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Ozwinds is the online music shop of various kinds of brass, woodwinds, and orchestral musical instruments. You will also find various harmonicas and used instruments here. Visit our website now:

Orchestral Musical Instruments. Buffet Crampon R13 Clarinet (B-Flat) - Latest Version. The all-new look with improved mechanical enhancements!

Buffet Crampon R13 Clarinet (B-Flat) - Latest Version

The Buffet Crampon R13 Clarinet is the professionals choice, what Symphony Orchestras are using all over the world. Once you own a R13 clarinet, you will not need to upgrade again, well at least for a long time. The Legendary Choice of Professionals was created in 1955 by Robert Carrée and is the most popular professional clarinet in the world. Its tone is focused and rich, and it is powerful in all registers. Its flexibility lends itself to all repertoires: symphonies or chamber music, soloists, teachers, military bands, students or amateurs. All our Buffet new instruments have been through our Workshop, personally set up by our Expert Technicians. We offer this Buffet R13 clarinet with the Buffet Case, cap & ligature, and standard 66mm barrel.

Please Note: This very latest version clarinet does not come with a mouthpiece. Ozwinds TECH-ASSURE™ is a unique service that prepares your new musical instrument for sale. Woodwinds Musical Instruments. Brasswinds Musical Instruments. Piano and Keyboard Print Publications. 20% discount on all our Piano and Keyboard publications with our $5 flat rate shipping offer Australia wide.

Piano and Keyboard Print Publications

Schools and other education facilities can purchase online with an official purchase order number at check out. We have over 1,000 titles to choose from in this category. Use our Quick Search function to help you find the product you are looking for. 10 Classical Pieces Every Beginner Should Learn Model: AM1012231 The Top Ten Classical Piano Pieces Every Beginner Should Learn is part of a series that has been specially designed to help pianists of all levels to find the repertoire they really want to play. View Details 10 Fun Favorites Beginning Piano Solos Model: 110390 Fun and easy arrangements of 10 favorite tunes: Catch a Falling Star • Happy Birthday to You • The Hokey Pokey • I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing • I'm an Old Cowhand (From the Rio Grande) • Let It Be • Over the Rainbmore info 100 Blues Lessons Goldmine Keyboard Model: 122264 100 Christmas Carols Easy Piano.

Ozwinds Brass, Woodwinds and Orchestral Musical Instruments Store. Ozwinds Brass and Woodwind Orchestral Music Store. Yamaha 'NEO' Alto/Tenor Horn (YAH-803S) Lee Oskar Blues / Diatonic Harmonica (Key of Low D) Lee Oskar blues / major diatonic harmonica, in the key of LOW D, this is the traditional blues tuning.

Lee Oskar Blues / Diatonic Harmonica (Key of Low D)

The Major Diatonic harmonica is the most commonly used tuning for playing Blues, Rock, Country Folk & Jazz. Major Diatonic harps are produced by several manufacturers using various names such as Blues Harp, Marine Band, Golden Melody, Big River, Special 20, Pro Harp, Folk Master, Star Performer, etc. Although the cover plates are stamped with a variety of different names for marketing purposes, all of these harmonicas have the exact same notation layout as the Lee Oskar Major Diatonic. The most important difference is in the quality of materials, construction, design and sound.

Lee Oskars are the best harmonicas in the world, and that's not just our opinion. All over the world, many professional players prefer Lee Oskar Harps over any other brand. Orange Label. Ozwinds: Brass, Woodwinds and Orchestral Musical Instruments Store. Yamaha 'NEO' Alto/Tenor Horn (YAH-803S) Woodwinds Musical Instruments. Our extensive range of woodwind musical instruments is designed for musicians from learners to professionals.

Woodwinds Musical Instruments

These traditional music instruments are made of a combination of wood, metal, and plastic for the best inline quality. While the ancient woodwind instruments were made solely from wood, the modern are combined with other materials for increased sturdiness and consistency. Varied in size, playability, and noise, you will find the perfect instrument that meets your requirement in this category of woodwind instruments.

These instruments are designed by our experts keeping in mind the smooth movement of air. The sound produced is melodious and rich. The woodwind instruments consist of some of the classic and ancient musical instruments from flutes to clarinet. Aulos Garklein C Recorder Model: 501S Aulos 501S Symphony Series Garklein Recorder, One Piece, Dark Brown, outfit including leatherette bag. View Details Avanti Flute 1000 Solid Silver Head AZUMI Sterling Silver Body Z3 Flute. Brasswinds Musical Instruments.