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Rufo optimal workouts® “You can’t row and hope.”

rufo optimal workouts®

A great man once said. I use this quote often with my athletes. Every time I use it, I ask them where it came from. “Rowing Stronger” Preview. Will Ruth This is an outline of how to periodize your weight-training for rowing using the block periodization system.

“Rowing Stronger” Preview

Providing exact workout routines and specific exercise recommendations are out of the scope of this article, but I go into much more detail in my upcoming e-book, Rowing Stronger: Strength Training for Rowers. However, given the information provided in this article and some proficiency with an internet search-engine or help of a qualified personal trainer, you will be able to construct an annual plan that will help you get stronger, faster, and healthier in your next season. RowingRelated: RR Answers Your Training Questions: Running and Rowing.

Every now and then, athletes and coaches write in to RR about particular training issues or goals.

RowingRelated: RR Answers Your Training Questions: Running and Rowing

And, we're here to answer your questions. Here's a recent example of a question from one of our readers: I'm a personal trainer and have a client I will be working with that is a rower. I will be working specifically with him on running to help increase his endurance for rowing. I certainly want this to complement his rowing and have been researching what training would be beneficial (hill repeats, track work, steps etc).His shortest distance is 2k and longest being a 5k. From the RR Editorial Staff: I would say that in order to have the most success it is important to do a combination of power (sprinting) and endurance (distance) running as a supplement to rowing training.

Heart rate bands calculator » Free Spirits Rowing. Get Fast Fast: A Project Management Approach To Lightweight Rowing. This guide was written primarily for lightweight male rowers, but may useful for others as well.

Get Fast Fast: A Project Management Approach To Lightweight Rowing

RUDDERFISH: Rowing Fast: Rhythm & Flow. Riders: Glen O’Rourke - Captain Glenn Landers.

RUDDERFISH: Rowing Fast: Rhythm & Flow

3Chapter2.pdf. Incredible Catch while Sculling. 2012 EARC Sprints Heavyweight 1V Grand Final. College rowing coach Harry Parker. In retrospect, it seems like a moment of epiphany, but on that Saturday in June 1963, it was simply a day of rough, stormy weather on the Thames River in New London, Connecticut.

College rowing coach Harry Parker

No one could remember the Harvard- Yale crew race ever having been postponed. Late that afternoon, race officials sent the freshman crews out, using them as guinea pigs to see if the course was rowable. It wasn’t. Both freshman boats nearly sank, and at times there was air visible beneath the hulls as they cut across the huge waves. To the Harvard varsity, the day’s delay might have seemed a reprieve.

It had been an unsettling year in Harvard’s Newell Boathouse. The Connecticut weather cleared. At the start, Yale shot emphatically away from Harvard. High Performance Rowing - Journal - Understanding Rowing Technique - The Timing of the Catch. By: Dr Valery Kleshnev and Tim BakerFrom: Rowing & Regatta Magazine.

High Performance Rowing - Journal - Understanding Rowing Technique - The Timing of the Catch

The timing of the catch is a critical part of the rowing stroke which makes a significant difference to boat speed. The majority of rowers and coaches appreciate this and spend a lot of time working on it, yet what exactly rowers should be aiming for still seems somewhat shrouded in mystery. To illustrate my point, I spoke to some coaches. “What is back-splash and is it a good thing?” Rigging Simplified. Erg-Examples.pdf. Rowing 101 - Basic Rigging - (row2k features) 2012 Practice PLANS. New -To better keep boats together, within a length or two of one another: A – wait until all boats are on the dock ready to launch, and then launch.

2012 Practice PLANS

If there is a four, the four launches first. B – no boat starts the pick drill until after the bridge. Warm-up: Starting on the other side of the bridge, we’ll take it on a pause drill at bodies over. This is the drill we focused on last week, maintaining control and length on the recovery. Get Fast Fast: A Project Management Approach To Lightweight Rowing. Pace Calculator. 2k Erg Power Profile Calculator. New and Improved – with a Dynamic Graph Showing Your Power Profile The Golden Standard of Rowing Fitness can be measured by this calculator.

