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Friedlander Tragedy in the Media

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Lewisboro Memorializes Friedlander Victims. An Update on the Sam Friedlander Family Murder-Suicide. In mid-October, we brought you news of a tragic family murder-suicide that took place in Westchester County, New York.

An Update on the Sam Friedlander Family Murder-Suicide

The apparent perpetrator, solo practitioner Samuel Friedlander, an alumnus of Western New England University School of Law, reportedly beat his wife to death and then shot and killed his two young children, before committing suicide. As we noted in Morning Docket last week, there was some speculation as to whether the massacre had been premeditated. Today, we bring you an update on the slayings, including information on possible premeditation and additional background regarding Friedlander’s employment history. Which major law firm did Sam Friedlander once work for? Since the brutal murders, more facts have been uncovered about Sam Friedlander’s past. Sam was a gentle guy. . . . The Daily Lewisboro. The New Agenda » Blog Archive » PRESS RELEASE: See Something, Say Something – Victim Blaming in NY Friedlander Murder Imperils Public Safety.

The following press release has been sent to select media outlets.

The New Agenda » Blog Archive » PRESS RELEASE: See Something, Say Something – Victim Blaming in NY Friedlander Murder Imperils Public Safety

October 26, 2011 The New Agenda, a national organization dedicated to achieving safety and opportunity for all women, launched an online petition to have a New Jersey county prosecutor who made victim-blaming statements about the NY Friedlander family murders terminated or re-assigned for his statements. On Oct. 18 Amy Friedlander and her two children were brutally murdered by husband and father Sam Friedlander. The petition addressed to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Attorney General Paula Dow, and Passaic County prosecutor Camelia M.

“These statements reflect a reckless disregard for the laws Mr. Siskind is also asking Passaic County prosecutor Camelia Valdes for a meeting to discuss the issue. To sign the petition, go here. Siskind noted that the fact that a prosecuting attorney would make those statements just shows how prevalent victim blaming is. Father-in-law calls Cross River killings premeditated. Nearly six months before he wiped out his entire family, Sam Friedlander walked into a Yonkers gun shop far from his northern Westchester home and law office and purchased a 12-gauge shotgun and two boxes of ammo, actions that prompted his father-in-law to speculate Monday that the killings were planned. "It must have been premeditated," said Gary Perez, Amy Friedlander's father. Friedlander bought the Remington 870 on April 29, a few weeks after he and his wife had reached an agreement on child custody as part of their divorce proceedings.

Amy Friedlander was given physical custody of Molly, 10, and Gregory, 8, while Sam was granted liberal access to the children, Amy Friedlander's lawyers have said. The family massacre took place just days before the estranged couple were due back in court. "I know they had come to an agreement on access to custody at the beginning of April, and I know he wasn't too happy about it," Perez said. "I'm at a loss for words," said Galimi. Sam Friedlander's funeral to be held in NYC, more than a week after he killed family, self.

Soccer teams hold remembrances for Friedlander children. Facebook. Financial woes debated as factor in Lewisboro family massacre. Samuel Friedlander was not immune to the stresses of a dismal economy. Several accounts tell of a struggling, self-employed attorney who found it difficult to keep a job and to maintain a certain family lifestyle in the plush suburbs of northern Westchester.

Amy Friedlander had custody of children in divorce proceedings, according to news report. Funeral services for Amy, Molly, and Gregory Friedlander are today in Pennsylvania. Friedlander Colleague Says Questions Still Remain. LEWISBORO, N.Y. – The Westchester County Medical Examiner’s Office completed autopsies on the Friedlander family who were found dead in their Cross River home Monday evening.

Friedlander Colleague Says Questions Still Remain

But an acquaintance of Samuel Friedlander, who said she knew him well, believes there are still questions left unanswered. Police investigators said Friedlander, an attorney, 50, killed his wife, Amy, 46, and their two children, Molly, 10, and Gregory, 8, in an apparent murder-suicide. The couple was going through a bitter divorce. However, Janet Paganelli, an attorney based in White Plains and longtime professional acquaintance of Samuel Friedlander, said she knew the couple was going through an unpleasant divorce and that Sam had asked her if she thought he seemed distracted. “I think he was acting stressed,” she said.

The autopsy revealed that the cause of Amy Friedlander’s death was bludgeoning –investigators said they believe she was beaten with a table leg. “Sam was an odd guy. Lewisboro Parents Help Kids Deal with Grief. LEWISBORO, N.Y. – The tragedy of the murder-suicide of the Friedlander family that took place in Cross River on Tuesday has left stunned parents grasping at ways to help their children understand what transpired and guide them through the grieving process.

