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Origami Bull. Agenre. Loisirs. Origami. Origami. DIY: Gift Bags made from Newspaper « alicecorrine. Gift bags made from newspaper is a great idea for birthday parties or weddings! We saw this on a site that was we think was in Vietnamese?? Anywho -here’s our best try at translation along with the photo tutorial. Supplies: Glue, Scissors, Paper Doiles, Newspapers, and Wire Ribbon. Origami Western Dragon instructions (Shuki Kato)

Origami - Raven. Origami How to make a Bird. Divine Dragon Hard Steps (Bahamut: Kamiya Satoshi) Origami Fiery Dragon (Kade Chan) Videos. I am often asked if I would produce video instructions for my origami designs.


I haven't done any myself (I've focused my efforts on my books); fortunately, there are some talented videographers out there who have made authorized videos demonstrating my designs and/or presenting folding instructions. A selection of such YouTube videos is presented below. If you are interested in uploading instructional videos of my work, please contact me. (For non-traditional figures, one must obtain permission from the artist to post origami videos; see here for details.)

Below is a list of available videos provided courtesy of YouTube (and their respective videographers). Dosis Diaria de Origami. Origami Simple Planar. Origami Millennium Falcon (Shu Sugamata) Origami X-Wing Fighter Tutorial. Daily Origami: 407 - Dragon. Daily Origami: 609 - Rose Box. Daily Origami: 608 - Twisted Container. Daily Origami: 605 - Heart Box. Daily Origami: 600 - Oni 03. Daily Origami: 592 - Easy Jumping Frog. Origami Little Elephant (Li Jun)

Flickr: Intercambio de fotos. Daily Origami: 572 - Chinese Dragon. Flickr: Intercambio de fotos. Origami Fiery Dragon instructions ( Kade Chan) Twitter Bird Origami.