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Take Out, Fake Out: Easy Chicken Fried Rice. Easy Chicken Fried Rice is so simple to make at home, and is way better, healthier and cheaper than take out! Although I adore cooking and being in the kitchen, by Thursday night I’m pretty much looking for the quickest dish possible to whip up for dinner so I can go relax and wait for Awkward to come on tv. Oh yes, this one-woman Awkward fan club is still going strong. I just can’t even handle how genius that show is. Plus I sort of have a high school crush on Mattie McKibben. It’s cool though, he’s legal in real life.

Not on the show I guess, but, well…awkward. Anyway! Chicken and rice (either fresh or leftover) join kitchen staples like frozen veggies, sesame oil, egg, and gluten-free Tamari or soy sauce, for a quick dish that’s way easier on the wallet than ordering take out, and tons healthier too! Learn from our mistakes, kick back tonight, and whip up this satisfying little stir fry in a jif! First up is 1 chicken breast cut into bite-sized pieces and seasoned with salt & pepper. OK.