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Pedaling Mechanics. Zone 1 Known as the power phase, the portion of the pedal stroke from 12 o'clock to about 5 o'clock is the period of greatest muscle activity.

Pedaling Mechanics

"A lot of people think hamstrings are used only on the upstroke," says Carver, "but a good cyclist uses a lot of hamstring in the downstroke, because it extends the hip. " The key to accessing the large muscles in the back of your leg is dropping your heel as you come over the top of the stroke, says Carver. 5 Cycling Workouts That Will Help You Get Fast Quickly : Tabata Intervals to Build Power. 10 One-Hour Trainer Sessions. Every Tuesday we feature workouts that you can complete in 60 minutes (or less!).

10 One-Hour Trainer Sessions

As we head into the cooler, off-season months we know you’ll be logging more time on your trainer. What’s Holding You Back As A Cyclist? This fall, address the bike limiters that are standing in the way of your best results.

What’s Holding You Back As A Cyclist?

The Benefits Of A Two-A-Day Cycling Plan. Looking for a breakthrough on the bike?

The Benefits Of A Two-A-Day Cycling Plan

Consider riding twice a day. Trying to improve in three disciplines at once is a demanding juggling act. For athletes wanting to step up the distance or focus on getting better on the bike in particular, improvement often necessitates an increase in volume. How To Become An Uber Biker (Part One): Training. If you want to learn how to become an uber biker, pay attention.

How To Become An Uber Biker (Part One): Training

Over the next few weeks we are going to serialise an article by former Ironman uber biker Torbjorn Sindballe, in which he pulls together the disparate parts of what it takes to be one of the quickest on the course. Your Aero Edge. Although aerodynamics are incredibly individual to each rider, there are common findings that have come out of the velodrome tests that you can use to uncover more speed.

Your Aero Edge

Do-It-Yourself Bike Tune-Up: A 5-Step Checklist. Learn how to tune up your bike to save time and money. 1.

Do-It-Yourself Bike Tune-Up: A 5-Step Checklist

Clean the chain. Most wet chain lubes double as excellent degreasers. Cover the chain in the lube, grip the lower segment of the chain with a towel and pedal backward. Keep scrubbing until the chain sparkles. 7 easy ways to get faster with aerodynamics. There are two methods to get faster on the bike: pedal harder, or decrease resistance.

7 easy ways to get faster with aerodynamics

Pedal Slow To Ride Fast. Many novice cyclists ride at a low cadence.

Pedal Slow To Ride Fast

Over the past two decades, the mantra of most respected cycling coaches has been to “spin, spin, spin” in order to increase efficiency and speed. By this they mean that instead of turning the pedals at 70 revolutions per minute, athletes should try to move their legs a little more quickly. Identifying & targeting the muscles used in cycling. Image: TrainingPeaks (click to enlarge) Every sport has its own set of primary muscles responsible for the majority of work of the sports specific motion.

Identifying & targeting the muscles used in cycling

Cycliste : comment s'entrainer pour progresser ? Robert Gauthier et le CMS de Lyon proposent de travailler « sur trois plans » : production maximale d'énergie (puissance équivalente à la VO2 Max), puissance maximale aérobie (puissance mécanique maximale), capacité maximale de travail (puissance au seuil anaérobie). >> Lire notre dossier : VO2Max et PMA Avec un entraînement sur trois niveaux : 30/30. Cycle d'entrainement. : Calcul des developpements d'un velo. Pour celle ou celui qui utilise réguliérement son velo, se pose la question des developpements, et donc des braquets.

Si sur une voiture, personne ne connait la valeur de démultiplication, le cycliste, vvtiste ou cyclotouriste, pas forcement sportif, finit par s'interesser au nombre de dents de ses plateaux et pignons. Nous vous proposons ici de faire le tableau des braquets et développements de votre vélo. Il vous suffit de renseigner le nombre de dents pour un à 3 plateaux, et pour un à 12 pignons. Bien sur, rares sont les vélos pourvus de 12 pignons mais cela apparait sur les vélos de course & compétition. Ensuite, il faut indiquer le type de roue. Enfin, en indiquant une cadence de pédalage (généralement nous aimons pedaler à 60 tours/minute), vous obtiendrez l'allure pour chaque combinaison de rapports.

Cette calculette est aussi prévue pour les moyeux à vitesses (Sturmey-Archer, Sram, Shimano Nexus ou Alfine...). Tableau et Graphique des développements Lien commercial Des questions ? Learn How To Be A Successful Cyclist Through Periodization! As a cyclist progresses through years of intense training, sometimes motivation can lack. Many cyclists will continue to drag themselves through a few more months of training, hoping that their motivation will come back. The problem isn't motivation though.

Velo Five turbo training sessions - Bike - 220Triathlon. Legendary cyclist Graeme Obree is quoted as saying that the first thing he’d rescue from his house if it was on fire would be his turbo trainer. While most of us probably don’t have the same zealous devotion as him – many would happily see the damn thing go up in flames – there’s no disputing its value as a training tool, especially during the winter months. Try these five sets of our favourites turbo training sessions, and take your biking to the next level this winter.