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Thanks to COVID-19, It’s Time to Review Your Home’s Interior Design. For the longest time, the home has been where the heart is.

Thanks to COVID-19, It’s Time to Review Your Home’s Interior Design

But, this saying has never been truer than the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak and the subsequent lockdown. With the home being the epicenter for not only leisure and the usual meals, but also exercise, full-time work, exercise, and more, everyone is looking at their homes differently. People no longer want their homes to be just beautiful spaces, but healthy and functional, as well. So, whether you are thinking of undergoing a complete makeover, a few upgrades, or starting from scratch, these are some of the interior design trends that you should pay attention to. Decluttering and Opening Up Spaces Will Reign Superior The coronavirus lockdown has had a major impact on everyone and being confined within the four walls of the home has made people reconfigure their living spaces.

Focus On the Installation of Storage Solutions Keeping in tandem with the above point, quarantine has made people realize the importance of space. 6 Important Questions to Ask a Builder Before Purchasing a Property. Buying a property is an overwhelming process that requires a lot of effort.

6 Important Questions to Ask a Builder Before Purchasing a Property

Along with this task being complicated, it requires a lot of monetary investment. Budget Friendly Ways to Decorate Your Living Room - Working Mom Blog. Spread the message.

Budget Friendly Ways to Decorate Your Living Room - Working Mom Blog

Stop the virus. HandsWash often ElbowCough into. Everything You Need To Know Before You Start Looking For Homes during the Ongoing Pandemic - -From visiting properties to credit scores and everything in between.

Everything You Need To Know Before You Start Looking For Homes during the Ongoing Pandemic -

The ongoing pandemic has changed a lot for all of us. Almost every business is facing a wrath of loss due to the lockdown. Real estate industry is not foreign to it. While we all wish for situations globally to get better soon, it is wise to find out ways to make do with whatever we have with us at present. Real estate portals are also equipping themselves with modern methods to keep up with the present times. 2020 V/s 2010 – How are Homes Built Differently Today? 2010 was a golden period for home construction.

2020 V/s 2010 – How are Homes Built Differently Today?

There was never a better time. The demand for business premises and homes was high. Functionality, design and material options were varied and diversified. This was all happening after the 2008 financial crash that severely affected public spending. As the real estate sector started recovering, the focus was on green credentials in terms of sourcing, supply, materials storage and use. How to Create a Calm & Serene Meditation Corner in Your Apartment? It feels like meditation is the cure to every problem these days.

How to Create a Calm & Serene Meditation Corner in Your Apartment?

Need help falling asleep? Meditate for twenty minutes. Feeling stressed or anxious? Again, meditate. Feeling disconnected and lost? Life is hard already and the coronavirus-induced lockdown has simply amplified the problems that people were already dealing with. Modern Living Room Ideas to Suit Every Taste - Extra Large As Life. There’s nothing like crafting a comfortable and luxurious living room that is suitable for entertaining loved ones and for enjoying family time.

Modern Living Room Ideas to Suit Every Taste - Extra Large As Life

This primary spot is responsible for setting the tone for the overall décor of your home. Also, the living room is one of the best places to show-off your design aesthetics by experimenting with layers of patterns and textures, color palettes, and a wide range of furniture layouts. The room is meant to be all about comfort and your personality. Today, when you discuss living room décor with anybody, the one term that you will hear is ‘modern design’. But, the term is often misunderstood. Need help managing your home loan EMIs? Here’s how you can prevent becoming a defaulter. A home loan is a long-term financial commitment and can be difficult to manage when someone is in financial duress.

Need help managing your home loan EMIs? Here’s how you can prevent becoming a defaulter

If you fail to pay your home loan EMI, the bank might send you a legal notice and list you under loan defaulters. In recent times, the Indian government strengthened the laws governing NPAs (non-performing assets) by bestowing more power to banks and financial institutions when it comes to recovering NPAs. Simply put, defaulting on the EMIs can have severe implications and it is best that you do not have to walk down that road. Having said that, certain situations and circumstances are not under anybody’s control. Why Investing in a 2/3 BHK Apartments Makes More Sense Compared to a 1 BHK Apartment? In the last few years, the residential real estate market in India has witnessed unprecedented growth.

Why Investing in a 2/3 BHK Apartments Makes More Sense Compared to a 1 BHK Apartment?

Thanks to revised governmental policies and home loan facilities, more and more are able to afford to their dream home. However, when it comes to purchasing an apartment, most homebuyers become confused about which unit of the apartment they should invest in – 1, 2 or 3 BHK apartment. The price of each unit is dependent on the property developer, area and the location. Moreover, it also depends on the family size and budget. Refresh Your Home Decor with These Incredibly Easy Design Update Tips. Gear Up For COVID-19 Lockdown 4.0 by Creating an Inspirational Kids’ Study Room. As India gets ready for the 4th phase of coronavirus virus, parents need to pay some attention to their kids, especially regarding where they should work and study.

