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Curing means saving or preserving meat. In its simplest form the word ‘curing’ means ‘saving’ or ‘preserving’ meat and the definition covers preservation processes such as: drying, salting and smoking.

curing means saving or preserving meat

When applied to home made meat products, the term ‘curing’ usually means ‘preserved with salt and nitrite.’ When this term is applied to products made commercially it will mean that meats are prepared with salt, nitrite, ascorbates, erythorbates and dozens more chemicals that are pumped into the meat. Meat cured only with salt, will have a better flavor but will also develop an objectionable dark color. Factors that influence curing: The size of the meat - the larger meat the longer curing time. Curing Temperatures The curing temperature should be between 36-40° F (2-5° C) which falls within the range of a common refrigerator.

Meats were traditionally cured with Nitrate. People in the Far East, Africa, South America and even Europe are still curing meats at higher than normal temperatures without getting sick. Cured Meat Color. Cured Meats. Cured Meats. Speking av fenalår - Far min sitt kjøkkenFar min sitt kjøkken. Mmmm!

Speking av fenalår - Far min sitt kjøkkenFar min sitt kjøkken

Nydelig! Kvar har du kjøpt dette fenalåret? Har du lagd det sjølv? Tuller du? Fortel meg korleis det går til! I våre dagar er det å speke lammelår i heimen en sikker veg til å hente kompliment. Speking av fenalår høyrer hausten til. Vekta er og viktig. Deretter treng du store mengder havsalt, ein godt reingjort stamp og ikkje minst eit godt, kjølig tørkeloft (utan fukt) med litt trekk. Kjøp aller helst lammelåra frå slaktaren – eller i det minst butikkar med ferskvaredisk, slik at du kan forsikre deg om at kjøttet ikkje har vore innom frysaren. Til to lammelår på om lag 3,5 til 4 kilo treng du ca 16 kilo havsalt (eller fire poser a 4 kilo).

Reingjer stampen du skal bruke, skyll den med kaldt vatn og tørk godt. Skyll godt av kjøttet med kaldt vatn. Dekk botnen av stampen med havsalt, slik at låret ikke risikerer å ligge rett på plasten/metallet. Spanish ham 'Pata negra' from Jabugo. Iberian gourmet pork products at best prices. Heng grisen - Detbeste. Svinaktig godt: Spagetti carbonara skal egentlig lages med pancetta, eller med guanciale, som er laget på omtrent samme måte, men av svinekjaker.

Heng grisen - Detbeste

Anvendelig: Pancetta kan brukes til alt du bruker bacon til. How to make serrano ham. Serrano hams, a Spanish speciality, are cured to preserve the meat and lock in flavour.

How to make serrano ham

Serrano hams are made using a hog's back leg. To make your own Serrano ham, you need adequate space to cure the ham and a fresh, high-quality cut of pork. Serve slices of your Serrano ham as finger food with fruit, cheese and grapes or use with Spanish recipes. Air-dried ham. As I rinsed off the ham that I’d been salting ready for air-drying, I caught sight of the still vivid green chard leaves in the garden.

air-dried ham

Reminds me that there are some mixed Italian leaves that I grew for salad that may be a bit large and on the bitter side now for salad, but could be great wilted with chard and mixed with parmesan and ricotta for a ravioli filling. A lot of my favourite recipes stem from the ‘Cucina Povera’ tradition and what with the salami hanging over my head as I go to collect logs for the woodburner from the covered porch, I’m starting to feel quite like an Italian peasant. Then a glance at the tub of ricotta reminds me how excited I was this summer when a Waitrose opened 15 minutes away.

Well, it used to be a long drive to get to any supermarket. Now I can buy parmesan and ricotta without losing a couple of hours of precious time. I also feel very lucky that these days we’re able to dip into the ‘Cucina Povera’ traditions of so many cultures. How to prepare air-dried ham, prosciutto style. Air-dried hams rely simply on salting and drying to produce their finished texture and taste.

How to prepare air-dried ham, prosciutto style

The basic procedure is a two-stage affair: curing, then drying. Find out how to do it yourself with this step-by-step guide from The River Cottage Cookbook. For the cure, the whole leg is completely packed in salt and pressed under a substantial weight to accelerate the moisture loss and salt penetration. How to make proscuitto or serrano ham? Making of homemade Serrano ham. Traditional method for making SERRANO ham at home Formerly, most families tended small gardens and raised animals as a traditional form of food, as it allowed families to save money for other needs.

Making of homemade Serrano ham.

In each house, the normal things to own were hens that provided eggs and meat, a pig which was raised throughout the year on the leftovers from the family members, and things that they could grow in the garden such as potatoes, vegetables etc. The pig was sacrificed just before winter, the main problem that existed was the manner in which to preserve the pig meat so that they could continue to eat it throughout the year without it going off. The solution to this problem appeared with the salting and curing of the meat. The hams that are made in the villages of Teruel have a traditional recipe for their preparation. The climate of Teruel and the quality of the pigs make ham from Teruel one of the world's best. How to Make Serrano Ham.