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Bedroom Soundtracks

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Bedroom Soundtracks: A Consideration for Yours. Music for the Romantic Bedroom. Music for the Exotic Bedroom. Music for the Southern Rock Bedroom. Music for the Sweet & Sensual Bedroom. Music for the Sweet & Sensual Bedroom. Music for the Celtic Bedroom. For the Latin Bedroom. For the Italian Renaissance Bedroom. For the Acapella Christmas Bedroom. For the New Year’s Eve Bedroom. For the Folksy Fiddlin’ Bedroom. For the French Jazz Fusion Bedroom. Music for the Valentine Bedroom. Do I have a Duo Valentine’s Bedroom Soundtrack for you!

Music for the Valentine Bedroom

Sir Paul McCartney sings, “My Valentine,” and a snippet of my favorite Beatlesque performance. My generation cut their adolescent teeth on Beatlemania, a watery imitation of the boys from Britain. I remember driving to Clowes Hall on the Butler University campus (north side of Indianapolis) to see the four fakes in September of 1982 with four other band geeks in a very small car. We got stopped by a cop because we were so excited to get there we ran a stop sign. My hubs and I have differing views about the Beatles.

In spite of Mr. He still doesn’t much care for the British Invaders, but I have grown to relish his favorite past time. A very obscure little song, but it’s my favorite. If this is your first time visiting OysterBed7, Welcome! Bright Eyes Bedroom Music. Music for making love. Jimmy Durante for your bedroom soundtrack. Music for making love. Jimmy Durante for your bedroom soundtrack. Polynesian music may boost low-libido wife's sex drive. I offer eclectic music every Wednesday for you to consider as a soundtrack to your lovemaking.

Polynesian music may boost low-libido wife's sex drive

According to a Stony Brook University study, variety and excitement are the cornerstones of marital satisfaction. Personally, I found when a song I’d never heard before played on Pandora during a rendezvous (and I liked the music), the ‘fun factor’ and ‘heat quotient’ fluttered to a higher level. In other words, the new music did something for me! Stony Brook University’s findings are right on track. That is why I am offering you different types of music to sample. I welcome music suggestions, please email me at Enjoy the sounds of a tropical island on this cold winter’s day. If this is your first time visiting OysterBed7, Welcome! Please see why sex is my focus and peruse the archives. For the Instrumental Smooth Soul/R&B Bedroom.

For the Uptown Funk Bedroom. Stanley Jordan suggestion for Bedroom Soundtrack. Shout out to The Forgiven Wife for this nomination!

Stanley Jordan suggestion for Bedroom Soundtrack

She says she can’t dance, but apparently has awesome taste in music. Today’s offering is a honeyed jazz guitar by composer/guitarist, Stanley Jordan. Wikipedia says of Jordan, “Stanley Jordan was born in Chicago, Illinois. He began his music career at age six, studying piano, then shifted his focus to guitar at age eleven. He later began playing in rock and soul bands. For the Josh Groban Bedroom. When I first heard Josh Groban a few years ago, I wasn’t in the right place emotionally to fully appreciate his melancholy beauty.

For the Josh Groban Bedroom

Due to the past turbulent month, he now resonates with my heart. He was classically training to be an actor, but his superb natural vocal talent overshadowed his acting ability. People clamored for his ‘high lyric baritone.’ Groban has a wonderful sense of operatic style while combining classic, pop and rock elements. Groban was born in Los Angeles, CA, in 1981, to non-entertainment industry parents. I hope you enjoy the exotic and sensual nature of this song, “Let Me Fall.” For the Norah Jones Bedroom. I scheduled Norah Jones as our featured artist at the suggestion of a reader.

For the Norah Jones Bedroom

It’s quite interesting that I would choose her for this week in particular. Because I just, two minutes ago, discovered an interesting fact. She and I share a March 30th birthday. This is incredibly curious to me seeing that my new daughter-in-love also shares this birthday. AND so does my husband’s brother’s mother-in-law. Norah is the child of an American concert producer and an Indian Bengali sitar player. She has won many awards for her unique style that fuses country music, pop, and jazz elements. For the Taj Mahal Bedroom. For the John Denver Bedroom Soundtrack. Enjoy this lovely ballad, Perhaps Love, a duet by John Denver and Placido Domingo.

For the John Denver Bedroom Soundtrack

Thanks to a friend for this suggestion! Click here to see why I offer eclectic music samplings for your lovemaking playlist. John Denver’s music accompanied my childhood (see the end of this post: Spice It Up with Travel.) His positive country charm mirrored the values my parents taught me. Listen to some of my favorite John Denver songs: Hawaiian Music as the soundtrack of your lovemaking. “Aloha is literally the combination of two words.

Hawaiian Music as the soundtrack of your lovemaking

‘Alo,’ means to be face to face or in the presence of. ‘Ha,’ means the breath of life. So, ‘aloha,’ means to be face to face, or exchanging, the breath of life. This is a kind of blessing that is used to say hello, good bye, I love you, and generally to describe people living with respect and love for each other (“live aloha” or the “aloha spirit”). A great way to say I love you in Hawaiian, without using words, is the honi. Exchanging the breath of life, what a beautiful imagery for lovemaking.