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FRAC centre opens in new site by jakob + macfarlane. Jul 29, 2013.

FRAC centre opens in new site by jakob + macfarlane

Faux pli gourmet supermarket extension by archinauten. Jul 23, 2013.

faux pli gourmet supermarket extension by archinauten

Public Space Is... Hot tub cinema. Jul 20, 2013 hot tub cinemas pop up across london top image: hot tubbers enjoy anchorman at a screening in east london with a heatwave currently hitting the UK you’d imagine most people won’t be prioritizing a trip to the cinema – but an outdoor screening viewed from the comfort of a hot tub with seven friends on the rooftop of a trendy east london venue might just twist your arm. hot tub cinema combines relaxing hot tubs, classic films and fashionable spaces across east london. attendees can purchase whole tubs to share with friends or buy individual tickets to share with fellow hot tubbers – just go easy on those gassy beers out of respect for others.

hot tub cinema

Polk Street Showdown: The Redrawn Lines, Lanes, And New Plan at SocketSite™ July 18, 2013 Polk Street Showdown: The Redrawn Lines, Lanes, And New Plan Having run head-on into a wall of seemingly unexpected opposition, the SFMTA was forced to revisit and redraw their plans for removing metered parking along Polk Street to make way for dedicated bike lanes from Union to McAllister.

Polk Street Showdown: The Redrawn Lines, Lanes, And New Plan at SocketSite™

The revised project has been divided into two segments, with two different designs for Polk Street, one from Union to California and another from California to McAllister. Roughly 90% of the metered parking spaces on Polk Street between Union and California will be retained by adding a green bike lane in one direction, adding green shared lane markings in the other direction, and implementing morning tow-away regulations on the shared side of the street to provide more space for cars and bikes to share the road (click plan to enlarge): First Published: July 18, 2013 8:00 AM.

OMA wins miami beach convention center bid. Jul 18, 2013 OMA wins miami beach convention center redevelopment bid OMA wins miami beach convention center bid all images courtesy of south beach ACE.

OMA wins miami beach convention center bid

The fifty united plates by ceramic designers corbe company. Jul 16, 2013 the fifty united plates by ceramic designers corbe company the fifty united plates by ceramic designers corbe company all images courtesy of corbe company based on the traditional map of the united states ‘the fifty united plates’ is a collection from american ceramic designers, corbé company. made of porcelain, the project crosses the boundaries of craft, art and design. constructed to scale the unique pieces fit seamlessly in with their neighbor, to collectively form the entire nation.

the fifty united plates by ceramic designers corbe company

ErickRivard : Le Plateau Mont-Royal, bel... Laurie Olin: The Man, The Myth, The Landscape Architect. This is a big week for landscape architects.

Laurie Olin: The Man, The Myth, The Landscape Architect

Laurie Olin, one of our profession’s most respected practitioners, educators and leaders will soon be standing on stage next to celebrities such as George Lucas, Herb Alpert and Elaine May, being presented with the prestigious National Medal of Arts by President Obama. Awarded by the National Endowment for the Arts, it is the highest honor given to artists by the US Government. BRT: Cities Get on Board with Better, Reliable Transportation. Young people across the country are decreasing the amount they drive and increasing their use of public transit.

BRT: Cities Get on Board with Better, Reliable Transportation

Meet Jacob Curtis, a 29 year old young professional who was recently featured in The New York Times. Jacob moved to Charlotte for a new job. He found a home close to bus and rail lines. His home is in a location where he can ride his bike to the office along a no-traffic greenway. During his off hours, he navigates the Queen City easily thanks to his smartphone, which helps him plot routes that blend biking and mass transit options. Sound familiar? Contributing to this shift in transportation choices among Millennials is the fact that many young people – especially after the Great Recession of 2008 - are choosing to live in urban communities that are walkable and well connected by mass transit. The Baby Boomer generation also plays a role in this shift in driving patterns, as they pass through their prime driving years and head toward retirement.

Manitoba matsqui. Manitoba matsqui. Archdaily. 2013-06-28+All+Boards+Open+House+June+20. Shortlist Announced to Design Moscow’s First Park in 50 Years. In the 20th century, it was going to be the site of the world’s tallest skyscraper, but it became the world’s largest hotel.

Shortlist Announced to Design Moscow’s First Park in 50 Years

In 2006, the hotel was replaced with a fence, the largest advertising space in all of Europe, enclosing acres of undeveloped, highly valuable land. A Disappearing American Original: The Roadside Rest Area - Mark Byrnes. During a move from Los Angeles to Austin six years ago, photographer Ryann Ford kept coming across 20th century rest stops, each one different from the other.

A Disappearing American Original: The Roadside Rest Area - Mark Byrnes

Humble in stature, these traditional rest areas, despite their charm, have become a relic of America's roadside past, unable to match the conveniences of modern day travel centers with their fast food restaurants, wireless internet, and large bathrooms. On her website, Ford expresses disappointment in the nation's increasing preference for homogeneous travel centers, allowing rest areas to lose "the fight to commercial alternatives. " Longboard stroller: an experiment in urban mobility. Jun 11, 2013 longboard stroller: an experiment in urban mobility.

Saint John Invests in Bicycle Infrastructure. SAINT JOHN - Saint John does not typically come to mind when thinking of a city with a cycling culture. In the 2006 census, the Saint John CMA had the lowest cycling rates in Canada with only 0.3% of the population using a bicycle as their primary commute mode. This is compared to the North American average of 1 to 3%. The highest cycling rates in Canada were reported in Victoria, BC with 5.6% of the population regularly commuting on a bicycle.

