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Sacred Geometry

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Cuboctahedron, Flower of Life, Fruit of Life, Mer-ka-Bah, Metatron's Cube, Palatonic Solids, Seed of Life

Michael Schneider - Constructing The Universe. Digging Deeper into the Golden Ratio. Leonardo Da Vinci seems to have made extensive use of the golden ratio in his creation, Mona Lisa The golden ratio, or the divine section, A+B:(A+B)-B or (A+B)/A, represented by phi and it’s ratio to one.

Digging Deeper into the Golden Ratio

Occurs when the ratio of two numbers equal their sum. As is, as to.


Dr. Amit Goswami, Ph.D. : Theoretical Quantum Physicist. Ezine. Article: The Spiritual Meaning of the Lotus. Music and Sacred Geometry. The revival of an ancient science. At the other end of the scientific spectrum of contemporary science an ancient science is being restored.

The revival of an ancient science

For ages it has been preserved carefully. It is more or less an art form and it is called ‘sacred geometry’. Why sacred, what is so sacred about geometry? In spiritual mystery-schools of the past it was taught that sacred geometry has been used by God to create the universe. We now know that sacred geometry contains many mysterious elements that elegantly describe many phenomena such as the growth of plants, the proportions of the human body, the orbit of the planets, light, the structure of crystals, music.

Now why do we introduce sacred geometry in a book that is about contemporary and groundbreaking science? The archaic science of sacred geometry can be traced back to the Egyptian civilization but may well be a heritage from the civilisation of mythological Atlantis and we’ll provide sufficient clues in this book to sustain this claim. - Marko Rodin - Rodin Coil. -- Introduction -- Hopefully this will enable people to understand "why" there is only "one" truth and how we can all move forward in learning more about the "nature" of what that one truth is and why no single person or group of people can be the "owner" of the one truth and that literally everyone has a piece of the "enlightening" puzzle which is like a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. -- Substance -- I just figured out a great example of how two seemingly very different points of view can be demonstrated to have not only similarity but symmetricality to the point that they are saying or expressing almost, if not totally, the same exact thing! - Marko Rodin - Rodin Coil

:o) Vastu shastra. While Vastu had long been essentially restricted to temple architecture, there has been a revival of it in India, in recent decades, notably under the influence of late V.

Vastu shastra

Ganapati Sthapati, who has been campaigning for a restoration of the tradition in modern Indian society since the 1960s. While the fields are related, Shilpa Shastra explicitly deal with sculpture – forms, statues, icons, stone murals etc. The doctrine of Vastu Shastra is concerned primarily with architecture – building houses, forts, temples, apartments and other buildings. Terminology[edit] Fundamental concepts[edit] There are many principles in Vaastu Shastra. Five elements[edit] Yantra. Enthroned Jain yantra besides Adinath image Shapes and patterns commonly employed in yantra include squares, triangles, circles and floral patterns but may also include more complex and detailed symbols, for instance: Geometric element meanings: Circle = Energy of the element waterSquare = Energy of the element earthUpward-facing Triangle = Energy of the element fire; energyDownward-facing Triangle = Energy of the element water; knowledgeDiagonal line = Energy of the element airHorizontal line = Energy of the element waterVertical line = Energy of the element firePoint = Energy of the element ether As an astrological device[edit] Yantra may be used to represent the astronomical position of the planets over a given date and time.


Philosophical context[edit] Yantra function as revelatory conduits of cosmic truths. Vastu Purusa. Vastu-purusa means in the present context a site-plan or a location plan.

Vastu Purusa

According to the Matsya Parana, the Vastu Purusa Mandala has particular deities of Vastu Purusa in respective places. The North-East (aisdnya) is said to be occupied by Mercury (budha) and Lord Vishnu. Accordingly, the place of conducting mental work and the worship chamber in a ruse is to be situated in that direction. The South-East (agrneyi) is said to be occupied by the Moon and Parvati. An Introduction to Hexagonal Geometry. Contents Introduction The following is a brief survey of some elemental properties of hexagons, and why they might be useful.

An Introduction to Hexagonal Geometry

It is not intended to be a comprehensive treatment of the subject. My specific concern here is with the mathematical properties of hexagons, and, to an extent, their role in the natural world. I have avoided discussing hexagons as they pertain to human culture, religion, history, and other "local" concerns, though there are many fascinating instances of hexagonality and sixness in these areas, and they will no doubt be treated more fully elsewhere at another time.

This article is very much a work in progress, and is not really "done" in any meaningful sense. A note about terminology: As is my general custom, and unless otherwise noted, "hexagon" refers to regular hexagons only. Some observations about hexagons A hexagon is a closed plane figure with six edges and six vertices. The properties of hexagons are numerous and interesting.

And so on. Hexagonal tessellation. 33. Revolution Eve (Topology) Ch.33 Revolution Eve (Topology) We have seen what the Hyperbolic NonEuclidean World is.

33. Revolution Eve (Topology)

That is a universally acknowledged truth if we accept the assumption of parallelism. We do not doubt it. However, there is a revolutionary idea. They say that hyperbolic geometry stands on things around us. Michael Schneider - Constructing The Universe. "Why aren't we taught this in school?".

Principal Elements of Sacred Geometry.


Angel – Archangel - Metatron - Tree of Life – Sephirot - Kabbalah - Qabala - Kether - Crown. Question: How Does Angel Metatron Represent Kether (the Crown) on Kabbalah's Tree of Life?

Angel – Archangel - Metatron - Tree of Life – Sephirot - Kabbalah - Qabala - Kether - Crown

Answer: Linking Energies Between Divine and Human As the angel who oversees the Tree of Life's crown, Metatron (who tradition says was a human being -- the biblical prophet Enoch -- before ascending to heaven) serves as the angelic link between God's energy and the spiritual energy of human beings who are seeking to grow closer to God, believers say.