Lewisboro Parents Help Kids Deal with Grief

Police investigators say that Samuel Friedlander, 50, killed his wife, Amy Friedlander, 46, and their two children, Molly, 10, and Gregory, 8 as the couple struggled through a bitter divorce. Both children attended Lewisboro Elementary, where two members of the Lewisboro Town Board – Supervisor Charles Duffy and Councilman Frank Kelly – also have children enrolled. Kelly has four children in the Katonah-Lewisboro School District, including a son in the same fifth grade class as Molly at Lewisboro Elementary. “He’s really too young to process it,” Kelly said. “We told him about it and he was troubled by it. “We have discussed grieving and dying because both of their grandfathers have passed away over the past two years,” he said. Father of Cross River woman killed in family massacre paints damning portrait of son-in-law. Police: Lewisboro, N.Y., father killed wife, kids, self. LEWISBORO, N.Y. -- A Westchester County attorney, apparently facing financial straits and a crumbling marriage, bludgeoned his wife to death, then shot and killed the couple's two children before turning the gun on himself, authorities said.

Police: Lewisboro, N.Y., father killed wife, kids, self

New York State Police said they believe 50-year-old Samuel Friedlander repeatedly struck Amy Friedlander, 46, with a blunt object during a heated argument in the master bedroom of their Lewisboro home sometime around midnight Monday. He then walked down the hallway and shot his two children with a 12-gauge Remington 870 shotgun as they lay in bed, according to N.Y. State Police spokesman Major Michael Kopy. "The shotgun was recovered with one expended round in the chamber," Kopy said Wednesday at a news conference at Troop K in Hawthorne, N.Y. "Two shells, believed to have been discharged during the course of this, were recovered in another room in the residence. The house sits on a 1.6-acre parcel in the tony Michelle Estates neighborhood. Experts: Divorce battles can take violent turns. School shocked, saddened over deaths of Cross River siblings. Gruesome details emerge on murder-suicide in Cross River.

Friedlander family of four dies in murder-suicide at father’s hands. Amy Friedlander, 46, her daughter, Molly, 10, and son, Gregory, 8, died at the hands of their father, Sam Friedlander, 50, in a tragic murder-suicide, Oct. 18, in Cross River, NY, a village about 60 miles north of New York City described as “a perfect suburban neighborhhod.”

Friedlander family of four dies in murder-suicide at father’s hands

Sam and Amy Friedlander had been due in court the next day in a divorce proceeding, police said. Friedlander had legally purchased a shotgun he used in the killings about six months prior to the attack, media reported. Amy, Molly, and Gregory were mourned at an emotional funeral in Pennsylvania on Oct. 23. "There are simply no words to prepare anyone for the unspeakable grief that we are feeling here today," said Rabbi Craig Axler. "There are no words to describe the anger or lack of justice we are experiencing here today. Town may get involved with future use of Friedlander house.

Father killed wife, two children and himself at Cross River home. Sam Friedlander left letters indicating his suicidal intentions, took medications and killed wife with a rolling pin, according to news report. Sam Friedlander 'last wishes' notes don't mention intent to kill family; wife killed with rolling pin. LEWISBORO — Sam Friedlander sent two letters to a family member and left another in his law office, all indicating his impending suicide but not his state of mind or that he intended to kill his wife and two children, state police said.

Sam Friedlander 'last wishes' notes don't mention intent to kill family; wife killed with rolling pin

"These were like his last wishes," lead investigator Brahim Dedusevic told The Journal News Thursday afternoon. Investigators also revealed that the 50-year-old lawyer bludgeoned his wife with a wooden rolling pin, initially mistaken by police for a broken-off furniture leg because it was covered in blood. They also said he was taking several medications to treat depression, anxiety, insomnia and high blood pressure — and that he bought his shotgun and ammunition in April with cash.

Friedlander, described by his wife's family as controlling and obsessive , had been taking several of the medications for at least a decade, police said. There was no indication that he had recently begun or stopped taking any of the prescription drugs. (Page 2 of 2) Friedlander's funeral to be held in NYC, more than a week after he killed family, himself. Sam Friedlander's funeral will be held this week in Greenwich Village, more than a week after, police say, he killed his wife and two children.

Friedlander's funeral to be held in NYC, more than a week after he killed family, himself

At his family's request, the Crestwood Memorial Chapel had the 50-year-old lawyer's body picked up from the Westchester Medical Examiner's Office on Monday. A funeral director at the Bleecker Street chapel would not reveal when the private funeral will be held, saying only that it won't be today. The director also would not say whether Friedlander will be cremated or buried, and where. Private funeral service for Sam Friedlander will be held in New York City, according to news report. Cops: Friedlander bought shotgun in April.

Gun Used in Friedlander Murder-Suicide Purchased Back in April at Yonkers Shop. State police reveal when and where Sam Friedlander got the weapon he used to murder his family.

