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LEGO CL!CK: Find your inspiration. The Lego Minifig Timeline. LEGO news, custom creations, MOCs, set reviews, and more! Exclusive: Inside the Lego Factory. Indeed continuing thanks, Jesus!!

Exclusive: Inside the Lego Factory

One of my first jobs was as a "floor boy" in an injection molding factory. Part of what I did was dumping the hydraulic fluid that the ancient machines were leaking into buckets placed everywhere BACK into the machines. Another part was keeping the machines' intake hoppers filled with raw and recycled plastic. The OTHER part was constantly scraping up and re-applying Oil Dry around the machines to further control said Hydraulic fluid. The place was a death trap and is probably still in operation to this day.

Britin Plastics in Burlington NJ, just so you know what to avoid. By contrast these factories are spotless, quiet efficient and wonderful. I don't even care of my old job is being done entirely by robots.