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Everything You Need To Know About Hair Spa - BeBeautiful. Who doesn’t love a nice, relaxing head massage?

Everything You Need To Know About Hair Spa - BeBeautiful

We know, we do! Natural Remedies - How To Grow Eyelashes Longer And Thicker. Don’t you just hate it when your boyfriend has longer, thicker lashes than yours?

Natural Remedies - How To Grow Eyelashes Longer And Thicker

Or when you see a girl who doesn’t need mascara every day because she’s got naturally voluminous lashes?

How to Remove Pimple Marks With Effective Home Remedies - BeBeautiful

3 Easy Fixes For Summer Hair Problems. As much as you look forward to the summers, it can wreak havoc for your hair.

3 Easy Fixes For Summer Hair Problems

From the harmful sun rays causing hairfall and hair loss to the humidity making your hair frizzy, summer hair woes are many. But that hardly means you can’t fight these hair problems. With adequate care and the right products, you can easily get rid of these summer hair concerns... Hop and Hair—Simple Hairstyles For Party To Ace This Weekend. The weekend is here and you probably want to let out all the frustration and fatigue you’ve built up working long hours at your job.

Hop and Hair—Simple Hairstyles For Party To Ace This Weekend

So you make a plan to meet your friends and colleagues to go out and paint the town red. You’ve already gotten everything planned out; your dress, your shoes, your makeup, accessories and are brimming with an immense amount of unbridled excitement in the air? All that is left is for you to take care of is to ace simple hairstyles for party, so you can hop into your pumpkin carriage and attend that party being thrown at the other end of the square. Getting the hairstyle right for a night out with your girl gang is no easy-peasy task though. Your hairstyle is quite the crucial component of your overall appearance and an ill-suited or bothersome one can just as well ruin your entire night.

How to Get a Summer Makeup Look in 5 Steps. Some of you might argue that summers and makeup don’t go hand-in-hand.

How to Get a Summer Makeup Look in 5 Steps

But that’ll break a makeup enthusiast’s heart, won’t it? For all you makeup hoarders, summer makeup means going heavy on moisturising with a wee bit of minimal makeup. Spike Hair Style For Men - How to Spike Your Hair. If there’s one men’s hairstyle that’s easy yet stylish, it has got to spike.

Spike Hair Style For Men - How to Spike Your Hair

From messy short spikes to dramatic long spikes, this hairstyle can lend every man a cool look. Dragon Fruit Benefits For Your Skin. Pitahaya or dragon fruit is the fruit of certain cacti species indigenous to South America.

Dragon Fruit Benefits For Your Skin

It is also commonly found in the countries of China, Thailand and Vietnam. The dragon fruit derives its name from a South-East Asian legend wherein the fruit was supposed to be disgorged along with the last breath of a dragon slain in battle. How to choose a nude lipstick for your skin tone. Finding a nude lipstick for your skin tone can be a daunting task.

How to choose a nude lipstick for your skin tone

For the days when you want to sport the ‘no-makeup’ makeup look, a nude lipstick the compliments your particular skin tone is essential. Once you find ‘the one’, we can assure you it will earn a place of prestige in your beauty kit. Easy To Do Different Hairstyles Donned By Our Favourite Celebrities. Some days you are like ‘meh!

Easy To Do Different Hairstyles Donned By Our Favourite Celebrities

Who’s got time for styling’, then there are days when you want to do something so dramatic with your hair that it changes your look altogether, in a good way, of course. A simple tuck, twist and curl can change your hair game and turn your everyday I-woke-up-like-this look into an admirable and stunning ‘do. Well, that’s the power of hairstyling. While sometimes it’s the time crunch (or mood) that holds you back from trying out different hairstyles, other times, you do feel like doing it but you just can’t think of a nice hairdo or don’t exactly know how to ace one.

Girls, we understand! Every time our Bollywood divas doll up for an event, they serve us different hairstyles and pure beauty goals, leaving us in awe. Rope braid Not your regular, basic braid, rope braid is a totally different and one of the trendiest hairstyles right now. Party Makeup Tips & Tutorials. Natural Hair Growth Tips For Thick, Long And Lustrous Hair. Who does not desire thick, long and lustrous hair?