Gun Used in Friedlander Murder-Suicide Purchased Back in April at Yonkers Shop

Sam Friedlander purchased the Remington model 870 12 gauge shotgun he used to kill his two children and himself from a gun store in Yonkers nearly six months ago, state police said today. The weapon was bought April 29, police said, along with two boxes of 00 buckshot shotgun ammunition, from All Counties Sporting Supply Inc. on Yonkers Avenue. On Oct. 18 Samuel Friedlander, 50, , used the gun to fatally shoot his two children, 8 and 10, in their beds, and then killed himself in the basement of their home at 2 Lambert Ridge Road in Cross River, N.Y. A call to the company tonight reached its voicemail system. The owner, Anthony Galimi, earlier today called it "a tragedy" to the Journal News' Shawn Cohen.

Police said no laws were broken in obtaining the weapon. Murder suicide of Friedlander family in New York. Sorry!

Murder suicide of Friedlander family in New York

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Husband Kills Amy Friedlander ’87 in Apparent Murder-Suicide. AMY P. (Perez) FRIEDLANDER Obituary: View AMY FRIEDLANDER's Obituary by Philadelphia Inquirer & Philadelphia Daily News. Protest against 'victim blaming' following Friedlander family murders on Monday in White Plains. Protestors: 'Amy Friedlander Did Not Cause Her Own Murder' Show of support for victims in the Cross River slayings also includes a rebuke for some media outlets' reporting on the tragedy. More than two dozen women marched in White Plains Monday to deplore last week’s Lewisboro murders as well as some of the subsequent news coverage. The women—principally staffers and volunteers from two domestic-violence agencies, Hope’s Door and My Sister’s Place—stood beneath a statue of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. from noon to about 1 p.m. outside the Westchester County Courthouse.

They quietly held signs decrying suggestions that Amy Friedlander had somehow provoked her estranged husband, Samuel, and then taking his own life sometime late last Monday or early Tuesday. A brisk 10-mph breeze fluttered signs insisting, among other things, “Amy Friedlander Did Not Cause Her Own Murder” and “Domestic Violence Is Never Justified,” while temperatures in the 60s kept demonstrators and spectators chilled. “This is not domestic violence,” Horton said. Friend of wife in Cross River tragedy rejects claim she was abusive. Amy Siskind: Blaming Amy. Two weeks ago today, a college friend communicated some shocking news: our sorority sister and dear friend, Amy Friedlander, was dead. Amy was part of a murder-suicide in which her two young children, and husband, with whom she was days away from finalizing a divorce, were also found dead. The media that morning described a Westchester home so bloody, that it was not possible to discern, who murdered who.

Big mystery, right? Even if I hadn't known Amy, I could have made a very educated guessed. Women account for 85% of the victims of intimate partner violence. Cookie cutter domestic violence. The first perpetrator of victim blame was the local media, The Journal News (owned by Gannett). For this thoroughly unprofessional piece of 'journalism', The Journal News interviewed two of Sam's law school friends -- and none of the victim's friends -- for a story line exploring why Amy was responsible for her own death. 'No Words' When A Parent Takes Lives of Children - Wilton, CT Patch. A Patch columnist and parent shares her reaction to the murder-suicide in Cross River. For someone who makes a living with words, I have no words.

When a parent takes the life of his children, there are no words. Even for the bystander there is grief and horror, raw shock and sadness, but no words could ever truly explain what happened. On Tuesday police discovered a murder-suicide on Lambert Ridge Road in Cross River, N.Y., a quiet hamlet in the ring of suburbs north of New York City. I live nearby in Connecticut. Family mourns Westchester woman, children slain by lawyer in murder-suicide. Bill Denver for News A funeral was held for Amy Friedlander and her two children on Sunday.

Hundreds attend memorial for slain mother, 2 children. Remembering the Friedlanders. Hundreds gather in Cross River to remember the lives of Amy, Molly and Gregory Friedlander nearly a month after their tragic deaths. A father patted his son's head as they looked at photographs of Amy Friedlander, 46, and her family in the vestibule of the John Jay Middle School Theater, where hundreds gathered Sunday to remember the victims of the shocking murder that unnerved the hamlet of Cross River. Mourners began arriving an hour before the 1 p.m. start, finally able to formally acknowledge the family's death after the original service was postponed because of the Nor'easter. Funeral Held For Friedlander Family Near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, After Husband Sam Friedlander Murders Family, Commits Suicide. From our newsroom to your inbox weekday mornings at 9AM. Sign Up NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Hundreds of mourners attended the funeral service for a woman and children killed in their home by their husband and father.

Slain mom, 2 children leave 'a hole in the world' Friends Remember Family Massacre Victims. Funeral Held For Friedlander Family Near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, After Husband Sam Friedlander Murders Family, Commits Suicide.