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Epic videos I find throughout the internet

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NOTCOT.ORG. Autistic Girl Expresses Profound Intelligence. Cubert01's Channel. Epic Zelda Violin Medley. Robot Propelled By Its Own Weight. Harry Potter Vs Halo [Official Ending] These Giant Robot Arms Are the Future of Fight Club. Very, very, very fast Turbine powered RC Jet. Randall's Busters. ‪須藤元気(Genki Sudo)「WORLD ORDER」の"MACHINE CIVILIZATION"‬‏ Reproduce yourself with a 3D printer. ‪Black Da Vinci 2: Remember the Name (feat. Kent "Snubbyj" Jenkins from America's Got Talent)‬‏

Why The Harry Potter Universe Is Secretly Terrifying. Moving Walls Transform Apartment: Four Minutes of WOW! (VIDEO) A year ago we wrote about Gary Chang's Domestic Transformer, an incredible 344 square foot apartment that could change into any of 24 different designs. We showed pictures and plans, but more than any house I have seen, this one needs a movie.

Planet Green visited it for the World's Greenest Homes, and it is truly four minutes of wow. Get a bigger version on Planet Green.I repeat the plans below the fold for reference while watching.... What I Did On My Summer Vacation. ‪NFL Fantasy Files‬‏ Crazy Fighter Jet Sledding by Swedish Air Force.