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Computer Repair

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Download a recovery image for Microsoft Surface. Create a wireless bridge with a cheap TP-Link router. Posted at 07:48h in Networking by cosjef The TL-WR1043 router from Chinese manufacturer TP-Link is one of the most capable AND inexpensive routers on the market today.

Create a wireless bridge with a cheap TP-Link router

With four Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports, Wireless-N, and a cost of only $54 (at the time of this writing), you cannot find a better value. And it efficiently solves a problem many people have: insufficient wireless coverage. If your home is large or prone to Wi-Fi “dead spots” where the signal is weak, you can use a wireless bridge to help overcome these problems. A bridge does exactly what it sounds like: it connects two Wi-Fi networks without the need for cabling. To do this, you need two routers, a laptop, and an Ethernet cable. Here is how you build the bridge: 1) Write down your existing wireless settings Open up the web-based management console on your existing, primary router. 2) Connect the bridge router Connect the bridge router directly to your laptop with an ethernet cable plugged into any of its four LAN ports.

10+ ways to recover a corrupted Word document. Few computer experiences are worse than having a Word document blow up on you.

10+ ways to recover a corrupted Word document

But before you resign yourself to losing the document contents, check out these techniques for salvaging your text. If you've ever had an important document get corrupted, you know the despair that sets in. You've lost critical information and/or countless hours of work - or so it appears. Download a recovery image for Microsoft Surface. ZHPCleaner Download (Official) ZHPCleanerVersion : 2016 ZHPCleaner is a software designed to combat the pirates of browsers (Hijackers). Its main objective is to restore Proxy settings and remove browsers referrals. It aims to remove the advertising programs that display popups, potentially unwanted software, some toolbars grafted to the browser, some unnecessary legitimate programs.

Windows 10 ISO. Windows 10 ISO. Ram Test = How to Test PC Ram Is Working Properly or Not ? RAM (Random Access Memory) is system memory where your computer read and write the process data at the same speed, it can helps your computer to perform better and fast in order to provide performance to the user.

Ram Test = How to Test PC Ram Is Working Properly or Not ?

If your Desktop/Laptop is working slow or lagging or if some applications are running slowly, then it’s possible you might not have enough RAM in your computer system for running that application. Sometimes due to power fluctuation, forcefully power termination of computer & age of ram can cause some fault in ram’s inbuilt hardware and occur problems like computer freeze, BSOD and sudden Computer restart during work. A bad memory module (RAM) can cause unpredictable behavior in a Windows system, including the dreaded blue screen of death. Note: Before testing your memory, if you have recently added any new memory with the old one into your computer’s motherboard then I’ll highly suggest you temporarily remove the new one to make sure it is not the one who causing this issue.

How to Back up Safari Bookmarks & Passwords. How to Break Into a Mac (and Prevent It from Happening to You) Slow Computer/browser? Check Here First; It May Not Be Malware. Computer and browser slowness are not always malware related.

Slow Computer/browser? Check Here First; It May Not Be Malware

Poor performance and other problems can be the result of disk fragmentation, disk errors, corrupt system files, unnecessary services running, not enough RAM, dirty hardware components, too many toolbars, BHOs, extensions and add-ons/plug-ins attached your browser and failure to clear browser cache. Sometimes Add-ons cause browsers to quit unexpectedly or not perform properly especially, if it was poorly designed or was created for an earlier browser version.

Incompatible browser extensions and add-ons can also impact system performance and cause compatibility issues such as application hangs (freezing). As you use your system it becomes filled with more files/programs and has a natural tendency to slow down and behave oddly so cleaning and regular maintenance is essential. UVK Script Collection. Below is a list of scripts to automate programs, repair and optimize the system.

UVK Script Collection

In order to execute these scripts you need to download the latest UVK version and install it without unchecking the Associate with .uvk files checkbox. Once you've done it, download the desired script and double-click it. UVK will load the script in the Run Script section, select the desired extra options, then click Run/Fix listed and confirm the script's execution. Repair Windows installer and the temp directory.

Backup & Restore Desktop Icons Position on Windows 7, Vista & XP. A well organized Windows desktop with logical icons arrangement on desktop can increase productivity.

Backup & Restore Desktop Icons Position on Windows 7, Vista & XP

Many a time we start with well organized desktop icons but once we start working our desktop become mess of icons and no one wants to spend time in reorganizing desktop icons. One possible solution to this is saving desktop icons postion and restoring back when you feel desktop has become cluttered. Here is small freeware utility IconRestorer which enables you to Backup & restore icons position on desktop (and wallpaper) separately for every screen resolution. Features of IconRestorer. System Explorer Download Page - Distribution Selection. TestDisk Livecd. TestDisk on Live rescue CDs TestDisk (not always the latest version) is included on the following free rescue CDs: ALT Linux Rescue is a weekly-updated hybrid (CD/Flash, BIOS/UEFI) image BootMed is a live CD created to help those not familiar with Linux repair or recover their Windows Computer from a Live CD, includes TestDisk tutorials.

