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Teacher's Guide to Web 2.0

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Weekend Website #89: Rubrics for Web 2.0 Tools. Drop by every Friday to discover what wonderful website my classes and parents loved this week.

Weekend Website #89: Rubrics for Web 2.0 Tools

I think you’ll find they’ll be a favorite of yours as they are of mine. Age: 5th grade-High School Topic: Rubrics for Web 2.0 tools, sites Address: University of Wisconsin Stout Review: These rubrics are published by the University of Wisconsin–Stout’s School of Education. I’ve used a few of the rubrics and each time, been quite impressed. Wiki Rubric Criteria for assessing individual and group Wiki contributions. Blog Rubric Assess individual blog entries, including comments on peers’ blogs. Twitter Rubric Assess learning during social networking instructional assignments. A+ Web Page Rubric Joan Vandervelde’s rubric details 9 categories for evaluating a web page A+ e-Portfolio Rubric Electronic portfolio rubric created by Joan Vandervelde includes 7 categories with 4 levels of achievement Web Project Rubric (PDF format) Evaluates a group web design project Follow me Like this: Like Loading... Education Technology, Apps, Product Reviews, and Social Media – Edudemic.

Ultimate Web 2.0 List. All the Web 2.0 Tools you'll ever need in one blog post! I am web geek, and not just because I own a Foursquare t-shirt that I bought at a discount after my 1000th check in.

All the Web 2.0 Tools you'll ever need in one blog post!

The real reason I know I am a web geek is because I LOVE discovering cool web 2.0 tools that can enhance my classroom! I am about to share with you my not so secret sources for teacher Web 2.0 excitment! ...and that's not all! Actually, it is, but I think you will enjoy discovering all of the new tools that these web sources will present. I guarantee that you will find something new that will amaze you as you explore. 1) Cool Tools for Schools Wiki- This amazing Wiki presents scores of web 2.0 web tools that can enhance you work with kids. 2) 100 Web 2.0 Tools Every Teacher Should Know This web site organizes 100 Web 2.0 tools in rank order. 3) Here are 101 site to troll!

This list lists sites in order again but is really a hit parade. 4) The Super Book of Web Tools for Here is a free on-line book chock full of web resources to explore by educational category. Jim :-) 30 Web 2.0 Tools for Teachers. Discovery Education Web2011 : Home. Web 2.0 to support the nets. Web Tools that support this standard •Gizmos ExploreLearning currently has over 450 Gizmos with accompanying curricular materials, all with the aim of sharing the “Ah-Hah!”

Web 2.0 to support the nets

Moment with teachers and students. • SAS Curriculum Simulations By integrating technology and instruction, SAS Curriculum Pathways helps students master the core disciplines in an efficient, cost-effective manner. • Google Earth Google Earth lets you fly anywhere on Earth to view satellite imagery, maps, terrain, 3D buildings, from galaxies in outer space to the canyons of the ocean. The 35 Best Web 2.0 Classroom Tools Chosen By You. 100 Web 2.0 Tools Every Teacher Should Know About 44.24K Views 0 Likes We're always trying to figure out the best tools for teachers, trends in the education technology industry, and generally doing our darnedest to bring you new and exciting ways to enhance the classroom.

But I wanted t... 20 Free and Fun Ways To Curate Web Content 23.98K Views 0 Likes. The Super Book of Web Tools for Educators. A Teacher's Guide To Web 2.0 at School. Robin Good: If you are looking for a free video conferencing solution, here is my selection of the top 15 (and more) solutions available right now online.

A Teacher's Guide To Web 2.0 at School

I have personally checked each one of them, and while you may not like each one, they all guarantee the ability to video conference with more than two people (FlashMeeting is the only exception I have included) without you needing to pay anything for it. Via Robin Good.