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University of Alaska Fairbanks. Fairbanks. Fairbanks es una ciudad localizada en Alaska, Estados Unidos.


Según el censo de 2007, la población de la ciudad es 34.540[1] y la población total de Fairbanks y sus alrededores es de 97.484.[2] [3] Fairbanks es la ciudad más grande en la región interior de Alaska y la segunda ciudad más grande del estado, después de Anchorage. En ella se encuentra la Universidad de Alaska Fairbanks, la más antigua del estado. Geografía y clima[editar] Termografía promedio del aire en casilla meteo, 1929 a 2009, NASA. Geografía[editar] Panorama invernal de Fairbanks, desde el puente de la calle Cushman hacia el sur, con el río Chena. Fairbanks está localizada en Localizada también en las orillas norte y sur del Río Chena, cerca de su confluencia con el Río Tanana. De acuerdo con la Oficina del Censo de los Estados Unidos, la ciudad tiene un área total de 84,6 kilómetros cuadrados. 82,5 km² es tierra y 2,1 km² es agua (2,48% es agua). Clima[editar] Tiene un clima subártico. Academic Ranking of World Universities.

Lincoln University. Home » Christchurch » Universidades » Lincoln university Martes, 08 julio 2014 Error cargando mapa.

Lincoln University

Map Data Map data ©2014 Google Map Satellite. Convergence: Facilitating Transdisciplinary Integration of Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Engineering, and Beyond. Convergence of the life sciences with fields including physical, chemical, mathematical, computational, engineering, and social sciences is a key strategy to tackle complex challenges and achieve new and innovative solutions.

Convergence: Facilitating Transdisciplinary Integration of Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Engineering, and Beyond

However, institutions face a lack of guidance on how to establish effective programs, what challenges they are likely to encounter, and what strategies other organizations have used to address the issues that arise. This advice is needed to harness the excitement generated by the concept of convergence and channel it into the policies, structures, and networks that will enable it to realize its goals. Convergence investigates examples of organizations that have established mechanisms to support convergent research. This report discusses details of current programs, how organizations have chosen to measure success, and what has worked and not worked in varied settings.

Software de aprendizaje interactivo SMART Classroom Suite. SMART Classroom Suite software Instalación sencilla y consolidada El software SMART Classroom Suite hace que la gestión de todos sus productos de hardware y software SMART sea más sencilla que nunca consolidando todas las instalaciones de software en una.

Software de aprendizaje interactivo SMART Classroom Suite

Aulas inteligentes - Showcase - marzo 2014. More than 800 Queensland state school teacher aides now hold the department's Certificate of Digital Practice.

Aulas inteligentes - Showcase - marzo 2014

Just 18 months after the qualification was launched, 859 people have worked their way through the Digital Practice Guide ( ) and been awarded the certificate—312 in the past school term. Crescent Lagoon State School teacher-aide Peter Ramm said the whole process was simple and easy to follow. 'It looks like a long hard process but, with the help of my school mentor and a little time and planning, it was a fairly painless process. 'It doesn't take long to complete.' To gain a certificate, education support staff use the Digital Practice Guide ( ) to reflect on the range of ways they engage with students working digitally and how this practice contributes to students' teaching and learning experiences. A teacher-aide for 20 years, Mr Ramm said completing the certificate was a good challenge and a fantastic test of the skills he has learnt in his work.

WISE - Cumbre Mundial de Innovación Para La Educación. > Back School-age children in remote rural areas are often deprived of easy access to schooling in large part because it can be difficult for these communities to attract and retain qualified teachers.

WISE - Cumbre Mundial de Innovación Para La Educación

Browse this section to learn more about initiatives and strategies that have proven most effective in hard-to-reach communities. Follow and participate in the 2012 WISE Debate on Remote Areas: Expanding Access on Twitter (#WISEAccess) and through the dedicated Summit session page. "It is important to ensure that children in remote areas have access to school, better teachers and resources" Read the interview with Mohammed Rezwan, a 2012 WISE Awards winning project representative, to find out more about overcoming challenges to providing education in rural and remote areas. Satya Bharti Schools Find out how this 2012 WISE Awards winning project provides a holistic education, free of charge, to underprivileged children, particularly girls, in rural India. Working in public education - Remote Teaching Service. The Remote Teaching Service is made up of a dedicated group of more than 200 teachers living and working in 38 remote communities in Western Australia.

Working in public education - Remote Teaching Service

They deliver flexible and innovative education programs to ensure students in remote areas are not disadvantaged by their location and have access to high quality learning programs. The Remote Teaching Service offers a range of professional opportunities for people who are creative and resilient. If you are flexible and like working as part of a team you have the opportunity to be part of this innovative learning community.

Skills and interests in literacy, numeracy and English as an additional language/dialect (ESL/D) are highly valued. Working in a remote community offers some challenges which include isolation, cultural differences, varied accommodation and occasionally unreliable power and water. Back to top Living in a remote community You have the opportunity to: Teaching in a remote community Transport List of remote schools 1. 2. 3. Working in public education - Remote Teaching Service.