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Wikitude. 21 APIs Used in 7 Days: Bing, Genability and SoundCloud. Best New Mashups: Energy Mashups using Amazon, Genability and DonorsChoose. Having an infant in the house combined with the winter weather has caused energy usage in our household to skyrocket. We are always keeping an eye out for ways to save and ProgrammableWeb lists great tools to help out.

This week we’ll look at mashups that help users monitor their energy consumption, become educated on energy and encourage them to reduce how much energy they are using. Simple Energy – Simple Energy uses social and game mechanics to engage energy customers and encourage them the reduce their energy consumption. APIs used include: Zillow, Twilio, SendGrid, Facebook, AmazonSES, AmazonRDSRelationalDatabaseService, AmazonEC2.

More at our Simple Energy profile. Whatsmypower – Real-time electricity price in your home from WattQuiz – A simple social quiz, a la, that asks you questions and educates you about your energy. Both comments and pings are currently closed. Numbers API. Google Maps Family Gets a New Home. Google continues to bring new APIs into its new developer site. The most recent addition is the Google Maps API, the company’s popular platform for all things location, mobile and local. Though the flagship mapping API is given high visibility, the site contains information on the search giant’s complete suite of geographic APIs, including the Google Earth API and Google Places API.

Also prominently included is a link to a complete run-down on licensing, pricing and terms. The Google Maps pricing was announced in October and only affects sites that use more than 25,000 views per day or have other needs such as using the service behind a pay wall. As a whole, the Google Developers site appears to be looking beyond simply the experienced developer audience. By moving its 13 Google Maps API to the developer site, Google is making clear that it’s serious about the future home of all its APIs. Both comments and pings are currently closed. 61 Geolocation APIs: Panoramio, Google Gears and Yahoo. 53 Books APIs: Google Books, Goodreads and SharedBook. ProgrammableWeb - Mashups, APIs, and the Web as Platform.

Putação Soberana. Home > Artigos > Engenharia de Software > Publicado por klauswuestefeld em 11/01/2013 - 39.286 visualizações comentários: 9 Klaus Wuestefeld(Publicado originalmente no MundoOO em 26/08/2004) Neide tem 14 anos. Depois da escola, antes de ir trabalhar com a irmã, ela passa no telecentro da Vila Tiradentes e vê que 11 pessoas já acessaram os serviços soberanos que ela tinha colocado no ar, no dia anterior. Ela não tem micro em casa, muito menos internet rápida e nem dinheiro para alugar hospedagem de site. Ela tem um colega de classe, porém, o Pedro, cujo pai tem micro e internet rápida na lojinha da qual é dono. Na verdade, ela conseguiu o dobro disso, mas cedeu a outra metade ao Gladson, ao Maicon e à Carla, outros três pequenos freqüentadores do telecentro.

A estória da Neide está só começando. Antes========= Antes de alcançarem Soberania de Computação, as pessoas chegavam a receber centenas de mensagens indesejadas por dia, contendo vírus, correntes, propaganda e outras tranqueiras. Como? Dev in Sampa. DevInSampa 2011 - Computação Soberana - Klaus Wuestefeld | Dev in Sampa on Blip.