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Poems And People Watching In The City. Red Black Club Whitechapel Anarchist Group Dissident Island Larc 62 Fieldgate Street. That’s right people the Mighty RED & BLACK CLUB returns this FRIDAY 16TH JULY hosted by Dissident Island Radio and the WAGS at Larc 62 Fieldgate Street Whitechapel E1 1ES.

Red Black Club Whitechapel Anarchist Group Dissident Island Larc 62 Fieldgate Street

Kicking off at 8pm the previous two months have been a jam packed event so please come down! To celebrate a certain WAG Members Birthday we will have visuals projected from “Conan The Barbarian” and we will be toasting Crom. Red & Black Club is the third friday of every month, the next one for your diaries 20th August, so make a note. Also coming up we have a Day Trip to Margate on Saturday 31st July (Tickets £15 Adults £10 Kids) with a coach booked and seats going fast so get in touch ( and also we have a couple of events coming up in August including a Radical History Pub Crawl (14th Aug) and a Public Meeting (26th Aug).

Details to follow. See you this Friday. Larc. 203 expresiones en inglés coloquiales y su traducción al español - El Blog de Idomas. [wd_hustle_cc id=”facebook-popup”] Amplía tu repertorio de expresiones comunes inglesas para dominar el idioma británico, todas son expresiones del día a día que puedes oír en lugares como Londres o Manchester.

203 expresiones en inglés coloquiales y su traducción al español - El Blog de Idomas

Más de 200 expresiones en inglés y su traducción para que no te quedes sin saber qué decir ¡Al comienzo del post, teníamos pensado ir añadiendo los aportes de nuestros viajeros y viajeras en el propio post para ir completando, pero es que sois muchísimos y jamás nos hubieramos imaginado este recibimiento! This Is Why Australians Hate Starbucks. It’s Monday morning at a Starbucks in Sydney’s Central Business District: peak time for nearby office types to gulp their morning caffeine injection before embarking on another busy day of wearing uncomfortable shoes and answering the phone by saying “Talk to me”.

This Is Why Australians Hate Starbucks

And yet the coffee shop is looking decidedly un-peak. A couple of tourists lounge on the oversized sofas with oversized Frappuccinos but there’s no line up for skinny lattes or harangued interns juggling trays of complicated coffee orders. That’s because they’re all in the laneway espresso bar around the corner, chatting with a barista who notices that they’ve done something new with their hair and knows how they like the froth on their almond milk macchiato.

Jake Green and Simon Poon Tip Document the Afterhours Mall Skate Scene in Stratford, London. Jamie Lovatt 20th Oct by HaggerstonRadio. Someone has made fake London Underground signs, and whoever did it is a ruddy genius. This London car park is on sale for £2.25 million. As if you needed more evidence that London is becoming a haven for the ultra-rich, a car park has gone on sale in the heart of Mayfair for £2.25 million.

This London car park is on sale for £2.25 million

A car park, FFS. The parking lot in question holds up to eight cars. Ashley Coleman, head of Carter Jonas Mayfair, the agents handling the sale, told the Evening Standard that "collective parking space in Mayfair is a rare commodity and this opportunity to purchase a forecourt of eight is most unique. Pimlico: Capital Carboot - London's best bootsales. Flatshares, roommates, house shares and rooms to rent. John Christodoulou. I have done this site especially for John Christodoulou in order to visit John Christodoulou, 42, recently bought hotels at Heathrow and in Manchester.

John Christodoulou

His Yianis Group, based at Canary Wharf, had nearly £289m net assets in 2006-07 through subsidiaries such as Octagon Assets. We cut back our valuation because of the hit taken by commercial property in the credit crunch. Cyprus-born Christodoulou, who left school at 16, has been dealing in property since 1994, when he made his first investment — a north London studio flat. His Yianis Group is the second largest freeholder at Canary Wharf, where its assets include the Four Seasons hotel. The Sunday Rich List recently highlighted the wealth of some of the public faces of the Greek community of the UK however another layer of millionaire/billionaires has now emerged in an Evening Standard report by City Editor Chris Blackhurst, the London Greek News reports. Sourdough Pizza. Book Your London Hostel. It’s no wonder Generator London has been voted one of London’s best hostels.

