crochet Amigurumi Toys DIY Free Pattern. There are countless options for using these Hot Air Balloons as versatile gifts (baby mobile, joggling balls), and it is up to your imagination to choose the content of the basket.

Hot Air Balloons: Crochet Amigurumi Toys DIY Free Pattern

Put a special message in the basket for the recipient, or a small treat, or a passenger, or a special gift (could some jewelry piece be a good idea?) - anything your imagination can come up with! You can show the person how to free the ball from strings, or you can leave it as a riddle to solve… Can you guess why these crocheted Amigurumi Hot Air Balloons are arranged as baby mobile?! The reason is – three weeks ago my son – Little Dragon, our first child was born.The birth and the first few weeks of our Little Dragon were the reasons for my quietness here on the blog.

In fact, I live in a Dragon cave – not only my baby is a Dragon, so is his father. Continue reading to explore more…. Little Dragon needed some nice baby mobile. Anyway, back to crochet. STEP 1: Crochet the balls. Free Pattern Gorgeous Crochet Xmas Ornament Mandala Inspired. By AnnooCrochet Designs So here I am, in Lanai Hawaii, facing the amazing ocean, and volcanic rock all around me, it is impossible not to feel the Immensity of the nature surrounding us, It is always an humbling experience to travel, Our world is an amazing place, I do not take my time on this earth for granted...I feel very lucky to be on this gorgeous planet of ours...Sharing this Mandala inspired ornament with you all seems so natural today, I chose a beautiful summer feel Cotton, but you can of course substitute it to any yarn you wish, and depending on your hook size and yarn, the ornament will have many different sizes.

Free Pattern Gorgeous Crochet Xmas Ornament Mandala Inspired

Happy Crochet from beautiful Hawaii!!!!!!! You will Need: Hook Size: 2.5mm Yarn Dungarease in 5 different colors. Tapestry Needle Polyfill for stuffing.Stitches used in this project: sl st: slip stitch ch: chain sc: single crochet dc: double crochet hdc Half double crochet. Ball: Make 2 half balls. Round 1: With Beige Color, In a magic ring, dc 16 sl st (16dc) DIY Häkelball. Heute zeige ich euch also, wie ihr einen Häkelball ganz einfach selbst häkeln könnt.

DIY Häkelball

Du brauchst: Baumwollgarn (Wollgarn geht auch, hat aber den Nachteil eher elastisch zu sein, Easy Crochet Owl Tutorial. Hello Lovelies, Wooo Hooo , or should that be To-Whit to Wooo Hooo :0) It's a Happy Happy tutorial day!

Easy Crochet Owl Tutorial

I simply LOVE these cute fellas and as you can see I've got rather carried away making them in lots of different colours.They are very easy to make and so jolly . I've seen a few similar cute crochet owls out there in blogland and on Etsy but they looked quite complicated to me. So for my version I've tried to keep things as simple as possible.

Hopefully you lovelies will easily be able to enjoy making a colourful crochet Owl.......and who could resist :0) If you are proficient at crochet you will be able to make one of these sweet little owls in no time at all. This item is designed for decorative use and is not suitable for use as a toy for a small child. The pattern is written in my usual format.....U.S. terms. Here is a list of the abbreviations used and a handy conversion guide for U.K. terms.......... sc= single crochet................................U.K. double crochet To begin chain 4. Nibble nibble, hop hop. Nibble nibble, hop hop Posted on Updated on If you are a regular follower you will immediately notice that these bunnies are very closely related to some particularly cute owls made recently.

Nibble nibble, hop hop

You see a distant aunt on their mother’s side fell in love with a completely unsuitable (if you are an owl) rabbit… the rest, so they say, is history. Rabbits, as you well know, breed like, well, rabbits and before we knew it there were not one, but four new members to the family. If you are interested in meeting the owl family please be sure to check out the New Zealand branch here and the original English pattern here – over at Bunny Mummy no less!!! Right, on with the tutorial. Dachshund Ted - Knitting Magazine - Crafts Institute. This cute crocheted sausage dog by Rico Design, will make an adorable teddy for anyone, young or old. 1.

Dachshund Ted - Knitting Magazine - Crafts Institute

The cute crocheted Dachshund Ted by Rico Design. GIRAFFE PATTERN. Här fár ni mönstret till "Giraffen".


Ni fár det utan färgbyten dá jag överláter till var och en att virka sitt eget djur. Jag ger er huvud och kropp och förslag pá öron, svans, ben, horn och hár. Det är givetvis fritt fram att experimentera. Gör kroppen längre, tjockare/ halsen kortare. Ni har fria händer. Giraffen är virkad efter samma princip som amigurumis dvs med fasta maskor och runt, runt utan luftmaskor eller smygmaskor när man byter varv. Crochet Amigurumi Bunnies for the Gift or Baby Mobile. Crocheted amigurumi bunnies have the same basic pattern, but look different from each other because of their outfit and face expressions.

Crochet Amigurumi Bunnies for the Gift or Baby Mobile

Such toys are fun – each one separate or together as a group. They make funny gifts to people of any age, especially when you add a special message. It is all about the details These four bunnies are fixed on our son´s crib. Sweety reminds Little Dragon to be as wonderful and unique as he is. The King is there to teach him that every person is the king of own life. You can see the big difference that details make by comparing the picture above (where all bunnies are wearing their accessories) with the picture below at Step 7 (where bunnies are without their accessories). Continue reading to explore more… If you want to see the reason these bunnies were given their personality and character qualities – read the message near the end of this post.

Materials used: 100% cotton (suitable for 2.5-3.5 mm crochet hook) in joyful colors.