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I have worked for many IT Companies as an IT Consultant and now it's a pleasure of mine being a part of such reputed concern i.e. Pacific Infotech UK Ltd, deals in IT Support UK, London IT Support and Business IT Support Services since the last decade.

Pacific Infotech UK Ltd - IT Support Company In London. Hotel Internet Marketing: Top Tips for Better Facebook Engagement. Your business just isn’t reaping the kind of benefits from Facebook that you may have expected, is it?

Hotel Internet Marketing: Top Tips for Better Facebook Engagement

Your R.O.I isn’t what it should be, and Facebook engagement with both existing and potential guests is practically non-existent. Yet you can’t afford to not have a presence on the world’s biggest social platform either, can you? Let’s face facts: Facebook has been a significant gamechanger for modern businesses in the last couple of years. By transforming the way we advertise, build relationships with our guests, and even manage day-to-day customer service, the social media platform is frequently becoming the very nucleus of many a hotel’s online marketing efforts.

5 Hotel Web Design Trends to Look Out for in 2017. Doesn’t it always seem like the goalposts are constantly shifting when it comes to marketing your hotel online?

5 Hotel Web Design Trends to Look Out for in 2017

You only just get yourself up to see speed with the latest hotel social media strategies and SEO techniques when the time comes to resign your website to keep it inline with current standards. But what if there was a way you could get ahead of the curve? What if there was a way you could glimpse into a crystal ball and get a look at what the future holds for hotel web design? Here’s the thing: There is. With the first few months out of the way, the digital marketing specialists at Pacific Infotech have seized the opportunity to look at what’s proving big this year, and where businesses like yours will be taking their web presence during the rest of 2017.

Planning to Upgrade Your Hotel WiFi? Use This Checklist First. Over the last couple of months here at Pacific Infotech, we’ve talked extensively about the benefits of upgrading your hotel WiFi to a brand new, scalable solution capable of not only delivering high performance for your back-end operations, but also ensuring that your guests have access to the kind of high-speed internet access that they expect from a modern, 21st century hotel.

Planning to Upgrade Your Hotel WiFi? Use This Checklist First

Having talked about it however, even we understand that upgrading your existing hotel WiFi solution can be a daunting task, especially if you’ve been using the same tired, underperforming system since time time immemorial. In speaking to scores of hotel owners over the last couple of months about transforming their own wireless internet package, we also understand that one of the biggest factors in delaying the upgrade process is that most simply don’t know where to start when it comes to choosing the right package for them.

Pacific Infotech UK Ltd - Hounslow. Five Quick Tips for Improving Your Hotel’s Internet Marketing. By now, there should be no need for anyone to tell you about the importance of internet marketing for your hotel.

Five Quick Tips for Improving Your Hotel’s Internet Marketing

With the majority -if not all- of your customers reaching you via the web, establishing an effective online presence is vital for your success in today’s digitally-driven modern economy. Yet with the web continuing to evolve, and with new platforms emerging all the time, keeping your business’s online marketing strategy both up-to-date and effective is always going to be an ongoing challenge. Luckily, help is at hand. Today, Pacific Infotech’s hotel internet marketing specialists offer their top tips on how to succeed on the web in 2017.

Make the Most of Your Google Places Listing Search engine optimisation for hotels remains as vital today as it ever was, with brands going all out to win the competition for top rankings on search engines like Google and Bing. Use Your Online Presence to Promote Other Local Businesses, Attractions, and Events Be Active on Review Sites. Google Apps vs. Microsoft Office 365 – Which is best for Your Business? Does this sound familiar?

Google Apps vs. Microsoft Office 365 – Which is best for Your Business?

You’ve been comparing cloud productivity suites, only to run into a major problem. That problem? Deciding Between Office 365 vs. Pacific Infotech UK Ltd, Computer Support & Services In Hounslow. Hotel Server Support Hotel IT Support Tailored IT Support Hotel IT Solutions Weekend IT Support Hospitality IT Support Hotel PMS Solutions Hotel Wifi Solutions Pacific Infotech UK Ltd Specialists in delivering bespoke IT support services for the hotel and hospitality industry, Pacific Infotech's Microsoft Certified consultants work with businesses across the UK to get the very best results from their infrastructure.

Pacific Infotech UK Ltd, Computer Support & Services In Hounslow

As your one-stop IT department, we're on-hand to provide a full range of services, including desktop IT support, network and server maintenance, upgrades and installations, digital marketing and web design, and much more besides. For those unexpected emergencies, our out-of-hours IT support team can also provide fast, effective assistance on either a Pay-As-You-Go basis or as part of a flexible, affordable contract arrangement. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Migrating to The Cloud. You can barely take a turn in the tech world these days without running into someone espousing the virtues of migrating to a cloud solution.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Migrating to The Cloud

Yet when it comes to your business, you still haven’t made the move. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Why IT Infrastructure Needs to Be a Priority When Planning a New Build Hotel Project. Few large scale development projects can prove to be as rewarding an experience as an entire new build hotel.

Why IT Infrastructure Needs to Be a Priority When Planning a New Build Hotel Project

Yet as any seasoned hotel developer will tell you; for every part of the process that is rewarding, exciting, and fulfilling, there are many more that are challenging, frustrating, and often fraught with difficulty. This is no more true than it is with the essential task of integrating a complete hotel IT infrastructure in a way that ensures it functions perfectly without disrupting the aesthetic appeal of the property. The good news, is that doing so doesn’t have to be cause for much banging of heads against brick walls. By prioritising your hotel technology requirements right at the start of your project, you’ll not only eliminate the majority of the problems that come with installing that tech post-build, but also enjoy several serious benefits that you may have previously overlooked. Your Hotel IT Infrastructure is the Heart of Your Project – Build Around It.

