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Pacific Wolf Coalition

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About Us - Pacific Wolf Coalition. History of the Pacific Wolf Coalition In the winter of 2012, on the one-year anniversary of OR-7’s journey into California, a group of wildlife conservation organizations in California, Oregon, and Washington formed the Pacific Wolf Coalition. Recognizing the need for a unified effort to facilitate Pacific West wolf recovery, these organizations envision populations of wolves restored across their historic habitats in numbers that will allow them to re-establish their critical role in nature and ensure their long-term survival. Beginning with 25 groups, the Pacific Wolf Coalition has grown to include over 35 organizations working together toward restoring wolves in the Pacific West. Mission As wolves return to the Pacific states of California, Oregon, and Washington, they do so on a vastly different social, political, and ecological landscape than elsewhere in the country.

This creates opportunities and challenges unique to the region. Vision Gray Wolf Recovery Goals.

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California Wolf Center. California Wilderness Coalition. Environmental Protection Information Center (EPIC) MOUNTAIN LION FOUNDATION - Saving America's Lion. Sierra Club California. Western Watersheds Project. Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project. Cascadia Wildlands. Green Fire: Aldo Leopold and a Land Ethic for Our Time. Airing on public television stations nationwide in April. Click here for dates. The first full-length documentary film ever made about legendary environmentalist Aldo Leopold, Green Fire highlights Leopold’s extraordinary career, tracing how he shaped and influenced the modern environmental movement. Leopold remains relevant today, inspiring projects all over the country that connect people and land. See the film: Earth Day on Public Television: Green Fire made its nationwide public television debut in April 2013. Buy the DVD: A two-disc set featuring both the Director's Cut and public television versions of Green Fire, plus over 100 minutes of bonus features, is available in the Aldo Leopold Foundation bookstore.

Host a Screening in Your Community: We've made it easy for you to bring Green Fire to your hometown. Stay Engaged: Hells Canyon Preservation Council. Protecting the wild places of Northern California and Southern Oregon — KS Wild. The Larch Company - Andy Kerr. What It is The Larch Company is a for-profit, non-membership conservation organization that represents species who cannot talk and the human generations to come. Legally, it is a limited liability company under Oregon law, which gives an entity the protections that corporations get without having to hold that damn annual meeting. I wholly own the Larch Company. My official title is "Czar" (not "Tsar"). It was that or Secretrary-General. What It Does The Larch Company carries out conservation projects (see Current Major Projects and Future Projects)

. • paid for by clients, sometime with me officially representing their interests;• done on speculation (someday a client may pay me to do more of what I've been doing); or,• pro bono ("for the public good"). Of course, in my opinion, all are for the public good. I offer consulting, write books, and am available for public speaking. To diversify its revenues, The Larch Company has gone into the electric power business.

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