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Turismo - Prefeitura do Rio lança site de hospedagem domiciliar - 20/05. 20/05/2012 - 19h31.

Turismo - Prefeitura do Rio lança site de hospedagem domiciliar - 20/05

Imagine places, finance ideas · Crowdplaces. Linx: A Connector That Turns Drinking Straws Into An Infinite Building System. Making Crowdfunding Legal for Entrepreneurs. The following was reprinted with permission from Steve Reaser of The Funding Launchpad.

Making Crowdfunding Legal for Entrepreneurs

Click here to see the original President Obama signed the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act on April 5, 2012, and the final, authoritative text of the bill has finally been made available to the public – you can take a look at Note that Title III is the crowdfunding part. Festival de Ideias 2012 - Uma plataforma para unir ideias. The World's First Commercial 3-D Chocolate Printer Is On Sale. Last year, a clutch of researchers at Britain’s University of Exeter developed the first 3-D–ever chocolate printer--and the world rejoiced.

The World's First Commercial 3-D Chocolate Printer Is On Sale

The device, which the team called ChocALM for Chocolate Additive Layer Manufacturing, uses the principles of rapid prototyping to layer molten chocolate, rather than plastic, into any shape imaginable without a mold. When we reported the story on Co.Design, an eager reader had this question, “Where, when and will this be available in the US?”

The wait is over: Dr. Livehoods. Dreamin Login page. Mobilize® Oportunidade TNB. Dicas e Turismo - Seu guia de viagem. As melhores dicas sobre turismo, viagem, destinos e pacotes turísticos. Uma das maiores preocupações de um turista que visita uma cidade desconhecida e que nem sempre sabe falar o idioma local é a experiência de pegar um taxi. O Analista de Modelo de Negócios. Fica Lá Em Casa. Shitter. Para quem vive de cultura. » Grandes estúdios internacionais de olho em produtoras brasileiras. PlayBook - Crowdfunding para shows e música. Livro Design Thinking. UI Genius: CityMaps Uses Brand Logos To Make Maps More Useable. In 2009, an Oscar-nominated short called Logorama spent 16 minutes breaking down our entire society into logos and trademarks.

UI Genius: CityMaps Uses Brand Logos To Make Maps More Useable

It was fantastic satire. But now someone has pretty much done the same thing in real life. CityMaps is a view of New York City, Austin, and San Francisco through its logos alone. Rather than using satellite images, Street View, or legends for schools and restaurants, the map uses branding in its purest form--along with offers for all sorts of corresponding coupons--to help you discover somewhere you’d like to go. To be honest, it’s a relatively cold, commercial way to look at a city. The only problem is, hidden gems actually fare a lot worse in their logo-based map than the big businesses. Crowdbusiness: quanto gira em um marketplace? Um estudo de caso multibilionário envolvendo brasileiros. Instaprint - The location based photo booth for Instagram by BREAKFAST. Instaprint is a location based photo booth that can transform parties and events by putting a camera in everyone's hand.

Instaprint - The location based photo booth for Instagram by BREAKFAST

The Point of Sale redefined for iPad — Square Register. Site promete ajudar cliente a enviar reclamação à empresa no Twitter. WEICHE WU: The Weight Recorder. Imaging how your weight has changed over 10 years, it might response how your life has changed.

WEICHE WU: The Weight Recorder

The human body records something which might be reflected on the weight changes. The idea of the project is collecting a person's weight change to look back on the passing life. The scale makes a mark without any statistical number every time when you using it. ESPN Starts Opening The Doors To Its Data With Developer Center, First API Program. Geeks and sports together?

ESPN Starts Opening The Doors To Its Data With Developer Center, First API Program

It’s a beautiful thing. Well, at least that’s what ESPN is hoping with the announcement of its brand, spanking new Developer Center, which marks the first time that it will open its doors to third-party developers and provide access to its enormous array of editorial content, stats, and other data. As Y Combinator Founder Paul Graham tweeted recently, APIs are self-serve business development. How might we support web entrepreneurs in launching and growing sustainable global businesses? Challenge Brief Web entrepreneurship is emerging as a key building block for economies globally.

How might we support web entrepreneurs in launching and growing sustainable global businesses?

