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Avoid "Wavy" Cuts. 14.06.2003Many operators know this problem: during sawing "Wavy" cuts appear.

Avoid "Wavy" Cuts

The problem is really serious, but you can solve it. Let us examine, step by step, all the factors affecting the sawing process. There are four of them: the operator, the sawmill, the blade and the wood. The operator The first point on our list sometimes can become the last one. Because correct sawmill alignment, cutting rate and blade choice depend on the operator. Special attention should be paid to sawmill alignment. The sawmill Let us view what components of the sawmill can affect the appearance of "wavy" cuts.

Blade guide rollers. So, let us examine the rollers. Then you should check the tightness of the roller pin in the mount. After all defect parts are replaced you should perform the full guide roller adjustment process. Head Bearings. Blade positioning on the wheels. Sawmill setup. Blades Having made sure that all adjustments have been made, we proceed to the main key to "wavy" cuts - the blade. Wood-Mizer sawmill adjustment. 03.01.2010We’d like to bring to your attention some of the elements of sawmill adjustment, which influence both blade life and a cut quality.

Wood-Mizer sawmill adjustment

Step 1. Blade Pulley Alignment It is possible to adjust the Blade Pulleys on all Wood-Mizer sawmills. The blade pulleys should be completely parallel to each other and in the same plane. You can check if the blade pulleys are correctly aligned by installing and tensioning a blade.Rotate the blade in one direction and then measure the distance from the bottom of the gullet to the front of the blade pulley at the top, bottom and side on both pulleys. Then rotate the blade in the other direction and check the same measurements. If the pulleys are correctly aligned, the distance between the bottom of the gullet and the edge of the pulley wheel should be between 3 & 4 mm for both pulleys at all points and in both rotation directions. Step 2. Rollers must be adjusted in both planes according to the manual for the sawmill series. Untitled. Untitled.

Untitled. Privacy & Google. Privacy FaceBook. HOW TO: Get Your Data Out of Google. One of the best things about the Internet and the proliferation of social media and cloud computing services is that more and more information is tied to a server — not an individual device.

HOW TO: Get Your Data Out of Google

That means you can easily access your e-mail, calendar and contact lists while away from home. Instead of having to carry your photos with you, you can just open up Flickr or Facebook when you want to show off some shots to friends or family members. The downside is that getting information out of one online service provider and onto another (or just archiving for your own benefit) is often difficult or impossible.

Google, a company that stores lots of data for lots of people, today announced the Google Data Liberation Front. The web site, is dedicated to explaining how to get your data out of Google and to discuss the ideology behind data portability. Right now, more than half of Google's products are "liberated. " Privacy. TrueCrypt - Free Open-Source On-The-Fly Disk Encryption Software for Windows 7/Vista/XP, Mac OS X and Linux. Spanish. DuckDuckGo.

MISSIONS. Lausanne World Pulse. John Piper. FARMS and COALITIONS. Prepare.