TestDisk Livecd

BootMed Plus is a premium live CD with built in video tutorials. TestDisk and PhotoRec are featured in BM+'s advanced menu. CAINE Computer Aided INvestigative Environment, a complete forensic environment. Note, TestDisk is also available on or under the following distributions, many of which have a console/rescue mode that can be used to run TestDisk or PhotoRec:

How do I reset Windows Update components? "The Windows Installer Service Could Not Be Accessed" error when you try to install a program in Windows 7 or Windows Vista. When you try to install a program in Windows 7 or Windows Vista, you receive the following error message: "The Windows Installer Service could not be accessed.

"The Windows Installer Service Could Not Be Accessed" error when you try to install a program in Windows 7 or Windows Vista

This can occur if the Windows Installer is not correctly installed. Contact your support personnel for assistance. " To resolve this issue, use Method 1. If Method 1 does not resolve the issue, use the next method that is listed until you resolve the issue. Method 1: Reset the Windows Installer Service settings in the registry Important This section, method, or task contains steps that tell you how to modify the registry. Fix “Windows update cannot currently check for updates because the service is not running” error – Windows 7. 5 Tools to Integrate Multiple Antivirus Rescue Disk into One Single USB Flash Drive. An unstable piece of malware created by someone inexperienced in programming can make a computer slow to a crawl.

5 Tools to Integrate Multiple Antivirus Rescue Disk into One Single USB Flash Drive

A carefully created piece of malware can be totally invisible while disabling and preventing any security software such as an antivirus from being installed on the system. An effective solution to remove these viruses is to boot up the computer using an antivirus rescue disk, run a full scan in an offline environment where the malware is inactive and remove any detected threats. There are a couple of antivirus companies that offer free rescue disks and most of them are in ISO file format which can be burned to a CD. It is best to have every rescue disks at hand because different antivirus have different detection rates. Fortunately there are third party tools that can put multiple antivirus rescue disks into one USB flash drive and make it multi-bootable. Download SARDU. Fix "Could Not Find This Item" When Deleting in Windows 7. If you’ve been using Windows for as long as I have, you have probably run into your share of weird error messages.

Fix "Could Not Find This Item" When Deleting in Windows 7

One that I got recently when trying to delete a file was: Could not find this item. How To Make Your Own Windows Live CD. Live CDs as you know allow you to boot your computer from a CD-ROM and performs various functions on your system. Such Live CDs are excellent for recovering data, fixing problems or to have a custom desktop at your disposal when you are not at your own computer. While the Live CDs are common place in the Linux world, it’s not often that you hear about a Windows Live CD.

How To Install Multiple Bootable Operating Systems on One USB Stick. Fellow reader Dado asked us, “How can I run multiple operating systems from a single USB?” He goes on to specify some different operating systems (OSs) that he would like to run and a few of them are Windows OSs. Dado adds that he would like to be able to boot into Windows on a USB and then install Windows from that same USB. In theory, it could be done, but I’m not sure why a person would want to do that.

First, you would be breaking some licensing agreements with Microsoft, unless you had some sort of site-licensing deal with them. Second, it would be a painfully slow installation process. 216 Web Safe Colour Chart - Computer tips and tricks. Customer Care. Setting up a home network - Windows Help. Chocolatey Gallery.

How to Disable Lock Screen in Windows 8 or 8.1 - How to create factory restore (system recovery) partition in Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1. Some laptops and computers have a built-in one key system recovery program or partition. This helps you restore your damaged system to its previously backed up state, often back to “factory settings” (aka restoring your computer to the state it came with when you bought it). This system recovery / factory restore can be handy. But, what if your laptop has none? At some point in time, you may experience some serious issues like “Boot failure” or ‘Operating system not found” and that can be very troublesome if you have no recovery partition or CD. How Scan any File or Folder Using Windows 8’s Built-in Anti-Virus. Windows 8 includes a built-in antivirus solution that runs in the background. You might, however, be surprised that there is no obvious way to scan an item on demand. Here’s how to launch the Windows Defender GUI as well as add a scan option to the context menu.