Against a backdrop of challenging financial landscapes, increased adoption of technology is providing opportunities to connect, co-ordinate and catalyse. In this OpenIDEO challenge, the European Commission’s Digital Agenda Assembly is looking for help identifying ways to improve the environment for online start-ups. Global Social Tourism. Life's Short. Get A Divorce. Hahn - Spill-Proof Beer. Small Demons — Welcome to the Storyverse.

Projeto de game arrecada US$ 3 mi no Kickstarter - Internet. São Paulo – Um projeto que começou com a meta inicial de levantar 400 mil dólares no site de crowdfunding (financiamento coletivo) Kickstarter superou a marca dos 3 milhões de dólares.

Projeto de game arrecada US$ 3 mi no Kickstarter - Internet

O roteiro do game Double Fine Adventure foi elaborado por Tim Schafer, criador do clássico Full Throttle, lançado em 1995 e sucesso na década 1990. Sem dinheiro para produzir sua ideia e trabalhando em uma produtora independente, Schafer recorreu ao Kickstarter para levantar o dinheiro. A meta inicial foi atingida oito horas após o início das doações, no começo do mês passado. Mesmo assim, as contribuições para o projeto não pararam de chegar. Barclays lança primeiro cartão de crédito crowdsourced. Plays its Way to Success at Music Apps Hack Weekend. Giant Birdsnest 4 breeding ideas. For prices please send us an email and we will get back to you with all info. Best startup launch video of all time? Reward the Music. Rock The Post. Como inovar os serviços do Estado de São Paulo?, $20000.0 en premios. Por ocasião da Campus Party Brasil 2012, em colaboração com a Prodesp, o Governo do Estado de São Paulo propôs um desafio para todos os campuseiros do Brasil: como melhorar, através de serviços de inovação, tecnologia e ciência, o Estado de São Paulo?

Como inovar os serviços do Estado de São Paulo?, $20000.0 en premios

O desafio era que para que os participantes apresentassem idéias inovadoras e criassem projetos inovadores para melhorar quatro serviços do Estado de São Paulo. As categorias eram: - Acessa São Paulo - 2 ª geração - Detran / SP - Redes Sociais - Poupatempo - 2 ª geração. The Next Time You Cut Your Finger, Save a Life - Business. The next time you cut your finger, you could help save a life. Ten thousand people need bone marrow transplants each year to fight life-threatening diseases, but only half of them get one.

“Bone marrow donation is a numbers game, and right now the numbers are not working in our favor,” says Graham Douglas. Ten years ago, Douglas' brother was lucky to beat leukemia after finding a donor match for a bone marrow transplant. EndeavorBrasil. Foursquare App That Makes You Regret Sizzler. Perhaps you don’t need an app to help you regret Sizzler or your other guilty pleasure. If you’re a foursquare user who wants some gentle encouragement to check in to healthy venues, there’s a new app to check out. But unless you spend a lot of time at parks and gyms, be prepared to be a bit discouraged. Fitsquare uses the foursquare API to track your check-ins and apply points based on the category of the venue.

Crowd Business Models. Click on the image to Download in PDF This is our Crowd Business Models framework, which groups the 22 categories of crowdsourcing services shown in our Crowdsourcing Landscape into 8 business models, including non-profit. The second page shows the monetization models and success factors for each business model. Below is Chapter 22, which goes into more detail in describing each of the elements of the Crowd Business Models framework. Getting Results From Crowds: Chapter 22 – Crowd Business Models What are your thoughts on the Crowd Business Models framework, in particular any suggestions for changes or improvements? @jornaldateia. SeatGeek API Profile. SeatGeek is a ticket search site that aggregates sports, concert, and theater ticket listings from Stubhub, ebay, TicketsNow, and many more.

The site displays this information in addition to interactive seating charts to allow for easy assessment of ticket quality. The company’s Deal Score technology is used to identify which tickets for an event are the best bargains. It uses proprietary algorithms to forecast how ticket prices will move over time, enabling users to buy when prices are lowest.

The SeatGeek API provides developers with access to the company’s dataset of live events. The RESTful API returns requests in JSON, JSONP, and XML and can provide detailed information on venue lat/lon, average ticket price, seating location, and more. Start Making. Entenda como funciona um supermercado colaborativo, que não visa ao “lucro pelo lucro” – Ideias Verdes.