Haunted Prisons and Hospitals

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SPOOKED. Camarillo State Mental Hospital. Camarillo State Mental Hospital, also known as Camarillo State Hospital, was a psychiatric hospital for both developmentally disabled and mentally ill patients in Camarillo, California.

Camarillo State Mental Hospital

The hospital closed in 1997. The site has been redeveloped as the California State University, Channel Islands. The university has retained the distinctive Mission Revival Style architecture, and the bell tower in the South quad has been adopted as the symbol of the university. History[edit] In 1932, the State of California purchased 1,760 acres (710 ha) of the Lewis ranch, located three miles south of the city of Camarillo, and established the Camarillo State Mental Hospital. Closing[edit] Pete Wilson, then-governor of California, announced in January 1996 plans to close down the hospital by July 1997, citing low patient numbers and rising costs per patient. Site turned into California State University, Channel Islands[edit] Camarillo State Hospital in popular culture[edit] References[edit]

Lillian Collins Hospital » Real Haunted Houses. Originally the Sierra Building In the 1920′s, this was a small town hospital that cared for the citizens of Turlock, California.

Lillian Collins Hospital » Real Haunted Houses

According to a recent ghost hunting expedition done by American Paranormal Investigations, it seems that the building still cares for their spirits, though both their bodies and the hospital are long gone. Built in 1918, The Lillian Collins Hospital was located in what is now the Sierra Building and currently contains Coldwell Banker Endsley & Associates. The hospital was best known for the doctor who created the MedicAlert bracelet when his daughter (who also happened to be the granddaughter of the hospital’s founder) had an allergic reaction to a drug while there in 1953. The hospital, which only had 40 rooms in the two-story building, eventually became too small for the city and was abandoned. While preparing for a haunted house event items would go missing when left alone for only a few moments. Share 53 comments on this haunted house. Haunted Mental Health Hospital in Virginia. By Kevin (Virginia) The building was built in 1892.

Haunted Mental Health Hospital in Virginia

It was originally a school until it was converted to a mental health facility in the early 1900's. It's now abandoned. The place is HUGE and very cool if nothing else. We did an investigation with two cameras and a voice recorder. Again, all of these were cross-referenced with the camera audio which picked up nothing of the sorts (it's an HV30 camera which has a very sensitive mic.) The most startling evidence was when we left our cameras set up inside and left for 20 minutes. By the way the place now has no trespassing signs up everywhere and the police patrol regularly, so hunt with caution :) (Note: Sorry, but I cannot reveal the location of this property on this site.