Book Your London Hostel

Now we’re super stylin’ it with a fresh look, cosy rooms, urban social spaces and a trendy bar. But keep calm and get social, the hostel is open for business as usual. Amazing studios in massive warehouse Fish Island (all bills inc) We have a room coming up in our converted warehouse and are looking for housemates who are interested in joining our community.

Amazing studios in massive warehouse Fish Island (all bills inc)

Rooms available- Double Room - For a couple (£820) - Available 07/08/2014 The deposit is one months rent, there is no minimum term contract. One of many converted warehouses in the area, we are located on Fish Island and - A short walk from the canal, 5 minutes to Victoria Park, 15 minutes to Westfields shopping centre, Many buses serve the areas (N8, 488, 276, 388, 26, 30) and our nearest stations are Pudding Mill Lane (DLR) and Hackney Wick (Overground).

Buy cheap train tickets online at

Photography II

Image uploaded by @WiltonMusicHall. Press Play. The London Skyline Is Becoming a Collection of Expensive, Towering Penises. The Shard's inauguration ceremony (Photo via) There’s no better display of wealth than throwing millions of pounds at a great fucking tower of concrete and glass.

The London Skyline Is Becoming a Collection of Expensive, Towering Penises

In fact, it feels like we hear plans for a new corporate skyscraper every month, each one an opportunity for a handful of investors to thrust their financial brawn into the clouds, competing with all the capital's other phallic eyesores for our indifference. I wanted to talk to someone about London's architecture and how it's been affected by the arrogance of wealth, so I got in touch with the eminent design critic Stephen Bayley, who once spent a few months as the creative director of the Millennium Dome but left in dismay at the chaos that surrounded him.

Bayley’s hero – the Victorian art critic John Ruskin – once said, “There is no wealth but life.” New Cross & Deptford - New Cross & Deptford Free Film Festival. Hackney Wick Spaces. The World Famous Tour Company. In the midst of life I woke to find myself living in an old house beside Brick Lane in the East End of London. YCN.

Snap happy: London’s best black and white photo booths. If you’ve ever taken a jaunt to Berlin, you may well remember getting some snaps from one of the many old school photo booths lurking on the streets around the city.

Snap happy: London’s best black and white photo booths

There is something surprisingly delightful about cramming into a little box and having four unique silly moments captured in all their monochrome glory. To celebrate, here are a few in London to get you snap happy… Rough Trade East, Dray WalkPause from your musical browsing or hip coffee drinking to document the moment.£3 Concrete, Shoreditch High StreetHaving dinner at Pizza East or a drink at the Concrete bar underneath? Make it a night to remember with some pics of you and your pals.£4 Cargo, Rivington StreetGet some fresh air in their secluded beer garden and get yourself snapped.£3. Netil House - Netil House. Departure - Home. Wool Warehouses. Import and exportMany Docklands warehouses were dedicated to a single imported product, of which from the late-19th to the mid-20th century wool was pre-eminent.

Wool Warehouses

Wool was originally a British export, and of key importance to the national economy. Until the reign of Edward III it could only be exported from designated ('staple') ports, including London. But the emphasis shifted to exporting worked cloth - a 1337 edict prohibited the export of raw wool and encouraged Flemish and other weavers to come to England - and seven years later the import of raw wool was permitted.

In the 19th century, most wool came from Australia and New Zealand (from Spanish Merino sheep, which were best-suited to local conditions). It was sold on the London market, but went elsewhere - to British manufacturers mainly in Yorkshire and Gloucestershire, plus onward exports to the Continent (about 40% by the 1920s). Only in England: Photographs by Tony Ray-Jones and Martin Parr. SPARE ROOM for flatshare, house share, flat share & rooms for rent. Camelot Vacant Property Management - Camelot Europe United Kingdom.

