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Packaging and Labeling, the leading B2B portal in Packaging industry has 11 years of web presence and it creates a platform for manufacturers, suppliers, buyers to enhance business productivity.

Chemical free waterproof paper using natural enzymes. A young researcher from Lleida has managed to patent a very new aqueous compound that functionalises and changes the entire set of properties of the paper as well as any other cellulosic material too.

Chemical free waterproof paper using natural enzymes

This compound uses natural enzymes that replace the conventional chemical reagents and is also biodegradable not harming the environment at all. It can be easily applied in the production processes and does not require added investment. This massive innovation in technology will make easy the creation of newer paper products that have a high value attached. This time now, the organization which has begun applying the technology has been able to make waterproof paper. Biotechnological use, devoid of chemicals and harmful reagents, is preferred as recycling becomes difficult otherwise. The new compound patented by Cusola adheres to the surface of the paper and instantaneously changes its properties. Packaging Equipments. Post Your Requirement Get Listed Industrial Events Bowers Group Unit 3, Albany Court, Albany Park, Camberley, Surrey, GU16 7QR.

Packaging Equipments

Demand for paper and paper recycling rate. The indelible inseparable relation between paper and human brought the higher levels of paper utilization worldwide midst the technological changes that ramp-up the production.

Demand for paper and paper recycling rate

Paper, the timeless lifeblood of the conventional products pertaining to education, packaging, communications, marketing, construction etc is expected to pull the demand far from the existing in the future according to a study that forecasts a grow of 2.1% demand annually. Demand Growth Prospects Studies pinching the prospects of demand vary with regions; North America, Japan and Western Europe might get modest results while the growth surges potentially for Eastern Europe and Asia – India, Russia and China, particularly.

North America presumably produces the limited production with the low investment assessment in the region. Baty Venture Xt Vision System. Post Your Requirement Get Listed Industrial Events Bowers Group Unit 3, Albany Court, Albany Park, Camberley, Surrey, GU16 7QR BATY Venture XT Vision System.

Baty Venture Xt Vision System

Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) Paper: Past and Present. VCI papers or Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors which are renowned for the revolutionized change they brought in the protection of metals from corrosion not only pushed the frontiers of keeping metal out from deterioration but invoked benefits for many sectors including aerospace, automotive, military, machine tools, electronics etc by improving shelf life of the products.

Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) Paper: Past and Present

But chemicals like nitrite, borate, azole, phosphanate, polyphosphate, aliphatic amines, chromate and some others which are rooted for the formation of VCI, flinched its foothold and made it to tap on the problem floor as the chemicals opened doors for both health and physical hazards. Baty R400 With Fusion Software. Post Your Requirement Get Listed Industrial Events Bowers Group Unit 3, Albany Court, Albany Park, Camberley, Surrey, GU16 7QR BATY R400 with Fusion Software The Baty R400 bench mount profile projector with its 400mm screen combines high accuracy non-contact measurement and inspection with a large 300mm x 150mm measuring range.

Baty R400 With Fusion Software

Technical Specs. What is Dissolved Air Floatation? Daftech Engineers’s Dissolved Air Floatation the most distinct one is used for separating solids from the liquids.

What is Dissolved Air Floatation?

Like all products, this too has a working principle and it is as follows: The air which got dissolved because of the pressure in the liquid is delivered to atmospheric pressure in the flotation cell. From the solution, microscopic air bubbles come out which are affixed to the solids in the liquid. Because of this sludge appears on the top of the water. Now for removing the sludge, a exceptional spiral scoop, a special skimmer is required which is thrown in the middle. The size and the weight of apparatus are nominal. Bowers Bore Gauge With Bluetooth. Post Your Requirement.

Bowers Bore Gauge With Bluetooth

Know about Start-up and load burners. Finland-based Enviroburners Ltd. is involved in designing and manufacturing start-up and load burners.

Know about Start-up and load burners

These are designed for the challenging environment in recovery boilers and fluidized bed boilers. Enviroburners products are highly reliable and of very good quality. It is of low emissions and a usual start-up they can be customized according to customer specifications in matters of layout and process requirements. A usual burner system consists of burner, and auxiliary fuel train with a burner management system obtainable as an option. Bowers Pistol Grip Bore Gauge With Bluetooth. Post Your Requirement Get Listed Industrial Events Bowers Group Unit 3, Albany Court, Albany Park, Camberley, Surrey, GU16 7QR Bowers Pistol Grip Bore Gauge with Bluetooth Bowers Pistol Grip Bore Gauge with Bluetooth (Bowers’ XT3 Holematic) contains a new ergonomic design including a larger and clearer LCD display along with IP67 electronics protection, proximity output with built-in Bluetooth.

