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Grit Stitch infinity Scarf | Free Crochet Pattern. Cathedral Convertible Cowl - Cre8tion Crochet. This convertible cowl pattern can be worn so many different ways. I love the detail the front post stitches give, especially mixed with the shell stitches. This post contains affiliate links. You can click on any yarn or material highlighted to purchaseBy using this pattern you agree to the Pattern Terms of Use set forth by Cre8tion Crochet Click HERE to add this pattern to your Ravelry FavoritesClick HERE to Pin It for later YARN 1 skein Red Heart with Love or 370 yards any comparable worsted weight yarn Sample shown in Pewter MATERIALS 6.0 mm (J) HookYarn needle DIFFICULTY Easy to Intermediate FINISHED SIZE 20″ wide by 12 ½” tall 40″ circumference GAUGE 12sts and 8 rows in dc with 6.0mm (I) hook STITCH GUIDE ch(s)- chain(s), st(s)- stitch(es), dc- double crochet, hdc- half double crochet, fhdc- foundation half double crochet Chain 2 (counts as 1st fhdc).

Round 1: FHDC 112 (measures 40”). Round 2: Ch3. 1dc in the next hdc and every hdc around. Round 7: Sl st into the next 2dcs. Ch150. Cowlin' Around. When KnitPicks came out with its new Chroma fingering yarn, a less-expensive Noro/Mini Mochi knock-off, I was about 30th or 40th (or 300th or 400th...) in the online shopping line, anxious to test it out.

I've tried four different colorways so far, and I like them. I definitely would wear this stuff. The yarn is soft, the colors look close to what you see on the KnitPicks website, and the long color repeats are fun to work with, very inspiring, never boring. The most popular colors can be difficult to get your hands on (such as Midwinter!) This cowl was the second test piece I've made with Chroma. The stitch used in this pattern coordinates with Fall Blaze Hat, Susie Socks and Spring Stripes fingerless gloves. You may do whatever you'd like with the cowls you make from this pattern, but you may not sell the pattern. Instructions This project is worked in the round, with right side toward you. Ch 200 (or desired length in multiples of 8). Stashbuster Blarf (Rectangular Shawl) pattern by Esther Sandrof.

Free Infinity Scarf Crochet Pattern. One of my favorite things about crochet, is that you can make projects as complicated, or as quick and easy as you want! This chunky crochet infinity scarf definitely falls into that latter category. It’s the perfect, quick and easy project to kick off Scarf Week. This scarf pattern works with any bulky weight (size 6) yarn, but I really designed it for this super cool gold leaf yarn from Lion Brand.

Isn’t it amazing? I didn’t want the flecks of gold to get lost into a tightly woven project, so I kept things loose and open to really let it shine. It’s a really fun yarn, and the flecks aren’t scratchy or uncomfortable to wear at all. What makes this scarf so fast, and so chunky is, the bulky yarn and this oversized Wrights Plastic Crochet Hook, 15.75mm (affliate link). It’s a great project for beginners and a quick, 1-2 hour project for more experienced crocheters. Bada bing, bada boom. Loop it up and get cozy… Or gift one to a friend. This pattern is pretty brief. Happy hooking! Crochet Woven Scarf. This woven scarf is one of those scarves where you work on the back and front posts to create a ripple look.

By reversing yourself on the posts, you can create an amazing woven look for your crochet work. See how I did this terrific scarf. Using Bernat’s Mosaic Vivid Yarn, you can create this amazing looking scarf by being strategic with your double crochet stitches. I am using front and back posts in a particular order to make this appear to be a woven design. The scarf dimensions is about 68″ long x 5″ wide. Materials Used: 2 ball of Bernat Mosaic Yarn, 3.5 oz or 100 g ball. Free Pattern: This pattern is simple but it requires you to understand watching the repeat pattern. FPDC (Front Post Double Crochet) VIDEO BPDC (Back Post Double Crochet) VIDEO CH 21ROW 1 – DC 4th CH from Hook, DC in all remaining stitches. turn.ROW 2 – CH 2, *FPDC 1st 2 stitches, BPDC next 2 Stitches, Repeat *. By Michael Sellick – The Crochet Crowd ©2012 The Crochet Crowd. Outlander Claire Inspired Cowl - Free Crochet Pattern - seven thirty three.