Natural Hair Growth Tips For Thick, Long And Lustrous Hair

While some women are naturally blessed with good hair, there are some of us who have to be patient, put in relentless efforts, coupled with deliberate lifestyle changes to make hair look presentable. As hair is called the crowning glory and plays a super important role in boosting a woman’s beauty and confidence, it comes as no surprise that we are constantly looking for different ways to ensure that our hair looks nothing less than perfect at all times. If you've found yourself getting discouraged because your hair just isn't growing as long or as quickly as you'd like, don't reach for the extensions just yet. Tips and tricks to achieve clear and glowing skin for free. Although skincare products don’t come cheap, there’s no reason why you should be breaking the bank to achieve clear skin. What if we told you that there’s a way you can achieve flawless skin without the price tag?

Yes, you read that right. We’ve listed down five simple AF things you can do every day to achieve clear, glowing skin in no time. Keep your hands off your face. 8 Hair Care Tips for Women With Scanty Hair. Thick, curly, wavy or scanty; the kind of hair you are born with is not in your control. Something you can control is hair care no matter how difficult or easy. After all, as the wise old saying goes: ‘Hair is the crown you never take off’. When it comes to the amount of time and effort that goes into hair care, some of us have a tough time. How to Style a Quiff Hairstyle. The Quiff is an age-old classic quiff hairstyle, way back from 1995, that’s survived the test of time and continues to remain a popular choice for men even today. A perfect hybrid between a Pompadour, Mohawk and the 1950’s flat top, the Quiff has carved its niche as an elegant, stylish and highly versatile men’s hairdo that lends itself to both formal and casual occasions. It’s a quick and easy way to make an impression; be it for business meetings or a black tie event…probably why it’s timeless!

The Quiff can be styled in a number of different ways and can also be modified for nearly any face shape and hair type. How to Do Eye Makeup Like An Expert! - BeBeautiful. “Your eye makeup says so much about you and your style,” says Laura Mercier a celebrated makeup artist and we totally believe it! Knowing how to do eye makeup can instantly transform your regular makeup look to a dazzling ‘walk the runway’ or ‘slay the cocktail party’ look. Best Everyday Simple Hairstyles Step by Step Guide. No girl wants to wear the same boring hairstyle every day. However, due to lack of time or lack of inspiration (we’ve all been there, done that, BTW), you are left with no option but to head off to your work, college or party with the same high ponytail or a wrapped bun, or better still, hair let loose! Today, we are going to fix that. It’s time you master some simple hairstyle that looks like you spent hours on it, but really only need 10 minutes to be put together.

Gorgeous And The Trending Easy Ponytail Hairstyles For You. Ponytail hairstyles are not just for the gym and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! From when we were kids till now, ponytails have been our go-to hairstyle! It is so versatile, goes well with any occasion and is super manageable. But if you’ve been wearing the same boring, limp ponytail, it’s time to spice things up, hair-wise! Spike Hair Style For Men - How to Spike Your Hair. Most Trending Easy to do Simple Hairstyles For Girls. Best DIY Hair Growth Oil Concoctions to Increase Natural Hair. Grandmas are the best, aren't they? Indeed, when it comes to grandmothers, everything is abundant—the love, the food, the gifts, the sure-fire home remedies and head massages that they oh-so lovingly bestow on us.

Those head massages can easily be our favourite childhood memory. And, even though our hectic lives today might not always allow us to enjoy the company and love of our beloved dadis and nanis—we sure can continue to benefit from their experience and nuskhas of hair growth. Read on as we put together a list of our favourite secret hair growth oil recipes that will help nourish and strengthen your hair. Curry leaves + coconut oil Easily available in every Indian kitchen, curry leaves are a super ingredient for your hair. How to:Dry a handful of curry leaves in the sun for over two days. Kalonji seeds + olive/coconut oil Another natural ingredient that is popular with most grandmas is kalonji seeds.

