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Javascript Objects. JavaScript’s core—most often used and most fundamental—data type is the Object data type.

Javascript Objects

JavaScript has one complex data type, the Object data type, and it has five simple data types: Number, String, Boolean, Undefined, and Null. Note that these simple (primitive) data types are immutable (cannot be changed), while objects are mutable (can be changed). A Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity. JSHint, A JavaScript Code Quality Tool. Javascript Events. Visual Event - JS Debugger. When working with events in Javascript, it is often easy to lose track of what events are subscribed where.

Visual Event - JS Debugger

This is particularly true if you are using a large number of events, which is typical in a modern interface employing progressive enhancement. Javascript libraries also add another degree of complexity to listeners from a technical point of view, while from a developers point of view they of course can make life much easier! But when things go wrong it can be difficult to trace down why this might be. It is due to this I've put together a Javascript bookmarklet called Visual Event which visually shows the elements on a page that have events subscribed to them, what those events are and the function that the event would run when triggered.