The Yarn Owl | Crochet, Crafts, and the Life of a Yarn Addict. Sassenach Claire Outlander Crochet Cowl - Free Pattern. Don't i look smug! Well i was definitely feeling that way! After sharing my knitted pattern of Claire's Cowl, quite a few people asked for a crocheted version. The knitted cowl is in garter stitch, of which there is no real equivalent in crochet. So after some experimenting and some results that were not quite what I wanted, I came up with this pattern, which I feel comes about as close as possible to the knitted version, both in appearance and drape.

I really like it and I hope you do too! My enigmatic look. Doubles nicely as a hood. HOOK SIZE: 16mm/Q (big, yes) YARN: Super bulky 212 yards (2 skeins) GAUGE: 4 inches = 6 stitches FINISHED SIZE: 12 inches wide, 14 inches tall The yarn I used is Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick Super Bulky in Barley. Key: FDC = foundation double crochet FPDC = front post double crochet BPDC = back post double crochet SS = slip stich There are 2 ways of starting, depending on your comfort level.

UPDATED: I did end up doing a crochetalong/tutorial. Saco. Flower Scarf Free Pattern. Pattern: ch 161 (Since this pattern is for a little girl,If you should feel like making it for an adult, you would just be adding chains at the very beginning, in increments of 5, probably adding at least 60 chains) Row 1: sc in second ch from hook, ch8; in 3rd ch from hook, [dc, omitting the last step of your dc ] 4 more times, you will have 5 loops, yarn over and through all the loops. sl st .

*you created your first petal. for second petal, ch2, [dc, omitting the last step of your dc ] 4 more times, for third petal, ch2, [dc, omitting the last step of your dc ] 4 more times, ch5, sk 4 st, sc, ch8, sc in second ch from hook, ch8; *[dc, omitting the last step of your dc in 3rd ch from hook] 4 times, you will have 5 loops, yarn over and through all the loops. sl st . for third petal, ch2, [dc, omitting the last step of your dc ] 4 more times, You got the idea, repeat all along your ch of 161 To end your row: ch5, sc in last st from your ch, Row 2: turn, ch17 ch5, sc on top of the middle flower petal, ch4.

Thread and Beads Infinity Scarf. I have a surplus of crochet thread. And I almost never buy it. I think my family finds it at yard sales and gives it to me, or maybe it’s just multiplying on its own, like Tribbles. Either way, I need to get some of it out of the stash and into my life. Maybe I should have called this post The Trouble with Trebles. Because you can only make so many doilies, so many crochet rocks, and jewelry only uses little bits – I needed to think of something different and BIGGER. I’ll reveal what I did here in case you want to give it a try, but I’m not going to call it a pattern, and this is why: The edging is directly influenced by this one I found on Pinterest.

I’m becoming a little gun-shy to post patterns because I get comments telling me I should make You Tube tutorials and/or that written patterns are too difficult and they aren’t good. Please note: the 5mm hook is a big(ger) hook, like one you would normally use with worsted weight yarn. Thread and Beads Scarf With the 5mm hook, ch 20. 1. 2. RICK RACK STITCH FOR SCARF OR 'WHATEVER' Rick Rack Scarf This stitch gives a 3D quality to your fabric. You can use any yarn and gauge is not important. What is important is that you have the correct amount of chains/stitches in the beginning to have the correct repeats of the pattern.