2k Erg Power Profile Calculator

Kurt Jensen, a Danish rowing wizard gathered the erg score test results of a number of world class rowers over a number of years and discovered numerical relationships between 2k, 10 second, 60 second, 6k and 60 minute test results. Enter Your 2k Erg Score in the Box where it reads 6:59.7 (MM:SS.s) (note because this is built in Excel, it can be tricky entering the time – just delete whatever shows and enter your own time in this format – M:SS.s P.S The graph below is not to scale on the x axis. If anyone knows how to set this up proportionately in Excel please email me: What Do these Numbers Mean? According to Jensen’s Model your test results should ideally show: When you enter your 2k erg score you will see Pace Score and Watts for 10 seconds, 60 seconds, 2k, 6k and 60 minutes.

Italian lightweights rowing. Anaerobic Threshold. The Lactate Threshold (also known as maximum lactate steady state [MLSS], anaerobic threshold, or onset of blood lactate accumulation [OBLA]) represents the point at which blood lactate begins to rise above baseline levels during exercise.

Anaerobic Threshold

It is considered to be a good predictor of endurance exercise performance and can be used to prescribe training intensities based on the relationship between blood lactate levels and heart rate. The lactate threshold/maximum lactate steady state (MLSS) corresponds to the exercise intensity at which there is a measurable increase in blood lactate levels above baseline values. During relatively low level aerobic activity, blood lactate levels remain low and will not differ significantly from resting values. As exercise intensity increases there comes a point at which blood lactate levels begin to rise above baseline levels. The two graphs (right) illustrate the relationship between blood lactate and work intensity.

Determining the Lactate Threshold. Model C Maintenance. Daily Wipe the monorail with a cloth or non-abrasive scouring pad after use. You can use soap and water or any glass cleaner. Do not use mineral acids, bleach, or coarse abrasives. Every 50 Hours of Use Weekly for Institutional Users. The Pete Plan « Lunch hour. Introduction There are effectively two types of indoor rowing training plan, either periodic or continuous. A periodic training plan will take you through different phases of training to build up to a specific point in time where you will reach your peak ready to race. Deflection Point Training » ‘What % of time should I spend in each training zone?’ Firstly, entire books have been written on this subject. This post is intended to review some of the questions you must address when designing your annual training plan. Table.pdf. Liquid Mercury’s Power Training » Viking Program.

This is the beginning of the Viking Program for all those that will be doing this. Refer to the Viking Project Introduction to see how to start and set up the numbers you’ll need and that I’ll be referring to. Premise of the next 4 weeks: Getting you ready to train hard. You may think you’re in shape, you may think you can handle the training, but most of you won’t be able to. Sure you might be able to make it through the workout and get the sets and reps done but the quality of it will be diminished. University of St. Thomas Rowing. Hello!

Files/Training/Spracklen Notes.pdf. Guides/11thGraders.pdf. Winter Workouts: Why do Rowers Fear the Erg? Rowing in Motion Videos - Technique Studies in Slow Motion. Rowing Speed & Rigging chart. Features: Rowing 101 - Basic Rigging. Rowing 101 - Basic Rigging - (row2k features) Indoor Rowing Ergometer (C2 Erg) Performance Score and Bicycle Gear Cadence Calculators. Endurance training: large amounts of low-intensity training can develop base conditioning and aid recovery. In recent years, the ‘middle way’ has been a popular mantra of politicians. However, as Joe Beer explains, when it comes to training intensity in endurance sports such as cycling and triathlon, the middle way is most definitely not the most effective route to elite performance Professional elite athletes know how to train because they have access to the best coaches and a because of the Darwinian process that ‘kills off’ bad methods and keeps good ones thriving!

However, until very recently, the amateurs have never had access to the facilities and coaching backup of elite performers, so more often than not they have tended to source information from the best athletes they know locally and/or the group ethos prevailing in their particular training group or environment. The problem with this approach is that the ‘sheep mentality’ of merely doing what everyone else does is not especially effective. And let’s be honest, sheep don’t win many athletic medals!

Peaks in the clouds control. Safety Guidelines. Does Your Training Plan Stink?: Fred Honebein. #Diary Of A Rowing Coach. How to Survive Winter Training, pt. 4: 2k Strategy. Part 1a || Part 1b || Part 2 || Part 3 How excited are you right now? PDF/Rowing-8 Week Program.PDF. Train like an Olympian – The gold medallist oarsman shares a typical day’s training and nutritional regime in the run up to London 2012. Gold standard.

Specialized Strength Training for Rowing. Lincoln Maritime Center.