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Physics or Fashion? What Science Lovers Link to Most [Interactive] People who are intrigued with physics are somewhat intrigued with computer science, too, but they are crazy about fashion.

Physics or Fashion? What Science Lovers Link to Most [Interactive]

Who knew? Hilary Mason did. At Scientific American’s request, the chief scientist at bitly (, which shortens URLs for Web users, examined 600 science Web page addresses sent to the company’s servers on August 23 and 24. What topics science lovers link to the most. Hilary Mason, chief scientist at bitly, examined links to 600 science pages and the pages that those people visited next: The results revealed which subjects were strongly and weakly associated.

What topics science lovers link to the most

Chemistry was linked to almost no other science. Biology was linked to almost all of them. Health was tied more to business than to food. NASA's Virtual Snow Globe Looks at 10 Years of the White Stuff. NASA has released a video that highlights where snow graced the Earth during every month for more than 10 years.

NASA's Virtual Snow Globe Looks at 10 Years of the White Stuff

The clip starts with a snow-covered map of the Earth on February 2000 and runs all the way up until last month. The maps show observations collected by the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Terra satellite. Snow cover is depicted by color, from medium blue (greater than 0%) to white (100%). Infographic Of The Day: All About The Mobile App Market. Everything you hear about these days is mobile-app this and mobile-app that.

Infographic Of The Day: All About The Mobile App Market

But what does the mobile-app market look like? What do people want from apps? And what does the competitive landscape look like when you compare iPhone to Windows to Android? Lucky for you, we have answers, thanks to James West of GDS Infographics, who created this superb collection of facts and figures for the iStrategy conference. Let’s dive in. Games are obviously the killer app of the mobile market--64% of people who pay for an app also download a game; other popular ones include social networking, weather, entertainment, and banking: [Click to view larger] But the really astounding stat lies at the bottom of that chart: Despite all the noise about Android owning more market share than Apple, Apple has 300,000 apps available compared to Android’s truly pitiful 25,000. App-market-larger.jpeg (1000×5710) Planets Large and Small Populate Our Galaxy (Infographic) Buy This Infographic as a Full-Size Poster Astronomers have discovered more than 700 alien planets beyond the solar system, and the count is rising all the time.

Planets Large and Small Populate Our Galaxy (Infographic)

Some are large and hot, and others are smaller and cooler, but scientists are still on the lookout for an Earth twin. They just got closer, with the announcement Dec. 5 of a planet found by NASA's Kepler space telescope to lie in the habitable zone around its star where liquid water, and perhaps life, could exist. You can purchase a 20"x60" poster of this infographic on high-quality 14G Photo Paper from the store here: Buy Poster Embed: Paste the code below into your site. <a href=" alt="Astronomers searching for another Earth are getting closer, thanks to recent discoveries by the Kepler space telescope. " src=" /></a><br /> Source: <a href=" All about our solar system, outer space and exploration</a> How Much Americans Spend on Electronics [INFOGRAPHIC] Think you've got bad gadget spending habits?

How Much Americans Spend on Electronics [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you're a single male between the ages of 50 and 65 living in San Jose, Calif. your tech splurges might be par for the course, according to research by By aggregating anonymous data from the U.S. government, banks and other third-parties, Bundle has broken down Americans' gadget spending by city, age, household type and income level. Android Market Surpasses 10 Billion Downloads. Google's celebrating a pretty big app market milestone: 10 billion apps

Android Market Surpasses 10 Billion Downloads

In a blog post, the search giant announced the landmark for the store, which serves its mobile OS-phone-carrying customers, noting that app downloads have been accelerating over the last year or so. History of the U.S. Space Shuttle Program. Microsoft Surface. History of Apple. Apple Evolution: 30 Years in 2 Minutes. Apple iPad Buyer Is a Male, Pet-Owning Gamer. While the iPad is clearly a hit among lots of demographics, from non-reading toddlers to senior citizens, there are still certain sets of people that are more likely to go out and buy one of the Apple tablets.

Apple iPad Buyer Is a Male, Pet-Owning Gamer

The folks at marketing firm BlueKai have compiled some of that data into a handy infographic. Among the three characteristics most tied to iPad purchasing are being male, a pet-owner and into video games. Close behind are scientists, travelers (both international and domestic) and, bizarrely, organic food proponents. Perhaps the latter, though, is tied to having the kind of disposable income necessary to purchase a device that, while undeniably fun and useful, likely doesn’t replace any other device. Internet of Things.