Gear Up For COVID-19 Lockdown 4.0 by Creating an Inspirational Kids’ Study Room

Initially, you might have been hopeful of schools opening soon, but now the situation is different. States and cities in the red zones might take 4 weeks or more to even begin the journey toward normalcy pre-lockdown. Children, as you know, have a very limited attention span. They easily get distracted and if the learning environment is not conducive, you may hear your child complain every time you make him/her sit to learn. Ways to Keep Your Home Protected from Germs & Viruses. Many countries are under total lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, including India. Yet, coronavirus cases continue to rise. As reported in The Hindu, COVID-19 cases in the country stood at 52,952 on 7th May. This deadly virus has already claimed 1,783 lives. Amidst this gripping panic, Director of AIIMS, Randeep Guleria stated that the cases are most likely going to peak between June and July.

Bedrooms are not Only for Sleeping. Here are Cool Seating Ideas for Transforming this Room - Living Gossip. Much more than a place to sleep, your bedroom should be a space where you can relax and escape after a hard day. Besides the obvious bed frame, area rug and side tables, incorporating casual seating can turn your bedroom into a space favorable toward other relaxing activities like, reading a book or meditating. Every bedroom is unique and the reason behind wanting a seating space in the bedroom varies from person to person. So, here are some of the most stylish and simple bedroom seating ideas for you. Cozy Seating at the Foot of Your Bed The foot of your bed is a wonderful way to incorporate a seat. 5 Ways to Utilize the Lockdown and Better Prepare Yourself for Buying a Home. You had done your research. Got your papers ready. Spoke to the property developer and selected your dream home.

But, alas. The outbreak of COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdown marred your plans of purchasing your dream home. You might be feeling utterly helpless, but there isn’t any other way than to wait and let this bad phase pass. However, you might not be at a total loss. Discover the not-so-heard-of benefits of owning a home. Owning a home is the ultimate dream. Even while people stay in rented apartments, they dream of someday being the proud owner of a home. After all, purchasing a home is not just any financial investment. It is an asset that can be left behind for future generations. If you are a first-time buyer, it is natural to have some concerns and trepidations regarding making such a huge investment. Having reservations is nothing out-of-the-blow and once you know about the advantages of purchasing a home, the entire process will appear less scary to you. The pride of homeownership. Transform Your Home into a Natural Paradise of Tranquility with These Decorating Tips.

City life is challenging, overwhelming, and depressing. People are constantly in a state of ‘go, go, go’. To accommodate a growing population, cities are turning into a concrete jungle. Wherever you look, you’ll see tall buildings and skyscrapers outlining the skyline. Lockdown… Best Time to Invest in Real Estate. I’m sure you must be thinking that here comes another article on Corona. Create a Cozy Reading Nook in your Home during the Lockdown. The idea of working from home and staying locked up in the house with loved ones might have sounded like a blissful situation, but only initially. Myths about Home Buying in India Debunked. Create a cozy reading nook in your home during the lockdown. Homebuyers, Beware! Here are the Top Real Estate Scams that you should avoid at Any Cost. The Indian real estate sector is booming. As per IBEF’s report, the real estate market in India is expected to grow to INR 65,000 crore by 2040 from INR 12,000 crore in 2019.

The report also predicted that by 2025, the real estate market will alone contribute to 13% of the country’s GDP. Lately, Indian residential real estate is showing a trend of 5-year returns that indicates the haphazard growth in the market by replaced by more mature and realistic market behaviors. Primary or Resale Property? Which One should you Consider Buying? Buying a home isn’t just another financial transaction. Understanding the Role of Women in Today’s Real Estate Transactions. They resigned from actively taking part in crucial decisions like, purchasing a property and felt comfortable in playing the lead role in maintaining and beautifying homes. But, those days are gone. 4 Ways to Keep Your Apartment Germ and Bacteria-Free. In the wake of Covid-19 officially declared as a national emergency, one can’t find a better time to up the cleaning and hygiene standards for your apartment.

While we are bent on keeping our hand sanitizer and wear masks in public, it is equally important that you keep your floors, indoor living spaces, bed sheets, curtains, and metal knobs across doors and windows, car seats, dashboards and other parts of your home clean. Real estate vs. Stocks-Where to Invest and Why. When it comes to investment options, real estate and stocks have always locked in horns. As one faces the conundrum, it is worthwhile to say that both investing avenues have their fair share of merits and demerits. However, they also have a host of other advantages that makes them unique all the way. The State of Affairs for Home Buyers in India 2020 - Revenues & Profits. In a follow up to the announcement from the Finance Minister’s office regarding the setting of Rs. Two hundred fifty billion funds, to the likes of Category-II Alternative Investment Funds, Indian builders will now be able to act better towards completing stalled projects for good.

