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Palm Beach Artificial Grass

Palm Beach Artificial Grass is proud to serve both residential and commercial clients located in the Greater Palm Beach, Florida Area. We look forward to helping you create your dream outdoor living space.

Creative Ideas for Designing Backyard Putting Greens in Palm Beach, FL. Whether you’re a hobbyist or an avid golfer, having a personal putting green makes it a breeze to practice your strokes whenever you have spare time to play.

Creative Ideas for Designing Backyard Putting Greens in Palm Beach, FL

Backyard putting greens in Palm Beach, FL offers the best of both worlds. It offers the same play experience as natural grass, without its expensive, time-consuming maintenance requirements. Once you’ve decided to make the investment, it’s time to think about how you’d like to customize the experience. Consider these inspiring ideas for your putting green installation!

3 Ways to Maximize Your Putting Green From creating a more exciting gameplay experience to leveling up the aesthetics, here are three ways to make the most of putting greens in Palm Beach, FL: 1. If every hole at the golfing range were the same, you’d probably get bored fast. While you may not have space for an entire 18-hole course in your yard, it’s possible to have a putting green where each part presents a different challenge. 2. 3. Building a Backyard Dog Park with Artificial Turf for Dogs in Palm Beach, FL. Benefits of Artificial Grass for Palm Beach Rooftop Decks. If you’re lucky enough to have a roof deck in Florida, the last thing you want is to worry about its upkeep.

Benefits of Artificial Grass for Palm Beach Rooftop Decks

For a beautiful, low maintenance deck, consider installing artificial grass in Palm Beach. Benefits include: Minimal maintenanceLightweight flooring materialCapable of draining rainfallCan be applied to most deck materials, including woodLooks and feels like natural grassMade of non-toxic and hypoallergenic materialsWeather-resistantSafe for pets and kidsNon-slip when wetNo mudPest-resistantCan last for as long as 10 to 15 years or longer In short, artificial grass installation Palm Beach FL is a fantastic choice for roof decks. You get a gorgeous, green space with stunning views of Palm Beach plus minimal hassle and stress.

Creative Ideas for Roof Decks Made of Synthetic Grass 1. Turn your roof deck into a play paradise for pets and kids with synthetic turf in Palm Beach. 2. Next, host the best outdoor parties on your rooftop deck! 3. Beautify Your Walkways With Evergreen Artificial Grass in Palm Beach. 3 Popular Layouts for Putting Greens in Palm Beach, FL. Investing in backyard putting greens in Palm Beach, FL is the best way to improve your short game.

3 Popular Layouts for Putting Greens in Palm Beach, FL

Enjoy unlimited tee time – no driving over to the course, waiting for your turn or missing practice due to your schedule. Better yet, no maintenance! Once your green is installed, you can focus on your game all day long. Besides providing a realistic golfing surface, artificial grass also allows you to customize your putting green, starting with the layout. Types of Putting Green Layouts Artificial grass is overtaking live grass for backyard putting greens. Many golfers also love how much they can personalize their private course using artificial grass. . • Punchbowl Green Punchbowl greens are tucked inside a depressed or hollow area. Most golf course owners avoided this design, as its structure made it prone to drainage problems that either stunted grass growth or killed the turf. . • Crowned Green Crowned greens are ideal for golfers who want a challenging course.

. • Double Greens. Safety Benefits of Synthetic Turf for Dogs in Palm Beach, FL. Dogs love spending time outdoors, especially in a grass-covered yard where there’s so much to sniff, explore and enjoy.

Safety Benefits of Synthetic Turf for Dogs in Palm Beach, FL

That’s why a lush lawn is one of the best gifts you can give your canine companion. However, think twice about using live grass as ground cover. When it comes to outdoor safety, synthetic turf for dogs in Palm Beach, FL is the best way to keep dogs safe from common lawn hazards. Why Live Lawns Can Be Dangerous for Dogs Before giving dogs free rein over the lawn, most people check for broken fences, open gates and stray trash. There’s a lot more lurking around the corner, especially if you have a natural lawn: • Ticks and fleas thrive in live lawns. • Pollen, which is abundant in live lawns, is dangerous to dogs with pollen allergies. • Grass seeds can latch unto fur, penetrate the skin and cause irritation or even injuries. • Toxic weeds, plants and mushrooms can poison or cause various symptoms when ingested.

How Synthetic Turf Removes Pet Hazards.