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Gestión de Flotas, Controle y Localización de vehículos. Filtro Etileno - Eris filtro. Eris filter is an innovative ethylene scrubber and airborne bacteria removal tool. It is the ideal solution to protect all varieties of fresh produce and cut flowers being shipped in refrigerated trucks, railroad refrigerator cars or marine containers. Learn more about applications for Eris Filter. Safe for refrigeration units, Eris Filter is placed near blower unit, preserving space for loading produce. Eris is made of light-weight materials to prevent airflow disruption while maximizing ethylene removal and destruction of airborne bacteria and viruses. Eris filter reduces labor costs as there is no longer any need to maintain traditional tube filters.

Construction The filter contains particles of Potassium permanganate encased in non-woven polyester coated with an anti-microbial agent. The edges of the filter include a series of solid brass O rings making it extremely easy to place Eris filter near the evaporator, using only zip ties or Velcro hooks. AA Cargo Cold Chain Review - Spring 2013. Slangen_2986.pdf. Seabury Presentation Reefer Conference.pdf. Chaquetones o contenedores? El futuro del transporte marítimo internacional. Reefers or containers?

Chaquetones o contenedores? El futuro del transporte marítimo internacional

The future of international shipping There are signs of a shift away from conventional reefer shipping in favour of container shipping, when it comes to the export of fruits. Drewry maritime Research's Container Consensus suggests the same - "The maritime refrigerated container fleet grew by a record 13% during 2011 and ended the year at 2,048,000 teu. This was almost double the 6.6% increase achieved in 2010 and, in fact, one of the highest rates of annual growth ever reported for the sector. " In 2006 the world fleet of maritime refrigerated containers consisted of 1,377,000 containers. An article in the Financial Times recently explained how Fyffes had managed to make savings as a result of their doing just that. "This has been happening for the past 8 years or so, it's just accelerated as the price of oil has risen," she said. "With container shipping the per unit cost is so much cheaper than on a conventional reefer vessel.

Top ISO Containers Guide! Importación y exportación mundial de Frutas y frutos comestibles; cortezas de agrios (citricos), melones o sandias - Gráfico Datos Cruzados. Liriarteg. Global container trade growth for 2013 revised down as market mood darkens. GLOBAL trade forecasts for 2013 are already being revised down, only a few months into the year with the latest estimates from Clarkson dropping from 6.6 per cent a month ago to 6.1 per cent today.

Global container trade growth for 2013 revised down as market mood darkens

The maritime consultancy group expects containerised trade to reach 166 million TEU in 2013, which will be the highest ever recorded figure for the industry. But even in this early stage of the year the forecasts for the major trades are coming down significantly. According to Clarkson’s Container Intelligence Monthly report, Asia-Europe volumes just one month ago were forecast to grow 3.96 per cent, today that figure has been adjusted to 3.48 per cent for a total volume of 20.8 million TEU. This marks an increase of just 1.46 per cent from 2011, which was the last year that the trade actually posted growth… Commenting on the precarious outlook for the mainline trades this year Clarkson said that even these revised figures for “modest growth” were subject to further downgrades.

Source: Sea News. Shipping Intelligence Network. Stat - Table view - Liner shipping connectivity index, annual, 2004-2013. Review of Maritime Transport (Series) Page Content The Review of Maritime Transport is an UNCTAD flagship publication, published annually since 1968.

Review of Maritime Transport (Series)

Around 80 per cent of the volume of international trade in goods is carried by sea, and the percentage is even higher for most developing countries. The Review of Maritime Transport provides an analysis of structural and cyclical changes affecting seaborne trade, ports and shipping, as well as an extensive collection of statistical information. Every issue provides data and insights on: Seaborne tradeEmerging trends affecting maritime transportFleet ownership and registrationShipbuilding and demolitionsFreight ratesLiner shipping connectivityPort trafficLegal and regulatory developmentsA topical issue covered in a special chapter.

Transport Newsletter. Stat - Item selection - Container port throughput, annual, 2008-2010. Stat - Table view - Container port throughput, annual, 2008-2010. Container Intelligence Monthly. Review of Maritime Transport (Series)