The original stitch was used in an afghan with thread as the “yarn” of choice. Sizes: Recommended hooks for yarns, but not set in stone Fingering wt. yarn - use E hook Sport wt. yarn - use G hook Worsted wt. yarn - use H or I or J hook This is the basic pattern repeat….7 stitches in a repeat, plus 4, then two for the side chain. Repeats x 7 plus 4 (+ 2 on the starter chain). 8 repeats x 7 stitches = 56 chains + 4 side chains + 2 more (for beg dc) = 62 chains to begin 3 x 7 = 21 + 4 + 2 = 27 chains 4 x 7 = 28 + 4 + 2 = 34 chains 5 x 7 = 35 + 4 + 2 = 41 chains You can chose to make a narrow scarf or a wide one, and it depends upon your yarn and the amount of repeats, your hook and you! Row 1: DC in 4th ch from hook (counts as first 2 DC). Craftybegonia's Julia: A New Cowl#.UyBz7OcgGSN#.UyCSV4Yo6Ci#.UyCSV4Yo6Ci. This is a beautiful cowl in a rich and lovely shade of teal. It is super easy and very fast to make.

It would make an ideal gift or charity project as well as a great addition to your warming accessories! Materials- Red Heart worsted weight yarn Real Teal (it takes less than half a skein) Crochet hook size H Scissors Blunt needle to weave in tails Abbreviations: ch = chain; dc = double crochet; sc = single crochet' tr = treble or triple crochet This pattern and all patterns on this blog have been written in American crochet terminology. With Real Teal and H hook, ch 90, sl st to join rnd, making sure not to twist the ch.

Rnd 1- Ch 3, (does not count as a stitch), 1 dc in each ch around. (90 sts) Rnd 2- Ch 1 (does not count as a stitch), 1 sc in first st, 1 tr in next st, rep around. End rnd with a sl st in top of beginning sc. (90 sts) Rnd 3- Ch 3, rep rnd 1. (90 sts) Rnd 4- Ch 1, rep rnd 2. (90 sts) Rnds 5 to 11- Alternately rep rnds 1 and 2. Fasten off, weave in tails. Done! Laurels Mini Scarf. I've got a fun one for you today. The Laurels scarf looks awesome and is super easy to make. It's one of the things I made over the holidays. Amazing what you can do between rounds of dish washing, isn't it? Of course, I ever so cleverly neglected to photograph the first one I made which I, equally cleverly, left with mom since she liked it. Making the scarf has kinda set back one of my other projects though.

Laurels Mini Scarf Materials: About 90 yards of I Love This Yarn I Hook Pattern: The final stitch in each row is made in the turning chain of the previous row. Below you see a step by step of rows 5, 2, 3, and 4 in that order. Peppy The Scarf. De Nederlandstalige versie van dit patroon staat onder de Engelse versie, dus je kunt gewoon naar beneden scrollen voor de Nederlandstalige versie. THE PEPPY SCARF [ Ravelry: The Peppy Scarf ] This is really a very simple pattern! All you have to know is how to do chain stitches and single crochets. You can get a different result by, for example, • changing the width of the body section • changing the length of the loops • using a different type of yarn • using a different size of crochet hook Hope you will enjoy this pattern! Materials: • Noro Kureyon Sock, 1 skein (= 100 grams, 422 meters) (or any other yarn) • Crochet hook (size 3 mm or 3.5 mm, US: size D or E) Instructions: • Chain 6. • Row 1: Chain 1, 1 single crochet into second chain from hook, 1 single crochet into each of the next chain stitches. • Row 2: Turn.

. • Row 3: Turn. . • Row 4: Repeat row 3. • Repeat rows 1 through 4 until you’re almost running out of yarn. • Repeat rows 1 and 2. Terms of use: This is a free pattern. Papillon Scarf: A Free Crochet Pattern. Papillon Scarf This is a free crochet pattern for a scarf. It is made with simple crochet stitches, so it is a beginners project. Papillon is the French word for butterfly. For this scarf I used the butterfly stitch, where you crochet 3 rows of chains together with a single crochet. This gives a special effect, where the chains spread out mimicking butterfly wings. The scarf is meant to be a decorative scarf, since the big holes will not give any warmth. Materials Yarn 2 skeins Drops Muskat, #13 Marine Blue, 100% mercerized cotton 50g – 109yards/100m. If this specific yarn is not available to you, you could substitute it with yarn that has some silk in it.