Are You Looking To Stay On Higher Floors But Worried About Higher Prices? In Kolkata, higher you go, more are the prices of flats. 13 Important Points to Consider Before Signing a Sales Agreement on an "Under Construction" Booked Flat. Indian Real Estate Market Stands Strong In The Face Of Corona Overhang - Genius Updates. DO NOT Finalize Your Flat On B.T. Road Until You Read This. 6 Critical Documents That One Should Check Before Booking A Flat. How to Bring About a Minimalist Touch to Your Apartment. 8 Awesome Tips for Your Kids Moving In To a New Apartment. Why Buying the House of Your Dreams Is A Difficult Proposition. Living Within a Gated Community-4 Awesome Reasons to Consider. Buying A Flat In North Kolkata –Is It worth Your Investment.

Budget 2020 and what’s In Store For Real Estate and Other Sectors. Five Government Measures that Can Uplift Real Estate Market in 2020. Salary Spending On Rent – How Much Should You Spare. Home Insurance Policy-What to Do and What Not. Agreement for Sale V/S Sale Deed-Main Differences to Know. How Can I Transfer My Home Loan? Buying a Home in 2020 -Things to Know. 4 Emerging Trends to Impact Indian Real Estate Market In 2020. How to Use Candles For Home Decor to bring a touch of elegance. How to Compare and invest in an Apartment like a Pro.

2019 -A sad state of affairs for Indian Real Estate Market. 4 Ways To Effectively Search For New Apartments In Kolkata. 5 Ways How Technology is changing the fate of real estate in Kolkata. 6 Real Life Lessons about Investing In Real Estate. 9 Smart Tricks to Transform a Small Apartment into a Big One. Things to Know Before You Purchase a House. Myths of Indian Real Estate Market. 4 Hidden Costs to Consider When Buying a Home. 5 Home Improvement Tips to Look Up To In 2020 - Womenlite. Change in relationship and how it affects where we choose to stay. 4 Bedroom Hacks to Maximize Storage Options Inside A Bedroom. Do's and Don'ts you need to remember while renovating your flat. Residential Units With Parking And Other Amenities Attract Lower GST. Drafting differences between Sale Deed VS Title Deed. Easy Home Decor Ideas to enhance your living space - Beautifully Me. Debunking Common Fears and Myths related To House Buying.

6 Amazing Tips to Bring Down Construction Costs  - WhiteOut Press. Why Location Matters While Purchasing an Apartment. Why Compact Homes Are In Vogue for Indian Real Estate Market. Why investing in property is always a good decision. Inner decor tips when buying a new apartment. Which Gives Higher Returns-Investing In Property Or Equity? - Oswal Group. 6 Awesome Ways How Wallpapers Can Transform Your Living Spaces - Think Better Living. Make Your Home Ready For Summer. Top 4 Myths About Real Estate - Stumble Forward. Are Women Deferring Marriage To Purchase A Property? West Bengal’s HIRA vs. Center’s RERA - ePRNews.

Make Your House Child-Friendly. Invest In Property This New Financial Year. How To Save Taxes On Selling Property. Hiring Interior Designer: 5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in this Solution. Best Time For NRIs To Invest In Indian Real Estate. Upcoming locations in Kolkata to buy a new flat. Kolkata - The Perennial Real Estate Destination. Why Investing in Property is a Good Option This New Year. The Beauty And Splendor Of Luxurious Flats On BT Road. Benefits That The Union Budget 2019 Will Bring To Buyers And Investors. How To Choose The Perfect Home With Your Spouse. Make Your Best Retirement Plan. How Home Décor Can Change the Look of Your House. Why Investing In Real Estate Is A Prudent Decision In 2019. Factors Redefining Luxury Housing in Bengal - Noise Break. How Ceramics Can Give Your House a Makeover - The Property Times.

How To Make Your Home A Haven - Oswal Group. Why Construction Plays a Crucial Role in Choosing a Residential Tower. Interior Designing Trends for 2019 - Oswal Group. How The Real Estate Industry Has Grown In India - Oswal Group. How Residential Amenities Can Elevate Your Lifestyle - Oswal Group. Decorate Your Dream House This Christmas - Oswal Group. Location Criteria to Look for While Selecting a Home - Oswal Group. Evolving Investment Patterns in Real Estate - Oswal Group.

Entrepreneurship in the Real Estate Sector - Oswal Group. Snazzy Tips to Decorate Your House This Winter. Safety Procedures for Residential Towers.