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I teach at Corning High School.

The 20 Best Pinterest Boards About Education Technology. Pinterest is quickly becoming one of the biggest sources inspiration and innovation when it comes to cooking, design, and education. That’s right, education is a prominent fixture on Pinterest now and that, of course, means that education technology plays a starring role. In an effort to help curate the massive amount of Pinterest boards about education technology, you can use the following list as a jumping off point to start your Pinterest journey. The following boards are curated by teachers, admins, and other education enthusiasts. TechEd. Challenge 5 - Curate Resources using Pearltrees.

If you listened to the episode of the Instructional Tech Talk podcast that discussed curating content in the classroom you know how valuable curating resources can be both with students and for your own resources.

Challenge 5 - Curate Resources using Pearltrees

Pearltrees makes Web curation a joy with its 'magical' new iPad app. CASE - A teacher in social media - Pearltrees. Mo­biluck in BETT 2013 — CASE - A teacher in social media - Pearltrees “So, how did Pearl­trees win me over?”

CASE - A teacher in social media - Pearltrees

This time I thought I could write about Pearl­trees from a teacher’s per­spec­tive. I started to use the web cu­ra­tion tool Pearl­trees dur­ing my au­tumn hol­i­day (in 2012) and I’m still amazed by the pos­si­bil­i­ties it has to of­fer. It was the head teacher of our up­per sec­ondary school Kari Ra­jala who first in­tro­duced me to so­cial me­dia. I started us­ing Face­book and soon got friends from my fel­low teach­ers. iPad. Technology for teaching. Edudemic. 5 Reasons We Use Social Media.

21 Simple Ways To Motivate Your Students. The Long-Term Effects Of Skipping Your Homework. Not every student loves reading, there’s no argument on that. We’ve talked about a lot of resources for learning to read and making reading fun and easy for students, but we haven’t really talked about where that reading fits in to the larger picture of a students’ education. Though the information in the infographic below isn’t very new (the reference notes 1987), the numbers still hold true. A student who reads 20 minutes per day will read 1,800,000 words by the end of the sixth grade, compared with a student who reads one minute per day, who will read only 8,000 words. The student who reads one minute per day will only read .004% of what the 20 minute reader will read. The Top 10 Books In The World. Why TED Talks Have Become So Popular 5.67K Views 0 Likes TED talks are useful and free ways to bring high-level thinking and through-provoking ideas into the classroom and your home. 5 Things To Know About SXSWedu 5.65K Views 0 Likes The real story for anyone reading this is SXSWedu, the education-oriented version of the conference that's turning into a force of nature.

Swedish School Now Has A Mandatory Minecraft Class. Should School Days Be Longer? A 7th Grade Class Weighs In 4.76K Views 0 Likes An old post on Edudemic just got an interesting comment from Jamie Baird, a middle school teacher in North Carolina. Her students laid a Pros and Cons list on the topic of school days being longer. 6 Education Conferences To Check Out This Year. With the New Year comes an entirely new season of education conferences. Educators have a lot to look forward to in 2013. The variety of conferences scheduled to take place across the US and Canada offer so much for educators around the world to learn from.

The unbelievable growth in technology and changes that integration has brought about in education is the prime topic at conferences these days. In particular, finding and fostering new ideas for the multitude of classrooms now using iOS has never been better and this year’s regional events and larger national conferences offer an incredible opportunity for everyone to learn how to make the most of these recent technological innovations. Take advantage of the opportunity to travel and learn. iPad or Chromebook: 4 Questions To Ask Before Choosing. Crude mashup for your enjoyment. For the past few days, I’ve been playing with a Chromebook. Though I have been an advocate of Google’s myriad web products since the beta-test Gmail account that I was invited to open over 10 years ago, I had not previously put my hands on one of these devices. I may be in love.

This may come as a shock since I have spent the past two years completely immersed in iPads. I love my iPad too, and my iPhone, and my mostly retired iPod Touch. With schools and districts across the country, there seems to be this preconception that a single relationship exists with regard to technology, and in particular, with regard to making a decision about mobile devices. The Teacher's Quick Guide To Educational Twitter Hashtags.

The Teacher’s Quick Guide To Educational Twitter Hashtags Added by Jeff Dunn on 2012-10-18 I heart Twitter. 10 Ways To Start Using Skype In The Classroom. Skype can connect your classroom to the rest of world with ease. Integrated Technology Tools. Mobile Learning Presentations. Inspiring Writing. Image Sites. Video Creation & Tools. Voicethread Resources. Common Core. TEC. Teaching resources. Technology resources. Shellyterrell. Digital storytelling. Digital Research. Sticky note sites. Time Saving Tools. Polling Tools. Podcasts & Audio Projects. Blogging Resources. Tech Tips. Facebook in Education.

The 30 Goals Challenge for Educators. Flipped Learning. Shellyterrell. Heidi Hayes Jacobs on Curriculum 21: Resources, Key Points, Action Items, and Conversation Starters. Posted by Jonathan Martin under Uncategorized Leave a Comment.

Heidi Hayes Jacobs on Curriculum 21: Resources, Key Points, Action Items, and Conversation Starters

Skype. Integrating the Web.