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Paella Chef is a Houston Area catering service that specializes in various variations of Paella, the national dish of Spain. We come to your location -- be it home or business -- and prepare our paellas to order using fresh ingredients. The quality of our Paellas is unique, because we only use the best ingredients and prepare everything just before and during your event, just the way you desire.We are equally comfortable with a small event at your home for perhaps ten guests -- in which we only supply one chef -- to large events, such as weddings or corporate events, where we may provide several chefs as well as waiters.

Hire-master-personal-chef-houston-tx. Paella Chef - About Us. Expert Catering Houston TX House Cook Fresh Spanish Delicacies. Expert Catering Houston TX House Cook Fresh Spanish Delicacies Serving your guests with the best food and delicacies that they will enjoy will certainly give you immense pleasure.

Expert Catering Houston TX House Cook Fresh Spanish Delicacies

When living in Houston, you cannot ignore the special place that Spanish food holds. Giving your guests at the taste of it will sure make them remember the delectable dishes that they have savored at the event hosted by you. You are sure to come across some reputed names that specialize in preparing them for all kinds of events immaterial of the magnitude of the crowd. For a small gathering These houses provide catering Houston TX where they customize the dishes for individual events. Savor the special Spanish taste Even your guest who has never had the opportunity to have a taste of the special Spanish cuisine will surely love to savor the special flavor again once you have these professionals doing the job for you. Freshly made at home For a large crowd too. Best Spanish food in Houston TX. We have a large variety of Tapas (appetizers) that we would be pleased to prepare for you.

Best Spanish food in Houston TX

Among our offerings are : Gaspacho (cold vegetable soup), tortilla, garlic shrimp, garlic calamari, octopus a la galega, beef, cheese or shrimp empanadas, beef croquettes, stuffed eggplants, olives in extra virgin olive oil with herbs, melon with serrano ham, a selection of cheeses including Manchego, Buenalba with rosemary, Buenalba with paprika and Queso Iberico, among others.

We make four different kinds of Gaspacho including the red traditional, the Salmorejo which is a richer and smoother version from Cordoba, the Ajo Blanco (a white Gaspacho which includes cashews, and Green Gaspacho, a delicious version from Andalucia. Please contact us for more information. Prices vary by type and quantity. Melon With Serrano Ham Assortment of Mostly Spanish Cheeses with Dried Fruits. Why to cater your next paella event with Paella Chefs? Pleasing you guests with some yummy Spanish food in Houston TX. Pleasing you guests with some yummy Spanish food in Houston TX.

Pleasing you guests with some yummy Spanish food in Houston TX.

While catering any event, nothing must be overlooked. Be the event small or large, pleasing your guests matters a lot to you. When it comes to special occasions like weddings, corporate events and anniversaries, you favor to give them something different that they won’t forget. If the idea of bringing a pleasing smile over your guest’s face excites you, then serve them some awesomely delicious, traditional Spanish dish like Paella. While you have other aspects to concern about and make sure that you’re entertaining your guests, does it make sense to manage with the catering needs on your own? Be it your home or business, you need your paella servings to be fresh, delicious and unforgettable.

Preparing an authentic Spanish cousin isn’t that easy. No matter what may be the size of the event, catering service can make it a success. Best Paella in Houston TX. What Things to Consider When Hiring Caterers Houston TX? There has been a rapid increase in the demand for catering companies.

What Things to Consider When Hiring Caterers Houston TX?

This is where an individual comes across mind boggling and a wide array of options. This can become an exasperating task for anyone who requires their services on immediate basis. Even if people book their services simply going by their ads, it is not necessary that they are to receive quality and timely deliveries for their event.

Therefore, there are many things that need to be considered by people before hiring services for catering in Houston, TX. They are: - 1. Paella Valenciana Houston TX.