Avoid Falling Victim To These Three Ransomware Scams. Shell folders: the best-kept Windows time saving secret. Most of the important Windows user folders are quite easy to access. "Windows Update Cannot Check For Updates" error message when you try to install updates. How to Create a Boot CD for MSDaRT 6.5. Download Free Password, Network and Security Tools. How to Find Out Your Motherboard's Manufacturer and Model - Hardware Secrets. Complete List of BIOS Access Keys for Motherboards. The BIOS is the the most basic program on your PC and you need to access it in order to setup your PC for the first time.

However it isn’t easy as said, because there are a lot of motherboard manufacturers and everyone of them uses a different key for accessing the BIOS menu. Select Real Security. You have files waiting to be burned to disc - Stop Message. How To Create Dedicated Recovery Partition Of Windows 10. Computers that come pre-installed with Windows operating system include a dedicated, hidden partition containing the recovery image of the operating system. Ultimate Boot CD - Overview. Factory reset a laptop - How-To. BIOS boot priority options not available - Microsoft Community. Hello. With your help, I finally managed to boot from the USB on my Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro. My purpose was to boot the machine from a USB Recovery Media which I had prepared using Paragon Software's Disk Manager Pro 12, for the aim of hard disk recovery.

My problem was I couldn't locate the option to turn Secure Boot to OFF; actually it was right in front of my eyes! The steps I took are as follows: Software for professionals and beginners. (SOLVED) - No internet connection in browsers after using Malwarebytes. Can't Delete Folder, "Destination Path Too Long" Error in Windows 7. J.C.This is not a new problem and it is not confined to build 7600, or for that matter the OS at all, but rather a limitation that is clearly documented in the all NTFS specifications, including the latest NTFS revisions. J.C., it is an OS limitation and NOT a ntfs limitation, an amazingly stupid one if you ask me, but could be for backwards compatibility, have a bit of a read of the info below for more technical information, but the basic issue is all windows API's including 7 are limited to 256 character path's, ntfs can support up to 32767 characters long, which is very long!!

You can purchase, not sure about freeware, filemanagers that do not have this limitation... Unable to delete icons, files or folders from Windows desktop. Malware & Virus Removal Guide & Tools for Windows. Windows being the most popular OS in the world, malware writers want to target it. As a result, a lot of malware and malicious software are written for it. Bleeping Computer - Technical Support and Computer Help.

How to Repair Your Computer like PC Technician Using D7 Multi Tools with One Click. 6 Must-Have Apps For Computer Repair Technicians. Free Crapware Removal Tools for Windows 8 / 7. Browser Hijacking and Free Browser Hijacker Removal Tools. How to reset Hosts file back to default in Windows 8 / 7. Computer POST and beep codes.

Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) Hard Drive Diagnostic Procedure. Devices & drivers. Reset Forgotten Windows 7 Password with System Repair Disc. How to Reset Your Windows Password Without an Install CD. Resetting an Internet Connection (Flush DNS) The Windows Club Downloads: List of freeware for Windows 8 / 7. What can I do when pressing a key produces the wrong result? Fix problems that programs cannot be installed or uninstalled. How do I Enable Silverlight in Google Chrome Version 42 and Later?

FixUp Restrictions. FixWin v 2 for Windows 8, Windows 8.1. Computer Technician into a Computer Business Owner - Technibble. Как поменять серийный номер жесткого диска. Extract Files from Windows 7 Installation DVD. Tech Support Guy - Free computer help! List of online malware scanners using multiple antivirus engines. Hosts File in Windows 8 / 7 : Location, Edit, Lock, Manage. How to Crack Windows 7 Login Password Easily and Quickly? - Chinese Forum.

Rootkit List. 5 Tips To Manage Your Windows Clipboard Like A Pro. Repair4Laptop: Do-It-Yourself Laptop & Notebook Upgrading, Modding, Repairing. How to Delete Undeletable Files in Windows. Netsh address generator. Console Command List. Five trustworthy password recovery tools. Connection Guide. Five must-have apps for your USB stick. Top 5 Free Rescue Discs for Your Sys Admin Toolkit. Repair your computer in Windows 8 and 8.1. Computer Repair Tools. A Computer Repair Utility Kit You Can Run From a Thumb Drive. The 10 Cleverest Ways to Use Linux to Fix Your Windows PC.

Windows Repair (All In One) CPR for your computer. 10 Linux rescue tools for recovering Linux, Windows, or Mac machines. Use Bootrec.exe in the Windows RE to troubleshoot startup issues. How to Crack a Windows 7 Password. Repair your computer in Windows 8 and 8.1. Download Hiren’s BootCD 15.2. Hardware Troubleshooting Tools. Is the Microsoft Fix It Service Really Any Good? [MakeUseOf Tests] How to Crack Your Forgotten Windows Password. Hiren's BootCD - The Best Computer Bootable Repair Disc.