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Dan Ariely Videos « Gnod - The Global Network of Discovery. Molecules with Silly or Unusual Names.

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Listes[cinéma] Chroniques [cinéma] Insolites [Divers] Musique : tous nos articles et chroniques. My Modern Metropolis. Cheap Tops For Women, Womens Tops at Cheap Wholesale Prices. The Vampyre Of Time And Memory. 5000 films tombés dans le domaine public à télécharger gratuitement. 50 Examples of Breathtaking Animal Photography Part 3. Enjoy these 50 breathtaking photos that capture different animals in places around the world.

50 Examples of Breathtaking Animal Photography Part 3

We live in a CRAZY place and some of these shots are just mind-blowing. Geek Art – Art, Design & Lightsabers. - Videos from the World's Best Conferences and Events. Canvas Network. Crime Archives. Facts 10 Fascinating Facts You Didn’t Know About Fruits Weird Stuff 10 Industries With Their Own Secret Languages Creepy.

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La Pascualita. Chihuahua, Mexico's La Pasqualita has been giving window shoppers the creeps for decades with her eerily lifelike appearance and possible adventures after dark.

La Pascualita

Dressed in bridal wear and exhibited in an otherwise unremarkable storefront window, La Pascualita is not your average mannequin. Local rumor has it that the clothing dummy is actually the well-preserved corpse of the owner’s daughter, who died from a black widow spider bite just before her own wedding. Amazingly, La Pascualita has ‘lived’ in the La Popular store window for over 80 years. She made her first appearance on the 25th of March 1930, reportedly wearing a gown from the spring/summer collection.

A collection of legitimately fascinating information culled from the past, present, and anticipated future. 10 Unexplained Discoveries. Top 10 Shocking Documentaries. Movies and TV As a visual medium, documentaries frequently succeed in portraying the unimaginable far better then any book alone could do.

Top 10 Shocking Documentaries

Beaming everything from the consequences of child abuse to the horrors of nuclear warfare into the homes of millions, the following infamous documentaries shock the viewer and challenge perceptions. Please note: Almost all the videos featured contain graphic and disturbing content, relevant to the topic at hand. Warning: some of these documentaries contain disturbing footage. High on Crack Street Following the struggle of three crack addicts, ‘High on Crack Street’ digs deep into the complex daily lives of individuals striving to obtain their next fix. 70 outils de veille sur internet (1ère partie) Hochseilartisten 1946. Sehen. Plink by DinahMoe. Plink by DinahMoe. Plink by DinahMoe. Plink by DinahMoe.

The Useless Web. 25 Mind Blowing Photo Manipulations and Digital Art works by Michael Oswald. Cherries - Still life Painting Tutorial Spawn_Model- Demonstration.

25 Mind Blowing Photo Manipulations and Digital Art works by Michael Oswald

25 Mind Blowing Photo Manipulations and Digital Art works by Michael Oswald. The Useless Web. Silk – Interactive Generative Art. Trip Hop / Downbeat Production Music Tracks - Listen & Download from Audio Network. Can You Make It Through This Post Without Having Your Mind Blown? 1. Let's start small: 2. Here's something that you never realized: 3. Printing on the Moon. Société.

Printing on the Moon

Books news: art special. Available September from Rizzoli Rock the Shack: The Architecture of Cabins, Cocoons and Hide-outs Getting away seems to be at the top of many to-do lists, but this 240-pager celebrates our longing for lounging in nature.

Books news: art special

Rock the Shack is a survey of contemporary refuges from around the world. Imprime-moi un organe. Société Mercredi 12 juin 2013 par Sophie Marchand Le principe de l’imprimante 3D est à la base similaire à celui de l’imprimante classique – et c’est en empilant les couches imprimées que se crée le volume, et que le principe d’impression se complexifie.

Imprime-moi un organe

Depuis cette année, l’imprimante 3D est présentée comme un objet révolutionnaire. En mai dernier, une équipe de médecins et de chercheurs avait sauvé la vie d’un nourrisson en fabriquant, grâce à l’imprimante, une attelle trachéale. La prothèse a été acceptée par l’organisme de l’enfant qui a pu respirer à nouveau normalement. Unity 3D – France. Tutos vidéos accessibles à  tous ! Chroniques Improbablologie 2013. The 23 strangest habits you'll pick up after living in 23 different countries. STUMBLERS: Don’t forget to thumb up this article and/or share it on your Facebook wall!

The 23 strangest habits you'll pick up after living in 23 different countries

If you enjoyed this post, you’ll definitely enjoy the video I just made: Top 10 life lessons learned in travelling the world 10 years. While I usually blog about language learning, I know a lot of you enjoy my travel and cultural updates as much or more. I’ve been travelling the world for ten entire years, but even forgetting the time involved, I have lived in twenty three countries; that’s lived as in, spent at least a month (usually three, and over a year in some) in the country where I invested serious time into speaking its language (or already spoke its language on arrival) and tried to investigate its culture and made local friends.

This list is; Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Belgium, Colombia, the US, Canada, Ireland, UK, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Egypt, Italy, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Turkey, India, the Philippines, Thailand, China, Taiwan. 1. 2. And with money, the same rules apply. Portraits génétiques. Des portraits d'animaux habillés. Des portraits d'animaux Pour son livre "More than Human" le photographe Tim Flash a réalisé de nombreux portraits d'animaux en studio. 21 novembre 2012 Mode alimentaire Ted Sabarese a réalisé ces photos de modèles habillés avec des aliments.

Des portraits d'animaux habillés

I Waste So Much Time - Random. The call of Cthulhu. My reaction to... Best real-time weather service. Why does this even happen? Am I the only one who is seeing this? I don't care what you think of me. Inspiration. SuperBetter. Tutorial. Les distorsions cognitives.

Certaines pensées automatiques peuvent révéler des défaillances dans le traitement de l’information. Ces distorsions cognitives sont fréquemment associées à des troubles tel que l’anxiété. Voici les dix plus courantes : La pensée dichotomique : tout ou rien Lorsque le raisonnement est privé de nuances, tout ce qui n’est pas une victoire devient une défaite, tout ce qui n’est pas sans risque devient dangereux, etc. Mighty Optical Illusions. Watch TV Shows Online, Watch Movies Online. Find movies, TV shows matching your taste & watch online - Jinni. Un Etat mendiant et un peuple qui s’appauvrit : Explication très simplifiée du prêt FMI. Les applications web avec JavaFX. Salut les amis ! J'ai décidé de me lancer dans le projet un peu fou de faire un big-tuto pour le site du zéro. C'est une grande première pour moi mais je suis par contre un grand lecteur des autres tutoriels du site, c'est même ici que j'ai acquis la majorité de mes connaissances en informatique.

ERNESTO ARTILLO. Learn to code. [ Littérature ] Mark Dorf. Photographer Mark Dorf has an interesting series about what is perceived to be real, about the transformation of physical space, and the exploration of the natural world in nontraditional ways. One of the elements of photography that intrigues Mark the most is the way in which people read photography as an absolute reflection of our existence; he is asking the age old question of what exactly is representation. Selected works from the series, Axiom and Simulation, are currently on display at Viridian Artists in NYC, in the Third International Photography Exhibition, jurored by Nat Trotman, curator at the Soloman R Guggenheim Museum.Mark grew up in Louisville, KY and graduated from The Savannah College of Art and Design with a B.F.A in Photography and Sculpture.

Like: Carnivale Gloomy - TV search at The Scale of the Universe 2.

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