Closer to home, Moncton and Halifax each experience a cycling commute mode share of 1.0%. The city is hoping to change this. Painting Your Own Crosswalk: Crime or Civic Opportunity? - Sarah Goodyear. In Vallejo, California, last week, a man was arrested and jailed for painting a crosswalk at what he says is a dangerous intersection in his city. Anthony Cardenas, 52, was bailed out to the tune of $15,000 by an anonymous donor after a night in the slammer.

When he got back to his neighborhood, he was greeted with what the local Times-Herald referred to as “a hero’s welcome”: Development Done Well Is a Community Affair. The era of build-it-and-they-will-come is, if not over, waning. The era of easy financing is dead. And the reaction by developers and planners is, to say the least, mixed. Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim Rotunda to be Transformed into Turrell Skyspace. With his first exhibition in a New York museum since 1980, James Turrell will dramatically transform the sinuous curves of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim Museum into one of the largest Skyspaces he has ever mounted. Opening on summer solstice, June 21, 2013, the temporary installation Aten Reign will give form museum’s central void by creating what Turrell has described as “an architecture of space created with light.” As described in the exhibition overview: “In Aten Reign, daylight enters from the museum’s oculus, streaming down to light the deepest layer of a massive assembly suspended from the ceiling of the museum.

Using a series of interlocking cones lined with LED fixtures, the installation surrounds this core of daylight with five elliptical rings of shifting, colored light that echo the banded pattern of the museum’s ramps. Photography by Jesper Rasmussen. A New Humanism: Part 20 - Point of View - May 2013. Where Americans Want To Live: New ULI Report, America In 2013, Explores Housing, Transportation, Community Preferences Survey Suggests Strong Demand for Compact Development - Urban Land Institute. It's Time For City Planners To Adapt A New Model. City planners' vision of Shanghai in 2020 at the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center museum (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I recently had my students study and dissect the plans for five cities, including the historic plans for one.

In all, ten plans. Everyone Deserves Good Design - Point of View - May 2013. John Cary. Patrick Oystryk. A really cool idea for a community wall! Changing The Land: Integrating Ecological Science With Design. Warren Byrd: How to Be a Landscape Architect. Throughout March, the University of Virginia School of Architecture has celebrated the work of local landscape architecture firm Nelson Byrd Woltz (NBWLA) and its recently published book Garden Park Community Farm. Feyssine Park by Ilex Paysage Urbanisme. April 18, 2013 / Filed under: France / Parks / See all projects by: Ilex landscape architecture / 33,279 /

Graphisoft Park by Garten Studio. April 17, 2013 / Filed under: Hungary / Parks / Water features / See all projects by: Garten Studio / 31,637 / People and Perspectives at Perkins+Will. LOLA Landscape Architects win Maaskant Prize 2013: Topos. Steeling Beauty. 21 Balançoires (21 Swings) 6 Hyper Exotic Urban Gardens - Amanda Erickson. Arkadien Winnenden by Atelier Dreiseitl. TUMO Park. In the Rock - Fire Brigade Magreid. Development Bank Of The Meurthe by Atelier Cite Architecture. What If the Entire World Lived in 1 City? - Emily Badger. Tanner Springs Park by Atelier Dreiseitl. Urban Coffee Farm and Brew Bar by HASSELL. Actually Worthwhile Advertising: a Water-Producing Billboard - Technology. L.A.'s Parklets Have Gotten Quite Fancy - Arts & Lifestyle.

What Will Happen to Budapest's 'Ruin Pubs' Once All the Ruin Is Removed? - Arts & Lifestyle. Schöneberger Südgelände Park by Odious. Calendar Garden by Studio Basta. Købmagergade Shopping Street by KBP.EU (Karres en Brands + Polyform) Nicholson Street Mall by HASSELL. The Case for Walkability as an Economic Development Tool - Design.

San Francisco's Parklet Built Out of a Citroën H Van Might Be Shut Down - Neighborhoods. Fairy Tale Architecture: The Halloween Edition. Flashback: MoMA's Ideas to Combat Rising Seas in New York Harbor - Design. Philips Hue: The Light Bulb You Can Control With Your Phone. The digital doesn't annihilate the analog, and the business card creativity proves it. Patrick Oystryk. An Airport Terminal That Perks You Up Instead Of Grinding You Down. In Osaka, A Camper Store With A Floating Trail Of Shoes. Mad Scientists Offer $1,500 Shoes Made From Genetically Engineered Stingrays. Designed in Hackney: Costume designs for Carbon Life by Gareth Pugh. Maria Chairs \ estudio e+d. Camper store in Lyon by Studio Makkink & Bey. A Chair Made Of Balsa Wood Weighs Under 3 Pounds, And Still Won't Shatter.

A Blanket Made Out Of Wood That Actually Works! Imagine A Kitchen-Friendly iPad That You Can Cut On. Gentle by Front for Porro. Stefan Sagmeister: The Happy Show. Image of the Week: New York Details; Brooklyn and The High Line. Dude, Seriously: They Invented A One-Handed Beer Bottle Opener. How Do You Market A Breakthrough Camera Like The Lytro? Very, Very Cleverly. Salvador Dalí's Real Masterpiece: The Logo For Chupa Chups Lollipops. Architecture / Table Vic made from one piece of plywood. Rendre publique la durabilité : La plateforme d’observation du Bayou à la Nouvelle Orléans. Redevelopment plan presented for historic Port-au-Prince.