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We are a leading company in India for manufacturing and supplying a number of different capacity plants.

Air Separation Plant,Air Separation Unit,Manufacturer,Exporters,India,China. Medical Oxygen Plant For Healthcare Applications. Medical oxygen is extensively used in the treatment of various health disorders arising out of low oxygen level also known as hypoxemia.

Medical Oxygen Plant For Healthcare Applications

It is well-known that oxygen is crucial for sustaining life on the planet Earth. The non-metallic element is colorless, odorless and tasteless and is known for its high reactivity. Only high purity oxygen is administered to the patients suffering from various diseases. Since oxygen found in the atmosphere has purity of only 21% medical oxygen plant is used for generating oxygen with purity up to 99.7%. The generators are based either on cryogenic distillation or adsorption technologies. Comparative Evaluation of Cryogenic Air Separation Unit - Air Separation Plant. Functioning of cryogenic air separation unit (ASU) is able to generate oxygen or nitrogen by liquefaction and separation of the atmospheric air.

Comparative Evaluation of Cryogenic Air Separation Unit - Air Separation Plant

There is no denying the fact that ASU is considered one of the best techniques for generating high purity oxygen on a large scale. In order to do comparative evaluation of cryogenic air separation unit, we must discuss other techniques of air separation such as pressure swing adsorption (PSA) and membrane separation system. Most of these systems are used in wide range of industries depending on the focus and end results sought by businesses. Each of them has their own cons & pros.However, or evaluation will be based on three factors —energy consumption, costing and gas purity, which are discussed below: Energy Consumption Whether it ASU, PSA or membrane separation system, all of them run by consumption of electricity.

Costing Costing of ASUs is way more than either pressure swing adsorption plants or membrane separation. Common Medical Oxygen Uses and Misconceptions - medicaloxygenplants. Oxygen represented as O2 (molecular oxygen) makes up around 21% of Earth’s atmosphere.

Common Medical Oxygen Uses and Misconceptions - medicaloxygenplants

It is biologically vital for sustaining life on earth. It aids in aerobic cellular respiration through which we get energy that help us to accomplish our daily tasks of life. When we breathe air into our lungs oxygen is absorbed in the blood stream and travels to every cell in the body burning (oxidizing) food to release energy and carrying carbon dioxide back to the lungs from where it is exhaled out into the atmosphere.

It is estimated that O2 constitutes around 65% of the body mass. Common uses of medical oxygen Medical oxygen has been classified as an important drug and has also been included in the WHO’s model list of essential medicines. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) It is a serious heath disorder which is inhibits individuals to live life fully. Breathlessness Respiratory failure Anesthesia It is administered when a patient is put under anesthesia. Oxygen Nitrogen Plants, Gas Oxygen Nitrogen Plant. We are leaders in manufacturing and exporting oxygen nitrogen plants for use in industrial and medical applications.

Oxygen Nitrogen Plants, Gas Oxygen Nitrogen Plant

All of our industrial gas plants are customized for meeting the requirements of small, medium and large scale industrial set-ups. Our company is reputed for using the best available technology in the market. Our manufacturing is done using the cryogenic distillation technology. In short, it is a fact in the industry that we have become the preferred destination for small scale, medium scale and large scale industries looking to invest in the industrial plant machinery.

We use the best and the latest cryogenic distillation technology for manufacturing LN2 & LO2 plants that are efficient and reliable. Our technology has been obtained from ING. Our GAN and GOX plants are characterized by delivering seamless and smooth performance without any interruption. Oxygen Gas Plant, Medical Oxygen Gas Production Plant Manufacturer,Supplier.

Liquid Nitrogen Manufacturing Plant,Cryogenic Nitrogen Gas Plant for Sale. We have are one of the few liquid nitrogen manufacturing plant companies that use the latest cryogenic distillation process technology in our manufacturing and fabricating.

Liquid Nitrogen Manufacturing Plant,Cryogenic Nitrogen Gas Plant for Sale

Designing is innovated from time to stay on right side of market trends. Our LN2 plant comes in various sizes and capacities ranging from 50 liter/hour to 500 liter/hour. Delivers solid performance for years on the strength of being fabricated with high quality stainless steel column and argon welding. DCPL is trusted for its commitment to manufacture and supply high quality cryogenic nitrogen plant to ensure our customers get the full value for their investment. Technologically, the plants rank at par with the best in the world in terms of reliability, performance, durability, efficiency and competitive prices. Process Description of LN2 Plant STEP 1- Compression of Air: Our company supplies advanced air compressors taken from the international market to compress the atmospheric air. Oxygen Plant — Air Separation Plant Manufacturing Company,Air... Oxygen Plant. Oxygen Plant. Air Separation Plant Manufacturing Company,Air Separation Unit Cost,Cryogenic Air Separation Plant Manufacturer,Exporter.

Oxygen Generators Oxygen Plant. Articles.

Oxygen Generators Oxygen Plant

Oxygen Gas Plant: Medical Oxygen Gas Plant. Medical oxygen is used extensively in medical applications.