At a glance - enjoy UK's biggest attraction with a Merlin Annual Pass. University of Westminster - Courses - Photography. Research degrees Known for our combination of pure, practice-led and applied approaches, and for using our knowledge for the betterment of society we offer PhD, MPhil, DProf and MRes study. We can provide you with guidance on how to write your research proposal and our entry requirements for a Research Degree. Explore the Media, Arts and Design research areas.

Our photography programmes offer a unique depth of tradition and prestige Rich diversity of Photography courses Our unique choice of courses spans the arts and the sciences; the practical and the theoretical; the conceptual and the commercial.


Bored Panda - the only magazine for Pandas. Photography. Bob Mazzer On The Tube. “There’s definitely a link between being born in Aldgate and taking all these pictures on the tube,” admitted photographer Bob Mazzer, “You don’t think you are starting a project, but one day you look back over your recent pictures and there are a dozen connected images, and you realise it is the beginning of a project – and then you fall in love with it.” “For a while in the eighties, I lived with my father in Manor House and worked as a projectionist at a porn cinema in Kings Cross. It was called The Office Cinema, so guys could call their wives and say, ‘I’m still at the office.’” recalled Bob affectionately, “Every day, I travelled to Kings Cross and back. Coming home late at night, it was like a party and I felt the tube was mine and I was there to take pictures.”

Photographs copyright © Bob Mazzer You may also like to take a look at More Bob Mazzer on the Tube Bob Mazzer on the Tube Today. Dudas nokia asha 311. Internet and MMS settings (APN) guide. Answer When you are using a new phone with your giffgaff SIM, you may have to set-up your settings manually, so you are able to use Internet and send MMS.

This guide gives you the most appropriate methods to update your settings, for each type of phone. Just click on your phone type below to access the correct section. Android. The School of Life - Good Ideas for Everyday Life. The INDYTUTE - Brilliantly Inspired Lessons. How to: academy. Cheap train tickets, get UK train times & fares. Inspirational Working & Creative Spaces. El regreso de LightZone. Si bien Adobe Photoshop es una de las mejores alternativas a la hora de seleccionar un software de edición de fotos, desde que la compañía anunció su traslado a la nube y la instauración de un sistema de cobro por suscripción son muchos los usuarios que quedaron descontentos.

Making 35mm Slide Like Photography Business Cards. Here is a neat way to reuse 35mm slides (or slide frames) aside from Blasting them all over your photos. Photographer Jernej Lasič created those wonderfully delicious business cards made from 35mm slides frames and printed transparency paper. The process starts at printing contact details on a semi-transparent paper, cutting it, and then placing each little sheet in a reused 35mm frame. The cool thing about it is that Jernej did not buy any slides at all, but reused his old stock. And even better yet, he made a tutorial on how to make a set of those cool business cards yourself. You can read the Slovenian version over at Jernej’s Blog, or head over to PetaPixel for an English translation.

Sites. - 6 Tips for Keeping a Travel Journal. Visual Storytelling: Best advice to young people in professional photography. Here is my advice to just about anyone who wants to do photography as a career. To illustrate my points I have included my coverage of the Guinness World Record for the most people dressed as cows from head to hoof by the Chick-fil-A operators in Northern Virginia this week.Become an expert in a subject Become an expert on a subject and learn to provide a finished product to be competitive today, which means more than just photography.

All my clients hire me today because I know a good deal about their industry—not just photography. Search results for 'london' Flatshare, Rooms to rent, House Share & Flat share - EasyRoommate UK. The Wool House - Back Church Lane - London E1. FREE Language Social @ Zebrano's (Carnaby) Hi Everyone Our weekly social at Zebrano's is getting more and more popular as each week goes by with over 200 people attending every week, guaranteed to be a great night out.

It's the best opportunity to meet new people from all over the world and make new friends. If you have never been before don't worry you won't be the only newbie - you will be greeted by one of our lovely host and introduced to some people to make you feel comfortable. Come and join us all we ask is bring a SMILE with you... Here are the details:Event: Social @ Zebrano's (Carnaby)Date: Every Wednesday'sTime: From 6.30pmVenue: Zebrano's (Carnaby) - Downstairs BarAddress: 14-16 Ganton Street, off Carnaby Street W1F 7BT Any problems to find the venue or us inside you may contact:Kurt : 0777 857 2684 Invite friends - the more the merrier! Info about coffee. Londonist. Sites. Black Box Gallery. Welcome - Greenwich+Docklands International Festival.

