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Pascal Wicht

Swiss innovation consultant. If you wish to join a team, please write me a message first.





Design and innovation

Markets & Trends





j'ai en effet bcp de resources en anglais, si je crois comprendre le message :P essaie google translate, march encore pas trop mal ;) by p45c4l Nov 2

dommage , je suis hispanophone ! by dayra0 Nov 2

hey i got an email said i was accepted in to the team to help edit OpESR pearl, trying to figure out how to add our other sites, i seem to be able to add to mine (FSS34) but not sure how to add to the main OpESR pearl. halp? admin@fss34.com by fss34 Jul 10

THX everyone! take care. Peace! by p45c4l Mar 7

I love your collection of pearls. by casus Jan 13

Hallo pascal_wicht, my name is Paul and i live in the Netherlands. I've picked your pearltree because i like the subjects you collect, especially the one about the future. They are a welcome addition to my subjects. Thank you for sharing. i have placed you're pearltree in my "interesting people" pearl. I'm thinking about dividing your pearltree into individual subjects and link them to similar subjects in my tree, but before i do that, i like to follow you for a while, is dat ok ? Have a nice day. by gocpdf2d Nov 2