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Chunky Crocheted Basket Pattern. I'm finally posting the pattern for the crocheted basket.

Chunky Crocheted Basket Pattern

Thank you so much for all of the comments and emails. I hope you like the pattern and the finished project as much as I do. (Scroll down to see the pattern for the larger basket) Materials 3 Skeins super bulky yarn (I used Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick in Linen) Size L (8.0mm) crochet hook Yarn needle. Honeycomb Pop Basket. Honeycomb Pop Basket – a free crochet pattern from Make My Day Creative If you follow me on facebook, you’ll have seen that this project has been near completion for a while.

Honeycomb Pop Basket

One of the problems I often come across is running out of yarn. I really don’t like to overbuy and of course when you are making something up as you go it is hard to gauge what you’ll need! Heart Strings. Heart Strings – an easy 2 row pattern!

Heart Strings

How cute are these little hearts? These heart strings are quick to make and can be used for lots of craft projects. Mini garlands, gift wrapping, bracelets and even as a fancy edging. I tied some round a jar candle as an easy alternative to making a jar cover! Use Heart Strings to make an easy jar cover! The best bit is it is just 2 rows of crochet with no joining of motifs, and no cutting and re-joining of the yarn. Honeycomb Pop Basket. Free Chunky Crocheted Bowl Pattern. I love this little one; not hard, but if you've never worked on heavy textiles in crochet before, it seems mysterious.

Free Chunky Crocheted Bowl Pattern

And I love the tweedy, homey look!! These bowls are flexible but strong! They can hold balls of yarn, keys, toys, whatever you like, just probably not gooshy food items, hah! 13 FREE Crochet Patterns For Your Bath. Φτιάχνουμε με βελονάκι για το μπάνιο μας υπέροχα σφουγγάρια, γάντια και διάφορα σκράμπ για το σώμα και το πρόσωπο, αλλά και μικρές πετσέτες.

13 FREE Crochet Patterns For Your Bath

Είναι μια υπέροχη ιδέα να κάνουμε ένα σετ από αυτά, δώρο σε μια φίλη μας. Τονήμα που θα χρησιμοποιήσουμε για τα παρακάτω πατρόν είναι 100% βαμβάκι και τη μετάφραση των όρων από Αγγλικά σε Ελληνικά θα την βρείτε εδώ Φτιάχνουμε με βελονάκι σφουγγάρια και γάντια για το μπάνιο. The cotton yarn is soft on baby's skin but the bobbles really help to scrub away that mysterious sticky green stuff you keep finding behind your kid's ears. Darling little bath mitt makes bathtime fun. EU TAMBÉM CROCHETO...: Cestos de Losangos em Relevo em Trapilho (Ponto Diamante) Dois cestos numa das versões do chamado Ponto Diamante (Diamond Stitch), ponto que forma esses losangos em relevo.

EU TAMBÉM CROCHETO...: Cestos de Losangos em Relevo em Trapilho (Ponto Diamante)

Gosto muito de pontos que ficam em relevo. Neste caso, trabalhei com pontos altos simples (cesto menor), ou duplos (cesto maior), introduzindo a agulha pela "frente" do ponto de carreiras anteriores, pois esta é a técnica básica dos pontos em relevo. Para o gráfico da base, explicações e os links de Vídeos Tutoriais para aprender este ponto, clique em "Gráficos aqui", ao final da postagem. Não se esqueça de aumentar as fotos: se apertar a tecla "Ctrl" e, ao mesmo tempo, clicar na foto, ela abre em outra aba com um aumento bem maior do que se apenas clicar nela.

Além disso, se clicar de novo na foto já aumentada, ela aumenta mais ainda! Crocheted Spa Hand Towel pattern. Diamond Trellis Basket. Stiff sided diamond trellis basket crocheted from stash yarn for storage – can be made in any size!

Diamond Trellis Basket

I’ve had this idea in my head for a while. When I was making my Zigzag Scarf and Diamond Cowl patterns I noticed that this stitch results in a firm fabric. Dense and cosy for a scarf, but when worked with a slightly smaller hook it becomes stiff and therefore ideal for baskets! Crochet Mason Jar Cozy Pattern - Petals to Picots. I have the winter blahs already and needed to add some fun and bright colors around me to keep me smiling, so I decided to crochet up some colorful accessories for my desk. The world according to MayaB. Whoa, that was a quick one!