Hook 4 mm US: G/6 Tapestry needle Finished size Width: 4 inches Length: 75 inches. Pattern Chain 16 Row 1 Chain 3, 16 dc. Row 2 Chain 3, 2 dc, chain 6, skip 4, 3 dc, chain 6, skip 4, 3 dc. Row 3 As row 2 Continue working row 2,3 and 4 until you reach the desired length. Last row: 3 chains, 16 dc across. Cut yarn and weave in ends. Abbreviations. DRAGONFLY WONDER SCARF. Caroline said... This is absolutely beautiful!!!! I'm drooling up here over it. Thanks for posting the pattern.P.S. Thanks for the cute comments on my blog! :-) xXcatalopeXx said... As always, beautiful! Alisha said... Awesome Scarf !! Snowcatcher said... What a cool design! Lea said... I am in love with this design, you did such a fabulous job, its simple and elegant and most everyone loves dragonflies.

Dragonflymom said... Lea, if you want you can email me for more details, but you don't crochet into the same stitch that shares one with the beginning ch2, but you do in the last stitch, by making that last stitch in the turning chain. Anonymous said... I love this pattern but I'm on my 5th try and I just can't seem to get it. Ok first make sure you have 23 stitches in the single crochet round previous. Lea, I know I sent a comment into you on this page, but I don't see it now. Amanda From: "Paper, Needles/Hooks, and Patter-ins - Oh my! Debra said... I love your Dragonfly design! Cathy said... Ribbonberry Crochet Tutorial ~ A Versatile Stitch Pattern. It seems somehow unfeeling to sit in a warm, dry house and post a cheerful crochet pattern on a day when so many people are suffering the effects of Hurricane Sandy.

My prayers go out for all who are hurt, without power, stranded, bereaved, or suffering the effects of flooding. What have you been crocheting lately? Here at Micawber Towers, Back Loop Slip Stitch has taken over for the nonce. It started with an idea for leg warmers (the Micawber ankles get veeery chilly in fall and winter), and morphed into this versatile stitch pattern: Back Loop Slip Stitch yields a very stretchy ribbed fabric. Ribbonberry is completely customisable.

It makes a lovely cowl (pattern found below): Or toasty mitts (click here for the post which explains how to make the mitts): Or even leg warmers (these are a work in progress - pattern tips can be found here): The Ribbonberry tutorial also features a special seaming method which produces an almost invisible slip stitch seam. And now to the important stuff....

German Scalloped Triangle Shawl - Crochet. Diamond Crochet Cowl. I’ve been admiring all the gorgeous crochet cowls out there lately – in stores, on Ravelry, and on my equally gorgeous friends. I couldn’t resist creating my own version, and with Valentine’s Day on the horizon, I decided you can’t go wrong with diamonds! I’ve been wearing it all over town, feeling fancy – and getting requests for more! With only 18 rows it works up in a few hours and it makes a great treat for yourself or a gift for the neck of someone you love. Best of all, it comes in two sizes, with all the info you need to create custom lengths of your own! Diamond Crochet CowlAdd this pattern to your Ravelry Queue This cowl pattern starts with a fsc, but you can start with a row of ch and a row of sc if preferred. Yarn: Worsted Weight Yarn, 210 yards (I happened to use two of the thinner ww yarns.)

The black, neck-length sample is made with Red Heart Shimmer.The red, chest-length sample, is made with Naturally Caron Country. Hook: 5.5mm (I) Row 1: Fsc 76 (84). Sunroom Spiral Scarf - Crochet. Chain Scarf with Crochet Fringe.