Oxygen Gas Plant: Medical Oxygen Gas Plant

There is no denying the fact that oxygen is so vital that no life can survive without it. It is administered to patients suffering from low oxygen level known as hypoxemia. With the advent of COVID-19, demand for oxygen has increased many times. What Type Of Oxygen Is Used In Hospitals - medicaloxygenplants. Oxygen is the 2nd largest constituent of the in the atmosphere of the planet earth comprising 21% by volume after nitrogen making around 78% and 1 per cent argon and numerous other gases.

What Type Of Oxygen Is Used In Hospitals - medicaloxygenplants

Atmospheric is processed either through cryogenic distillation or adsorption technologies (PSA). However, cryogenic process produces high purity oxygen (around 99.9%) and PSA can generate oxygen with purity up to 93 percent. Oxygen is then categorized depending upon its purity level into different grades for use in medical, welding, aviation, etc. What Is Medical Oxygen Generation Plant - medicaloxygenplants. Oxygen is one of the most important non-metallic elements for sustaining life on the planet earth besides being a life-saver for numerous medical applications.

What Is Medical Oxygen Generation Plant - medicaloxygenplants

We manufacture, fabricate and supply medical oxygen plants which are used for generating medical oxygen with high purity. Hospitals use medical oxygen for providing relief to patients suffering from health disorders such as severe asthma, breathlessness, COPD, hypoxemia, resuscitation and trauma. All these health problems require use of medical oxygen with high purity. It cannot be over-emphasized how much important the oxygen is for hospitals. Nitrogen Oxygen Manufacturing Plant - ING L.A. BOSCHI ITALY.

Liquid Nitrogen Plants, Liquid Oxygen Plant, Nitrogen Gas Plant Exporters. Medical Liquid Nitrogen Plant - medicaloxygenplants. Medical Liquid Nitrogen Plant Our company manufactures and supplies medical liquid nitrogen plants by acquire components from the international market and raw materials from approved vendors.

Medical Liquid Nitrogen Plant - medicaloxygenplants

We take European technology as it has been proven all over the world for its high performance, working efficiency, energy saving, reliability and trouble free operation. The air separation column integrated in the plants is of BOSCHI, which has the newest distillation trays and high efficiency exchanger condenser to get a high output of oxygen by separation of Liquid Air, which leads to very low pressure and low power consumption.

Our liquid oxygen nitrogen plant set up generates oxygen with purity upto 99.7% and nitrogen with purity upto 99.99%. The liquid oxygen nitrogen system comes up with different capacity that ranges from 50 m³/hr (70 liter/hour) to 500 m3/hr (700 liters/hour) capacity and act at a working pressure of 6 to 8 bar. Medical Air Separation Plant - medicaloxygenplants. We are a certified ISO 9001:2000 organization, and the latest achievement of our company includes the successful approval for CE Certification. The certification makes our company the first in Asia to be certified for Cryogenic Pressure vessel Plants and exports them to European market, USA and other market. We have got success in manufacturing the low Pressure plants as it is the technology of today and the future.

Till date, our company has manufactured and supplied over 300 plants since 1985 at New Delhi (India) and supplied to over 40 countries worldwide. Our air separation machines perform as per the below given manufacturing process: Air Compression: We employ state of the art and fully Automatic Rotary Air Compressor of Atlas Copco for air compression. Medical Liquid Oxygen Plant - medicaloxygenplants. Our company head office in India is fabricating and exporting a pool of liquid oxygen filling plants that work in sync with the plants of North American and European Pharmacopoeia standards. Available in small, medium and large capacity, the plant finds application in diverse industries such as water process, ferrous metallurgy, non-ferrous metal refinery, coal mines and pharmaceutical industry.

In addition, our company is also supplying the plants at industry leading prices. Our liquid oxygen producing systems are available in varying capacities that range from 50 m³/hr (70 liter/hour) to 500 m3/hr (700 liters/hour) capacity. Apart from being safe and easy to operate, they are fully automatic and provide guarantee of purity to North American and European Pharma Copia standards. Since our organization does not compromise with the quality, our products are appreciated for being highly reliable, effective and efficient. Medical Oxygen Cylinder Plant - medicaloxygenplants. Medical Liquid Oxygen Plant - medicaloxygenplants. High Purity Oxygen Plant. Our Medical oxygen plant is a cryogenic oxygen plant comes in different sizes ranging from 25m3/hour to 100 m3/hour.

The plants are manufactured by employing high quality, reliable and stainless steel materials to ensure unusual performance and durability. It uses Rotary Screw type Air Compressors of Atlas Copco, which is a very efficient Air Separation Column (Cold Box) for medical oxygen 99.7% purity .Our company in technical collaboration with an internationally acclaimed Italian company "ING. L. & A. BOSCHI" of Italy to design, develop and export high quality medical devices. Come up in a number of models, the medical oxygen gas plant offer highly pure output meeting the industry requirement. Medical Oxygen Manufacturing Plant,Medical Oxygen Plant,Medical Oxygen Plants for sale,Manufacturer,Supplier.

Medical Oxygen Plant Manufacturers in India, Hospital Oxygen Generator System. Air Separation Plant,Air Separation Unit,Manufacturer,Exporters,India,China. Oxygen Plant Capacity. Medical Oxygen Plant Manufacturer,Liquid Nitrogen Plant,Medical Oxygen Plant for Hospital.