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Anza. Council installs talking camera telling residents they're not allowed in their own communal garden. Internet Archive: Digital Library of Free Books, Movies, Music & Wayback Machine. : Home. Inside LSD documentary. National Geographic produces some very good drug documentaries.

Inside LSD documentary

Inside LSD (2009) looks at some of the science behind LSD and how it might be useful for therapeutic purposes. Would LSD be the next drug in your doctor’s arsenal? New experiments have a few researchers believing that this trippy drug could become a pharmaceutical of the future.Outlawed in 1970, the street drug developed a reputation as the dangerous toy of the counterculture, capable of inspiring either moments of genius or a descent into madness.Now science is taking a fresh look into this psychedelic world, including the first human LSD trials in more than 35 years.LSD’s inventor Albert Hofmann called it medicine for the soul. The Beatles wrote songs about it.


Found Sounds. Politics. Alan Moore. Stewart Lee. Alan Watts. Timothy Leary. David Foster Wallace. Terence McKenna. A mini-doc about the Minimoog. Max Mathews, electronic music pioneer, RIP. Excellent Russell Brand interview on celebrity culture by BBC’s Newsnight. You are listening to Deep Thought. OK, But Where's the Priest? Alex Jones Says TVs and Light Bulbs Are Programmed to Kill Everyone. Sound. About UbuWeb Sound Originally focusing on Sound Poetry proper, UbuWeb's Sound section has grown to encompass all types of sound art, historical and contemporary.


Beginning with pioneers such as Guillaume Apollinaire reading his "Calligrammes" in 1913, and proceeding to current practitioners such as Vito Acconci or Kristin Oppenheim, UbuWeb Sound surveys the entire 20th century and beyond. Categories include Dadaism, Futurism, early 20th century literary experiments, musique concrete, electronic music, Fluxus, Beat sound works, minimalist and process works, performance art, plunderphonics and sampling, and digital glitch works, to name just a few.

As the practices of sound art continue to evolve, categories become increasingly irrelevant, a fact UbuWeb embraces. Tiny Little Miss Perky Palmetto Personality. Rita - erotica. Golden Throats - Peter Wyngarde. WhoSampled - Discover and Discuss Music Samples, Remixes and Cover Songs. CcMixter - Welcome to ccMixter.