Bowers Pistol Grip Bore Gauge With Bluetooth

Technical Specs. What is NEMO® Progressing Cavity Pumps ? NETZSCH’s is the manufactured of NEMO® progressing cavity pumps NEMO® progressing cavity pumps have a very extensive usage range and are used in all branches of industry. It is used for the constant, pressure-stable, gentle and low-pulsation transportation of almost any substance. The valve less positive-displacement pump is also competent of transporting tough material cautiously. NEMO® progressing cavity pumps are available for numerous purposes in the processing industries. Such as: Hardwood Pallets And Skids For Shipping. Post Your Requirement Get Listed Industrial Events A Box Broker Inc. 174 Bartley Drive, Unit 6 Toronto, Ontario M4A 1E1 Canada. Best Rotary Lobe Pump Details. NETZSCH’s is the manufacturer of TORNADO® T2 Rotary Lobe Pump.

The rotary lobe pumps are used mainly in the environmental technology and chemical industry. It requires low space and has high power density. They are very flexible stand-alone equipments. Used Corrugated And Shipping Boxes. Used cardboard shipping boxes are an easy, affordable and environmentally friendly solution for all of your shipping, packing, storage and moving needs! Most of our inventory is "once used" corrugated boxes. These boxes have been used once to transport merchandise and then are broken down and shipped to us. We inspect them, count them and palletize them to ensure quality and cleanliness. No damaged, torn or weak boxes will be stocked. These are recycled. Paper Industry Machine: Cylindrical Auto Guide. ABHI Industrial Corporation’s is involved in Manufacturing, Supplying and Exporting of Cylindrical Auto Guides. The Cylindrical Auto Guides are with exclusive Proportional Feedback Mechanism which results into the precise guiding with least air consumption and oscillations.

Because of this, there are fewer corrective movements and more life of the Cylindrical Guides and even less wear and tear. Due to closed loop movement of the guide they tend to relocate from the intended position due to centrifugal forces. Custom Shipping And Corrugated Printed Boxes. Know about Water Pump AGS. Abirami Engineering Company’s is manufacturer of Water Pump AGS. It also exports around 30% of production to various countries.

The designing of this pump is in different namely horizontal, single stage, centrifugal, single stage, flanges, radial split volute casing or radial closed impeller. The flanges are according to the DIN standards. Packaging Boxes. Post Your Requirement. Pulp and Paper Stock Pumps. Stock Shipping Cardboard Boxes. Hydrated Lime in the Pulp and Paper Industry. Ankur Minerals Pvt. Plastics Packaging. Pulp & Paper Industry. Belmark Industries’s are the Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporters of Banana Rolls from Ahmedabad, Gujarat India. Banana Roll can be availed in hard chrome surface, rubber surface and Teflon sleeves for non-sticky uses. It is also called as the bowed roll, curve bar expander, bow roll or wrinkle removing rolls, spreader roll. Plastics Packaging.

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How does paper recycling help our ecosystem? Multi-combination Modular Printing Press Moduflex. Detailed insight on Various Processes involved in Paper Production. Flexo Gravure Printing Process Hybrid. Paper Chromatography. Eco Central Impression Printing Press. Choosing Digital Printing Over Other Kinds. Shaft Driven Rotogravure Printing Press Dpm. 3R's in the Paper Industry. Kuen Yuh Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd. Increasing demand for Industrial Hydrogen Peroxide During Paper Bleaching. Servo Driven Rotogravure Printing Press Gt. Maintain Pulp and Paper Machinery in Extremely Harsh Environments. Kuen Yuh Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd. Is the Pulp and Paper Industry Ready for Machine Learning for Asset Maintenance? Kuen Yuh Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd. Recycling For A More Productive Paper Industry. Light Weight Coating & Lamination Machinery Sl. How Industry Has Responded to Climate Change Concerns. Inline Flexo Printing Press Megaflex. Industrial Mixers For Paper & Pulp Industry.

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From Pulp to Paper. Automatic Robot Filler – Rf. Use of water treatment products in the paper industry. Packaging Products, Caps And Closures. Use of Industrial Conveyors in the Pulp and Paper Industry. Packaging Materials. How Manufacturing Companies Can Use Apps to Reduce Paper Waste. Heavy-duty Corrugated. When Should You Use Auto Title Loans For Business Purposes? Packaging Materials. Importance of Adsorption Chillers in Various Industries. Furniture Kit Mix Packing Machine. 4 Different Types of Paper Stocks for Printing. Nuts Packing Machine. Paper Converting Machinery Selection and Best Buying Guide.

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