The world according to MayaB

My pouf is finished and it took me about two evenings to complete it, and I have to say I’m absolutely in love with this Jersey be Good yarn…eh…strips…eh…stuff. I’m pretty pleased with my just-start-and-see-what-happens design as well. The pouf that I have made, in addition to being a cool and comfortable accessory for any living room, is also meant to be used as storage for spare duvets. There is plenty of room, this one contains one single bed duvet and two medium sized cushions. How to make a crochet bowl. The other day I made a cute multi-coloured crochet bowl… It’s very easy and you only need to know three stitches – chain, slip, and single crochet.

How to make a crochet bowl

I made up how to do this, so if you do give it a go, feel free to experiment and make it better! And if you do make it better, let me know how you did! Step 1. Cast on and chain 4-6 stitches. Make a slip stitch in your first chain to make a circle from the chain stitches. Step 2. Crochet bowls. I've been into crochet lately.

Crochet bowls

After trying a flower chain, and different color pears, I wanted to do something else. Something more, 3-D... I found a lovely idea at the purl bee on jewelry dishes. I did some alterations on the pattern, and tried to squeeze in some crochet in the moments when my children were less demanding, or in the evenings, or in the early mornings......

I made three bowls, with two different patterns. Tulpenvaasje: gelijk ook maar een TUTORIAL. Met dit lenteweer is het niet moeilijk om in de voorjaarsstemming te komen! Zo kwam ik dit tulpenmotiefje ergens tegen en vond deze perfect om gewone "hakpotjes" om te toveren in leuke tulpenvaasjes! De beschrijving die in het Engels is, heb ik omgezet in een haakschemaatje: Ik heb deze potjes gehaakt met katoen (Phildar coton 3 of Katia Capri), met haaknaald nr. 3. De werkwijze voor het omhaken van een glazen "hakpotje" gaat als volgt: Je begint met 54 lossen in ecru en sluit deze tot een ring. Toer 1, ecru: 54 vasten Toer 2, groen: steeltjes volgens toer 2 haakschema Toer 3, roze: tulpjes volgens toer 3 haakschema.

Apple Blossom Dreams: Monet Granny Rose Pillow How To. I was overdue for another granny rose project: Monet...Giverny...Water Lilies... Diamond Trellis Basket. Ribbon's Crochet Basket Free Pattern. Ribbon's Crochet Basket Free Pattern By AnnooCrochet Designs I absolutely Love to up-cycle, giving a second life to things that otherwise would be obsolete gives me great satisfaction.

Here is a way to create an adorable Basket with Scraps of Ribbons. It is very simple Crochet, and is a Quick an easy way to impress your friends, while keeping your home organized...;-) Подсолнухи - Комплект для ванной, связанный крючком. Free Crochet Floor Pouf Pattern. Hi there! If you are looking for an awesome crochet project then you have come to the right place!

Kim from 733, Mandy from Sugar Bee Crafts and I have been having fun hosting Project Crochet all month long. Crochet by Sia: Spa Washcloth Crochet Pattern. **Crochet-Along videos now available here (youtube playlist)*** Want to support independent designers? Consider purchasing a printer-friendly (pdf) version of this pattern plus a matching bath mitt on Etsy for a nominal amount. . 💗 Crochet bowls. DIY - Knit or crochet a trendy pouf. Basket Weave Crochet Pillow. Details Last Updated: Tuesday, 19 November 2013 16:17. Crochet Coiled Basket Experiment. May25 This week I experimented with crocheting over clothesline cord to make a bowl with a “coiled basket” look. Crocheted “coiled basket” in progress Wire Cable Clothesline Lion Brand “Amazing” self-striping yarn in Mauna Loa. Recycled CD Rolled-Edge Basket. Crocheted frames. Oilily coasters hooks, pattern! Ik heb een aantal mailtjes gehad van lieve lezers die benieuwd waren waar ik het patroon vandaan had van de 'oilily' onderzetters.

Ik heb deze zelf een beetje uitgevogeld. Hier onder het patroon welke ik voor de liefhebber heb uitgeschreven. Hexagons are my Stars (Tutorial) pattern by Daniela Herbertz.