Five Biggest Benefits of Migrating to Microsoft Office 365. For years now, you’ve been listening intently as your fellow business owners tell you what a game-changer it was when they finally carried out an Office 365 migration.

Five Biggest Benefits of Migrating to Microsoft Office 365

You’ve read about this cloud-based suite of subscription-based services and applications in countless business blogs, and you’ve even seen it in operation for yourself. Even still, you haven’t yet found a good enough reason to make the move. After all, the hardware and software you’ve been using since day one still function, so why replace something that still gets the job done? Because, by not doing, you’re missing out on a wealth of opportunities to not only reduce the amount of time and resources needed to manage your business’ IT infrastructure, but also to empower your employees to work better right across the board.

Beginner’s Guide to Microsoft Hyper-V Technology: What is It? And How Does it Benefit Your Business? We’re big fans of Microsoft’s Hyper-V technology here at Pacific Infotech.

Beginner’s Guide to Microsoft Hyper-V Technology: What is It? And How Does it Benefit Your Business?

More specifically, we’re big fans of the way hyper-v virtualisation can help businesses to significantly reduce the costs of their IT infrastructure whilst at the same time enjoying greater reliability than they ever could from physical hardware. So you’ll likely understand why we frequently recommend this next-generation solution as a must for businesses who are serious about generating a greater return on their investment in technology. What you may not understand -at least not yet- is why Microsoft Hyper-V technology can be such a powerful tool for modern enterprises in today’s digitally-driven economy, how it works, and what a difference it could make to your business. How Your Business Can Greatly Benefit from Remote IT Support.

Whether you’re a large scale enterprise or a small, one-man operation, your IT infrastructure plays a critical role in your ability to run a successful business. Yet when things go wrong, very few have the luxury of getting help from their own in-house tech support team. It’s at times like these when remote IT support really comes into its own, enabling small and medium businesses to enjoy all the benefits of an dedicated support team with none of the drawbacks of employing that team in-house.

Five Simple Things Your Users Can Do to Keep Your Desktop Computers in Top Condition. Though we might not immediately realise it, desktop maintenance and management can be biggest areas of IT expenditure in any business. After the initial purchase comes the ongoing repairs and desktop support services. Yet even that is only a temporary measure. Eventually, those machines become simply so old that they have to be abandoned in favour of newer models.

Planning for this eventual upgrade should form an inevitable part of any company’s IT strategy. Yet just because we should expect it, that doesn’t mean we should expect it as soon -or as often- as some companies do. Pacific Infotech - IT Support Company London. Onsite vs. Remote IT Support? What Are the Differences – And Which One is Right For Your Business? Anyone in the market for business IT services will have undoubtedly encountered the terms onsite and remote IT support. Yet without at least a basic understanding of what these two terms mean, and how they influence the way your business gets the assistance it needs, you may well find yourself paying over the odds for a service that isn’t exactly a perfect match. That’s where today’s post comes in. Why Your Hotel Website Isn’t Generating the Number of Bookings You Expected. So, your brand new hotel website has been designed, developed and launched, you’ve experienced a solid influx of traffic, and things would be looking up, if it wasn’t for one rather significant problem: You just aren’t getting enough bookings.

Since this was likely the very reason you invested in internet marketing for your hotel in the first place, this lack of return on your investment is serious cause for concern, even if you can’t exactly pinpoint what the problem might be. After all, you know you’ve got a great hotel. Top 5 Reasons to Migrate Your Email to the Cloud – Pacific Infotech UK Ltd – Medium. For small and medium businesses (SMBs), the growth of the cloud in the last few years has truly been a game-changer. By doing away with the large, expensive physical servers they once housed onsite, and replacing them with a new approach in which multiple, offsite servers deliver data, applications, and services to end users, many businesses have been able to work smarter, faster, and more efficiently. This is especially true when it comes to email, where Microsoft’s groundbreaking Office 365 has empowered even the smallest of organisations to use enterprise-level solutions at rock bottom costs.

Yet despite this, a surprising number of businesses are sticking with their old, physical servers for email, perhaps not fully realising the countless benefits of making the move. How to Ensure Solid Security When Offering Public Wi-Fi Access for Guests. Why 24/7 IT Support is Essential For Your Business. Government Announce UK Infrastructure Susceptible to Cyber Attacks. How to Tell if it’s Time to Upgrade Your Hotel Property Management System. Why Guests Are Complaining About Your Hotel WiFi, and What You Can Do About It. How VOIP Can Help Your Hotel to Reduce Your Telephony Costs. Five Key Components of Successful Hotel Web Design. Five Key Components of Successful Hotel Web Design.

Five Ways to Dramatically Reduce Downtime with Your IT Network. Your Complete IT Security Checklist for 2017. Your Guide to the Biggest IT Trends of 2017, and What Your Business Needs to Do About Them. Why Your Outdated Operating System Could be Costing Your Business a Fortune. Microsoft’s Azure Cloud: The first ‘AI Supercomputer’ Why Now is the Ideal Time to Consider Your Hotel’s Technology Goals for 2017. Why a Disaster Recovery Plan is Essential to Your Long-Term Success. London IT Consultancy Offering Completely Free Emergency IT Support to UK Businesses. What’s in Store for the Future of Cloud Computing? 5 Unique Ways to Use Your Hotel Music System That You Haven’t Yet Thought of.

A New Fix for Your Windows 10 is Here – What it Means, and What You Need to do About it.