Contact - Irene Baque. Eastlondonlines. Memory Cards, Camera Accessories, Telescopes, Printer Ink - PicStop. Poundland. Calumet Photographic. Fuji,Ilford,Kodak,Agfa,35mm Camera films,Discount Prices. LAST SINGLE ROOM AVAILABLE FOR £90 IN SHADWELL! HURRY UP!! in Shadwell, London. Nevver: Art on Toast This! A spare double room for let in SE17 1RE, London.

MASSIVE TWIN ROOM CLOSE TO BRIK LANE (TO SHARE BRITISH PEOPLE) in Bethnal Green, London. A spare double room for let in SE17 1RE, London. MASSIVE TWIN ROOM CLOSE TO BRIK LANE (TO SHARE BRITISH PEOPLE) in Bethnal Green, London. LARGE double bedroom, for SINGLE/COUPLE, 7-8 min from Victoria Line in Seven Sisters, London. AVAILABLE NOW!!! Double Room in amazing Warehouse conversion manor house in Manor House, London. MASTER Bedroom in BOW ROAD.. & PATIO! *FREEE* WIFI/ BILLS INCLUDED... MUST SEEE! in Mile End/whitechapel/bethnal Green/aldgate Eat/aldgate/bow/bow Road/bow Church/startford, London. WATCH VIDEO: AMAZING Master Bedroom in BOW ROAD...TWO minutes WALKING distance to Bow Road station. Best LOCATION and TRANSPORT LINKS. --Hammersmith --District line --DLR --24/7 bus service ---Close to all amenities. ---Close to Westfield Stratford the BIGGEST SHOPPING MALL in Europe with Cinema, Casino, and Bowling.

Very Spacious room. Big House with FULLY FITTED kitchen, complete with all appliances; --TWO Bathrooms --PRIVATE Garden/Patio.. perfect the SUMMER HOLIDAYS! MASTER Bedroom in BOW ROAD.. & PATIO! *FREEE* WIFI/ BILLS INCLUDED... MUST SEEE! in Mile End/whitechapel/bethnal Green/aldgate Eat/aldgate/bow/bow Road/bow Church/startford, London. Nice and Spacious double room all bill include, close to Aldgae and Shadwell London E1 in Whitechapel, London.

This double room is in the 6 bedroom flat on third floor with lift. It has Laminate floor, dual glazed windows and small balcony attached with. DOUBLE ROOM (BALCONY) AVAILABLE HARPLEY SQUARE E1 4ES in Bethnal Green, London. Double Bed Room in Kennington, London. Double Bed Room in Kennington, London. Short or Long Term! Double room in a newly refurbished property close to Notting Hill (ZONE 2)! in White City, Shepherds Bush, London. Amazing large clean double room with garden, Stepney Green, close to transport and amenities in Whitechapel, London. BRIGHT AND LOVELY ROOM WAITING FOR YOU IN SHOREDITCH!!! in Old Street, London. Tenant for the double big room in Bromley By Bow, London. Big room to rent in east London Zone 2 . this is the double bed room in the 3 bedrooms house with garden. HUGE DOUBLE ROOM BOW CHURCH in Bow Road, London.

HUGE DOUBLE ROOM BOW CHURCH in Bow Road, London. Lovely double room in Battersea in Battersea, London. Wonderful double room close to Notting Hill! Short term welcome! All bills and WiFi incl! Must see! in Notting Hill, Holland Park, London. Double room in spacious West Hampstead flat in West Hampstead, London. Rooms/beds available London 2 zone Short Let! in Kensal Green, London. ROOM FOR 2 CLEAN PEOPLE ZONE 1 all bills are included in Zone 1, London. Next Notting Hill & Shepherd's Bush, Double room in White City, Westfield, Central Circle line,garde in W12 Westfield, London. Lovely Large Double Room Available For Rent (Females or Couples) in Willesden, London.