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Raising puppies and children together. Dog Health. Baden Boerboel, boerboels and children. Boerboels are renowned for the fact that they are good family dogs and good with children.

Baden Boerboel, boerboels and children

It is, however, always better to take care, so take the following precautions to be safe: Do not allow children, no matter their age, to tease your dog either physically or verbally. A child who shrieks and leaps incessantly beside a nervous puppy may drive him to snap out in fear, as will a child who grabs its tail or sits on it. If a child is persistent, remove him. Never allow him to continue. Do not let a small child pick up or carry a puppy. Requirements for Importation /Exportation of Cats & Dogs.

The dog or cat must be accompanied by a health certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian, and endorsed by a U.S.

Requirements for Importation /Exportation of Cats & Dogs

Department of Agriculture (USDA), Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), Veterinary Services (VS) veterinarian. That endorsement needs to be done by the APHIS Veterinary Services Area Office in your home state. Contact information for that office can be found on the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), then clicking on, "Travel with my pet", on the right side. Additional information shall include: Certification Statements The dog/cat was examined and found to be healthy and free of any clinical signs of infectious disease.

Developmental Stages. What Are the Differences Between Bullmastiffs & Boerboels? Baden Boerboel, Boerboel character and behaviour. The Boerboel is a family dog, often spending hours playing with the children and accepting the protection of the whole family as his duty and cares for all of them.

Baden Boerboel, Boerboel character and behaviour

During the day the dog must go to the veldt with the children to guard the livestock. Whilst with them he should also catch them some lunch, probably a rabbit. He should also protect them against all danger including leopards. At night it was his duty to protect the entire family from any possible danger. Sandaharr Boerboels. What is Boerboel temperament?

Sandaharr Boerboels

It has been described in the standard as manageable, reliable, obedient and intelligent with strong protective instincts. The Boerboel is self confident and fearless, as there is diversity in the appearance of the Boerboel, there is also diversity in temperament and drives of the Boerboel. Manageable, reliable, obedient and intelligent can be used to describe any number of breeds however, it is protective instinct and the way a Boerboel approaches its task that sets it apart from other canines.

Although there are differences within the breed there are certain habitual traits that a Boerboel must show; 1. 2. It is my opinion that these two traits are what define the Boerboel. Prey-Drive. Temperament & Personality. Temperament The Boerboel is considered by most authorities to be a relatively reliable, obedient and highly intelligent breed.

Temperament & Personality

They have a unique combination of roughness and gentleness that can make them good family pets, when they are raised and treated properly. Generally, they are affectionate, playful, loyal, loving and confident with their families. However, this is a dominant breed. Boerboels have strong watch and guard dog instincts and are fearless and extremely protective of their people.

The powerful jaws of a Boerboel can easily destroy almost anything, including toys during playtime. Activity Requirements Boerboels need lots of space to move around and exercise, in order to keep them healthy, happy and stable. Trainability Boerboels are intelligent and have natural pack instincts. Behavioral Traits Properly trained Boerboels make excellent guard and watch dogs. Welcome.

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Fuller Boerboels. There are some great websites that tell about the history of how the Boerboel breed came into existence, but we won’t go into that here.

Fuller Boerboels

Please see the SABT website for a more thorough history. Simply put, the Boerboels were bred in South Africa as protection of the farms and families there. They were courageous in fighting off the large wild animals of SA like the lions and hyenas. Their loyalty to the family is their most beloved trait. Little cat & big dog (boerboel)