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We Are The Lions (Spoken Cinema™) "Dear dad" Pussy Riot | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS. Samantha Bee rips Donald Trump for 'rape culture banter' in leaked video | Television & radio. Samantha Bee opened up this week’s episode of her TBS show with a takedown of Donald Trump’s lewd leaked tape from 2005. In Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, she criticised the presidential candidate and his “locker room talk” with small screen personality Billy Bush. “That 2005 Access Hollywood tape wasn’t just lewd remarks, Trump was literally explaining a time-tested strategy for sexual assault,” Bee said. “In fact, take a Tic Tac and grab them by the pussy is the closest thing to a plan Donald Trump has described this entire election.”

She referred to the “adolescent boner bus” and called the video a “hostile work environment training module” before going on to critique Trump’s apology which he shared via social media soon after. “Meanwhile, a whole lot of Republicans have been grappling with their Muslim-banning, Mexican-insulting, race-baiting, disability-mocking, alt-right-channeling demagogue might not be such a good guy after all,” she said. Why misogyny won. Laura Bates Praised For Dismantling 'Banter' Claims About Donald Trump's Groping Comments | Huffington Post.

Donald Trump and the Women Accusing Him of Sexual Assault. As soon as women started leveling sexual assault allegations against Donald Trump, the Republican nominee and his allies attempted to discredit them. Trump adviser A.J. Delgado insisted that “any reasonable woman would have come forward and said something at the time” about being attacked, after two women identified by name told The New York Times that Trump had once forced himself on them. “Why wasn’t this reported at the time?” Campaign Press Secretary Hope Hicks said in response to a separate first-person account published in People. The author, Natasha Stoynoff, alleges that Trump pushed her against a wall in 2005, “forcing his tongue down my throat.” There are plenty of reasons why sexual assault survivors may not immediately report an attack, including fear of retaliation and concern that they will not be believed. And it is one thing for an accused person to deny an allegation of assault.

Jean-Michel Maire dérape dans TPMP et embrasse la poitrine d'une femme qui venait de lui refuser un baiser (vidéo) - RTL People. Depuis vendredi, Cyril Hanouna est en direct sur C8 et ce pendant 35 heures s’il veut battre le record de son "ennemi" Arthur, qui avait gardé l’antenne d’Europe 1 pendant 34 heures en 2004. C’est donc un Touche pas à mon poste prolongé auquel peuvent assister les téléspectateurs de la chaîne. Et Baba est évidemment aidé par les habituels chroniqueurs de l’émission pour tenir la distance. Enora Malagré, Thierry Moreau, Mathieu Delormeau, ils ont tous mis la main à la pâte pour divertir le public, se mettant, une fois n’est pas coutume, dans des positions ridicules pour y parvenir. Enora a notamment dû éclater des pastèques avec ses cuisses et Mathieu a dû présenter la raie de ses fesses à Hanouna lors d’une chorégraphie très particulière.

Mais malgré l’énorme popularité de Baba et le soutien sans faille qu’il reçoit de ses fanzouzes, une séquence a choqué. Memes Meme: VIEWERS OF a FRENCH TV SHOW WITNESSED a SEXUAL ASSAULT ON FRIDAY TPMP Mic | SIZZLE. Sexual assault survivor's gut-wrenching photo series gives "middle finger" to Brock Turner | Mic. W 20-year-old Yana Mazurkevich saw sexual assault convict Brock Turner being released from prison on Friday after serving just three months of his six-month sentence, she wanted to give him the middle finger. But instead of settling for flipping off her television or computer screen, Mazurkevich, a junior photography major at Ithaca College, turned her anger into art. The result is It Happens, a photo series depicting campus rape where it might occur: in a bathroom; in a classroom; in a locker room; in an alley; and lastly, behind a dumpster.

These backdrops are hardly the frat basements and nightclubs many would consider the typical environments of sexual assault. But when more than 85% of victims know their attackers, Mazurkevich's photos are more realistic, showing the private, everyday places where sexual assault occurs. In each photo, the victims — who represent a range of genders, races and sexual orientations — look directly into Mazurkevich's camera lens. College Students Absorb TV's Messages About Sexual Assault, But Media is Failing Them | Mic. From organizing nationwide protests to launching organizations to creating artful installations, activists on college campuses across the country are fighting sexual assault in myriad innovative ways.

While their efforts are crucial, they are often undeniably retroactive, addressing assault after it has occurred. But a new study offers crucial insight into one factor that may encourage behaviors that contribute to sexual assault among young people. The study: A recent study of 313 college freshmen published in the Journal of Health Communication: International Perspectives examined how major crime drama franchises — specifically, Law & Order, CSI and NCIS — impact individuals' conception of rape myth acceptance and sexual consent. The study found that each franchise had a different effect. This study bolsters previous research that has shown media crucially impacts viewers' attitudes towards assault. H/t Medical News Today. Trevor Noah Finds Clips of Trump Hitting on Teenager, Joking About Statutory Rape. On The Daily Show last night, Trevor Noah introduced us to some vintage clips of Donald Trump being downright lecherous. This is all in the context of the major story about former Miss Universe Alicia Machado, who has come out forcefully for Hillary Clinton and told her story about being bullied and told to lose weight after her victory in the pageant owned by Trump.

Not content to let sleeping fat-shaming lie, Trevor Noah went into the archives and found some old Trump media appearances that show how fixated he is on women’s looks, including teenage ones. It includes this chestnut: “I had a case, it’s very interesting, a beautiful girl who was seventeen or eigheen, and applied to be a waitress. So beautiful, she’s like a world-class beauty… My people came, they said, ‘Mr.

Trump, she has no experience.’ OMG! “Not bad? Look, these comments are all garden-variety dickitude (yes, I just made up that word).