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Tigtag. Login. Primary resources. YSI: Project Kit - BP Educational Service (BPES) All That's Goood: Roots and Shoots. After looking at seeds; learning what they need to grow, what are their parts and how they travel, we used this parts of a plant diagram to see the where the roots and the stems would be on the whole plant.

All That's Goood: Roots and Shoots

We know from our study of the seed that the radicle turns into the roots and the plumule turnes into the stem and the leaves. We began by setting up some experiment that would give us a good look at some roots and some stems. Observing Roots Experiment #1: The idea for this experiment T.J. found in The First Book of Plants by Alice Dickenson. To do this experiment you need the following: two pieces of glass, paper towels, two rubber bands (thick ones), a shallow pan, seeds, and some water. Animal articles, quizzes, facts and much more.

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