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Selección de Herramientas para Twitter. Is there any free tool for analyzing performance of particular tweets within Twitter? Reading the opening post of a software question encouraged me to publish the following about Quantism.

Is there any free tool for analyzing performance of particular tweets within Twitter?

FOUR EXAMPLES OF ENTANGLEMENT 1.- SPATIUM ENTANGLEMENT Consider the standard elementary geometrization of "absolute" three dimensional physical space. In this context instead of "point in physical space" we will say "spatium state". For a given space coordinate system with XYZ axis, spatium state S corresponds with a point P in geometric XYZ space, that is, S corresponds with a triple of numbers in \R^3. Gephi, an open source graph visualization and manipulation software. NodeXL: Network Overview, Discovery and Exploration for Excel. The R Project for Statistical Computing. Package twitteR. Package tm. Package igraph. Twitter (R news & tutorials) - Part 3.

Friday Links: R, OpenHelix Bioinformatics Tips, 23andMe, Perl, Python, Next-Gen Sequencing I haven't posted much here recently, but here is a roundup of a few of the links I've shared on Twitter (@genetics_blog) over the last two weeks.Here is a nice tutorial on accessing high-throughput public data (from NCBI) using R and Bioconductor.Cloud...

Twitter (R news & tutorials) - Part 3

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Kurrently - real-time social media search engine (Twitter, Facebook, Google+) Twopcharts Overview - Check out the most popular twitter users by language and by city. Tweet Grade. Welcome to Twitalyzer - Twitalyzer. How much is your Twitter profile worth? Tracking Twitter Profile Statistics. Retweet Rank - Measure and track your retweets. Twitter Analytics — BackTweets.

Get a custom brand page for your tweets. Twitterfall.