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Orion Dissent

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Earth - Pleiadian Keys to The Living Library - Extracts. Multimedia: Spanish version A joint collaboration in faith produced this book, and recognition is due to the mighty and valiant players involved in the process.

Earth - Pleiadian Keys to The Living Library - Extracts

With love, respect, and deep appreciation, I offer my thanks to both my sister, Karen Marciniak, and Tera Thomas, co-creators and coconspirators of Earth. A special tribute to the faith of Barbara and Gerry Clow, and to their reliable and responsible guidance and support, as well as the entire staff of Bear & Company, who do an impeccable job of working with and holding the energy. The meticulous skill, of copyeditor Gail Vivino brought new meaning to the word "clarity," helping to create a smooth and readable text, and the finesse of Marilyn Hager created the final elegant and splendid form. Loving thanks to my parents, Ted and Bertha Marciniak, and my entire family, who have always been there for me.

May Earth reflect our healing. Blessings be to all who share these probabilities. Back to Contents Barbara Marciniak Karen Marciniak. Earth - Pleiadian Keys to The Living Library - Extracts. The Occult Reptilian Saga - La Saga Oculta de Los Reptilianos. Alpha Draconians. By Jim Euclid 8 May 2012 from Regolish Website Spanish version The Alpha Draconians are the oldest known reptilian race in our galaxy.

Alpha Draconians

They are, in fact, the only genetic line of their kind that is not extinct. When we talk about that, that’s extinct, they have found remnants of others that came after but were extinct. Most of the reptilian civilizations that we know today, in Butese, Orion, Capella are all genetic manipulated half breeds of the original Ciakar race.

They lay eggs and what is called a battle hormone is used to accelerate the birthing process. Stronger young females were expected to defeat and kill older and weaker leaders in ritual combat. The Ciakar race is ruled and managed by genetic lineage. Ruled by the monarchy of a queen genetic lineage they are one of the most powerful races in the galaxy. They have been the chief enemy of all human races in this galaxy in past conflicts. HIDDEN HISTORY OF PLANET EARTH SEEDING PLANET TERRA BY THE QUEEN OF ORION. (Before It's News) THE FLOW OF PERCEPTIONS : Global, Military, New World Order THE UNKNOWN MOMENT : UFO, Crop Circles, Quantum Physics, Spiritual Science There is no doubt that Planet Earth was selected in an ancient past as one of supposedly twelve planets which were planned to develop into Living Libraries.


The seeding of Terra, for plants and animals to manifest, took billions of years. The plants feel what you do to, and for, them. Be open to that nature has its own things growing that can help us expand our consciousness, and it’s okay to use them as long as we don’t abuse them. . One reason the Goddess gave us the animals was for us humans to have companions here on Terra. Level II] Exopolitics Paper #1: The Orion Empire. 1.

Level II] Exopolitics Paper #1: The Orion Empire

Who's the Friend and Who's the Enemy? Like I said earlier, the Universe is teeming with life -- absolutely teeming! There are so many different star races that even if all of mankind would come together and try to research them all, in a hundred years we would only be able to catalogue a very few, compared to how many there are. However, what is important for us humans is which star races, directly or indirectly, interfere with human evolution, how they do it, and whom they are in alliance with.

In these papers (Level II), we will only touch on a few of these many races who are interacting with us, or are watching us on a distance without interfering. The Orion Queens. By Dan Winter with Deborah Louth from ImplosionGroup Website There is a Sufi myth which says something like From Length is Longing Born.

The Orion Queens

I've always fancifully thought this was a nice apology for separateness. As if after the big bang, the little sparks darting about through stubble, were us, imagining ourselves separate, and thus able to have a secret thought. This was a convenient imagination in that it allowed us to experience the way momentum which was continuous, became discontinuous. This is variously known as evil (live/recursion spelled backwards), separateness, wave vs particle, continuum vs quantization, catastrophe theory, energy vs. matter, etc. Focus spin (image-ine separate), you get little fractals (recursion), and that is conscious self-awareness.

So what does the Sufi saying here mean about creating longing, by creating the illusion of length or separateness? (Discontinuity of memory = weakness to immune identity.) It wasn't only Arthur who was one with the land. Children of The Matrix - 09. The Dragon Queens If you tell the truth you don't have to remember anything.

Children of The Matrix - 09

Mark Twain The Illuminati appear on the surface to be a male-dominated operation.