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Documentation for Jtwixt. Resize the board by resizing the window.

Documentation for Jtwixt

Clicking on an empty hole places a peg in that hole and adds all available links to that peg. Control-clicking on an empty hole places a peg in that hole and enters "manual linking mode". Subsequent clicks on links remove the link. Subsequent clicks on pegs place all available links to that peg. Control-clicking again anywhere on the board completes the move. Initially, two subsidiary windows will appear: a window which shows the comments for each node, and a windows which shows the game history (text representation of the moves).

The "Vertical wins" button labels the current position as a win for vertical. The "Vertical advantage" ["Horizontal advantage"] button labels the current position as one favorable to Vertical [Horizontal]. Labels of non-final (non-twig) nodes of the game tree are ignored. At each board position follow-up moves contained in the game tree are displayed. TwixT Live - Play TwixT. Twixt Puzzles. This is a series of interactive Twixt quarterboard puzzles.

Twixt Puzzles

Your challenge in each puzzle is to find the one clever move that leads to victory for White. Rules of Twixt: White's objective is to find a way to connect vertically across the board (on a quarterboard, row 1 to row 12); Black's objective is to connect horizontally (column A to column L). Players take turns placing pegs. Any time two pegs are a knight's move apart, they are connected by a link. You may not place a peg behind your opponent's border. You may rearrange your own links on your turn. Other details: In a few of these puzzles, you will need to rearrange your links. The first 40 puzzles are by the late Alex Randolph (Twixt's designer), and are included in a booklet that comes with the Klee game company's version of the game.

The best place to play Twixt online is at Little Golem. You can also download these puzzles in PDF format for solving offline. Have fun! Send all feedback about this site to Alan Hensel at: Maxims for moves - Twixt. In Twixt the first move is so very powerful that black is given the option of swapping.

Maxims for moves - Twixt

To avoid giving black a powerful first move, white should play a very weak move. D-3 and D-22 are good examples. If you play black and your opponent plays a strong move *always* swap as your first move. mryan asks: If white wanted to make a strong first move, but instead makes a poor move to avoid black taking the move, and thus on blacks first move black goes where white wanted to go, I see black in the strong hole no matter what white does.Would it be better for white to make a medium move and if black took it, white could then make that killer first move, and if black declined the swap, wouldn't white now have a better first move than if he had made a weak move? Please help me understand mryan9810c That's exactly right, mryan: the first move should be medium: neither too strong, nor too weak.

The most common defensive strategy is to play directly ahead by 2 pegs or 4 pegs. LAMSADE - CNRS UMR 7243 - Université Paris Dauphine - Séance du 23 janvier 2013. Twixt. TwixT. A computer-generated image of a game of TwixT (as played on Twixt is played on board comprising a 24×24 grid of holes, without the holes in the four corners.


The rows at the four board edges are called "border rows". In the 3M edition, players are Red and Black; different sets may use different colors. The topmost and bottommost rows belong to the lighter color; the leftmost and rightmost rows to the darker color. Rules[edit] Basic patterns[edit] Despite such a large grid, games are frequently over before both sides have each made 25 moves. The five setups. A setup is a pattern of two pegs of the same color which can connect to each other in a single move in two different ways. The yellow holes indicate where a third peg of the same color would form a double link connection.

There are plenty of other ways to place two pegs of the same color so that the gap between them is difficult to attack. The 3-0 gap involves some very tricky tactics. Variants[edit] Champions[edit] Twixt : Le jeu Le but du jeu de Twixt est simple : relier les deux cotés opposés du plateau en posant des pions et en les reliant.

Twixt :

C’est très simple et tout irait pour le mieux si votre adversaire ne faisait pas la même chose avec les deux autres cotés. Saurez-vous vous frayer un chemin sur le plateau et éviter les pièges de votre adversaire pour gagner la partie ? Comment ça marche Les règles de Twixt sont simplissimes. Deux lignes adverses ne peuvent pas se croiser. Critique Les règles de Twixt sont parmi les plus simples que je connaisse. Lors des premières parties contre un joueur qui a un minimum d’expérience, on va se faire battre à plate couture. Une partie acharnée.