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Looking for the best New Jersey IT support for your business? Outsource My IT is most trusted managed IT services company in NJ. Call us for best IT services now!

How to Keep Your Website Safe. Startup companies and small and medium-sized businesses depend on their websites to promote their brand, bring potential customers/clients into the sales funnel, keep a blog that allows for customer feedback and more.

How to Keep Your Website Safe

The Worst Password Mistakes that Compromise Security. Password safety may not be one of the most interesting topics in the realm of cybersecurity, but having a strong password is one of the easiest ways to protect your business’ data integrity.

The Worst Password Mistakes that Compromise Security

The importance of a robust password has been emphasized by many experts, yet often users who think that they are utilizing a secure password are actually opening themselves up to attacks. You may not be broadcasting your password on national television, but if your password falls into one of the following categories, you could be just as vulnerable to hackers. Short and Simple Short, simple passwords may be easy to remember, but they are also easy to guess. In general, the longer a password is, the harder it is for hackers to break it. Lacking in Numbers or Symbols Letters-only passwords may be more intuitive for you–but they are for hackers as well.

Based on Personal Information Simplistic Patterns Used by permission. Computer Repair Services NJ. It’s no secret that your IT infrastructure is the heart and nerve center of your business operations.

Computer Repair Services NJ

As such, it should also be no secret that you need highly-qualified IT services to manage such a crucial facet of your business operations. Outsource My IT understands this principle inherently, and delivers client-customized strategies and computer support solutions that not only optimize your computer services in New Jersey – they even help you become a more profitable outfit. How do we do this, you ask? There are many ways we deliver you the NJ IT support you need – from data backup, protection, and management to IT security, cloud services, and much more – but here are 5 principal ways we’re getting it done on the computer repair side: Going way beyond traditional PC repair.

Can Your Business Benefit from the New HP Elite x3? Finding a computing solution that allows your employees to carry out all their work functions on the go is an issue for many small business owners.

Can Your Business Benefit from the New HP Elite x3?

For employees who need the flexibility to be able to work anywhere, the challenge has often been combining portability with the power to run a full range of business programs. HP has recently released a three-in-one device that purports to offer all the computing power of a laptop in a smartphone case. Could the new HP Elite x3 be the right solution for your business and your employees? Right off the bat, it’s important to note that HP is clearly targeting business users with their Elite x3 as the device’s high price tag puts it out of reach for most consumers. This decision could be a boon for businesses, however. Indeed, one of the Elite x3’s biggest drawbacks for consumers is also one of its most important features for business users: its Windows operating system. How to Assess Your Power Distribution Needs in a Data Center. The data center that is just opening looks beautiful.

How to Assess Your Power Distribution Needs in a Data Center

It is immaculate, equipment gleams, and racks of equipment fill the data center floors. Servers that move faster than lightning strikes fill the racks and entry to the facility at every access point requires a biometric scan to open the doors. Top Tips for Selecting a Data Center. When a business’ computer needs outgrow the space at your location, your business has two choices: Choice 1- build a new data center; Choice 2 – lease space at a data center.

Top Tips for Selecting a Data Center

When a business’ computer needs outgrow the space at its onsite location, your business has two choices: Option 1– build a new data center. This is a tough decision as the costs of building and the ongoing costs for equipment and personnel are high. Sometimes, coming to this decision causes company management to seek an alternative solution. This brings us to Option 2 – lease space at a data center, this saves hardware and software costs, the monthly lease cost is expensed rather than amortized, and the expertise at a data center is equal to or better than most in-house or owned data centers.

How to Develop Your Long Term Cloud Strategy. With cloud usage increasing in both personal and professional areas, it is no surprise that there is a great demand for it.

How to Develop Your Long Term Cloud Strategy

However, before you start using the cloud for your business, you should develop a strategy for the long term. It is a great idea to use it for the short term but many companies do not look beyond that. Over time, there will be even more demand for cloud space and functionality. For some companies, they are already seeing the need for cloud storage because they are rapidly growing. Data Backup New Jersey. Without ready data protection, you might as well close your doors.

Data Backup New Jersey

Your data is constantly at risk—From manmade disasters like accidental deletions from your employees, and fraudulent activities from hackers, to natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes and more. You can even lose your data due to a simple power outage. To protect it, you need a comprehensive Backup & Disaster-Avoidance Solution. Outsource My IT can design and implement a customized Backup & Disaster-Avoidance Solution for your business. For more information, call (973) 638-2722 or email us at: Did You Know? Nearly 70% of businesses have experienced (or will experience) data loss due to disk or system failure, computer viruses, accidental deletions, a fire, flood, or other disaster?

Cloud Computing New Jersey. Outsource My IT has played a significant role in developing efficient cloud computing strategies to help businesses in New Jersey reduce capital investment.

Cloud Computing New Jersey

At Outsource My IT we help your business accomplish complete flexibility and agility through the implementation of unique cloud solutions. Contact us at (973) 638-2722 or email us at to access our quality cloud computing service that fits your budget. If properly done, cloud computing offers a variety of development opportunities for businesses of various sizes by allowing them to operate more accurately and cost efficient than their competitors. Managed IT Services New Jersey.