Try your lipstick online. Shopping online can sometimes be a tricky situation, especially when it comes to purchasing lipsticks. The shade you see on the website may not match your expectations or may not suit your skin tone. 5 different ways to wear a smokey eye look. Sultry and sexy, smokey eye makeup is a timeless look that’s the beauty equivalent of an LBD (translation: it’s not going anywhere anytime soon). Be it your glamourous dress, festive-ready saree or a chic pantsuit, a smokey eye look goes perfectly with everything. However, we have spotted some stunning variations of the classic look in recent times. Yep. It’s not just your dramatic, black or gold smokey eye. Most Pretty Hairstyles and Haircuts for Long Hair. Airbrush Makeup – The Perfect Solution to Cakey Makeup. A lot of makeup products these days claim that they deliver an airbrushed finish.

What they mean to say is that those products deliver a very natural, skin-like finish. Airbrush makeup is a very common makeup technique used by professional makeup artists on models, actors and even brides. This is because airbrush makeup gives your face an extremely smooth, natural and flawless finish. So what exactly is airbrush makeup, you ask? Natural Remedies for Acne Treatment at Home. How to Remove Pimple Marks & Acne Scars by Natural Ways - BeBeautiful. There are very few things in life that are as annoying as pimples. They appear right before important events and refuse to go, no matter how hard you try. And the worst part about pimples is that they leave marks and how to remove pimple marks is a real struggle.

Most people are of the opinion that all pimple marks are the same and that they will disappear on their own. Reasons Why You Need Blotting Paper in Your Kitty Now For Oily Skin. If you are someone who has oily skin then you know the drill. How Do You Get Rid Of The Red Spots On Skin. Benefits Of A Charcoal Mask. The Best Diet For Healthy Hair Growth & Strong Hair. 8 Beauty Benefits of Vodka. How To Remove Dandruff - Home Remedies. 5 Home Remedies For Hair Fall Control. The Beauty Benefits of Baking Soda for your Skin. Benefits and Use of Aloe Vera Gel for Face and Skin - BeBeautiful. Easy, No-Heat Winter Everyday Hairstyles to Try This Season - BeBeautiful. Winter Skin Care - 7 Natural Homemade Face Mask for Skin - BeBeautiful. The Biggest Beauty Makeup Trends for 2020 - BeBeautiful. Latest 2020 Nail Trends We Will Be Trying This Year - BeBeautiful. Best 8 Ways Rosehip Oil Benefits Your Skin - BeBeautiful. 8 Tips to Take Care of Itchy and Dry Skin in Winter - BeBeautiful.

8 Simple and Basic Makeup Steps for a Gorgeous, Everyday Look - BeBeautiful. Latest Makeup Trends You Need to Try - BeBeautiful. New Year Hairstyle Trends for Women That Will Dominate 2020 - BeBeautiful. Hair Growth Tips for Women Struggling to Get Longer Hair - BeBeautiful. How to Build a Natural Skin Care Routine - BeBeautiful. Most Stunning and Beautiful Makeup Styles. Perfect makeup step-by-step guide for beginners. How To Do Makeup - Step By Step Guide Like A Pro. Easy Makeup Tutorial for Every Occasion. Best Skin Whitening Home Remedies. Best Classy Short Haircuts and Hairstyles for Women. Hair Regrowth: How to Use Aloe Vera Gel for Hair Growth. Most Amazing Benefits of Aloe Vera For Hair - Aloe Vera Gel for Hair Growth. The Difference between Hair Fall & Hair Breakage. Best Way How To Use Hair Serum for Hair Growth. Cute Girls Hairstyles for Short, Medium & Long Hair - BeBeautiful. 5 Easy Tutorials on How to Apply Eyeliner Like a Pro - BeBeautiful.

Best Valentine's Day Makeup for Any Kind of Date 2020 - BeBeautiful. How to Pick The Best Moisturizer for Dry Skin - BeBeautiful. 6 Best Reasons to Try A Black Peel Off Mask RN - BeBeautiful. Top 7 Turmeric Benefits for Healthy and Glowing Skin - BeBeautiful. What is Hair Rebonding? Here’s everything you need to know - BeBeautiful. How to Make Thin Hair Thicker Naturally - BeBeautiful. Homemade Skin Whitening Tips You Need to Know for Healthy Skin.